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Diablo Nutrients

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by bigpapaross, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has used the Diablo/Monster line of nutrients. They are a newer company and are based out of the Okanagan. Their pricing seems good but I can't find any information about their products, nor can I find a ppm chart. The sales rep wasn't very knowledgeable himself.
    Thanks and happy growing.
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  2. If the sales rep doesn't know the product, I would move on lol you will notice that reputable companies will always have good customer service and good information readily available.
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  3. I w
  4. I have used the Diablo line for 3 rounds now and had the best crops ever. I used the grow bloom micro, and the thrive, maxx and frost. All the feed brochure charts are on the website. I did use advance overdrive but all the rest was diablo brand after switching from GH.
  5. Looks pretty standard to me. You certainly don't need all those bottles though. They have all the standard additives among their products. Looks like they mirrored advanced nutrients lineup at the time, like made an equivalent type of product. I would definitely skip on stunt monster.
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  6. I never used it. There a lot of hype, but the big guys don't use it.
  7. A friend of mine has 2 x 1000 light gavita shows uses on diablo and he swears by it.
    The frost product definitely helped his terps he said.
  8. I saw a new product at Diablo called Stunt that is the 1st legal stunting product in Canada and producing more nodes. i have a friend that swears by it too.
  9. So I have run almost their entire product line for a few grows now and can say that I am fairly impressed. I have not used any of their newer stuff though. My yields have been decent quality and the density of my flowers has been top notch. I have had no issues with pests or problems.
    I was in today talking with both sales reps and it looks like Diablo has become a solid player in the industry and that they're producing products that are Health Canada approved. This is a great thing, especially with pending legalization.
    All in all, I like running Diablo. I seem to have it dialed in pretty good and it is easy enough to use. I average about an ounce per plant under a 600 hps and run approximately 1000-1200 ppm during flower. Strains grown have been Kushberry, Blueberry, Skunkberry and Sweet C99 from Peak Seeds BC in Nanaimo.
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  11. So i just visited a friend that is finishing at week 8 i think.
    He's growing purple syrup and white widow and he said its the bushiest crop ever no cycocel this time just diablo nutrients and Stunt. Might have a winner with that line.