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Different Nutes For Coco, Soil, Hydro Only Marketing?

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by kenmastazz, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I've been doing some experiments with different nutes and did some Lucas formal and my "own" canna terra feeding schedule with soil/coco mix and both were successful.

    Im trying to understand why maxibloom or the GH Flora series is for soil, hydro and coco but canna for example got terra, aqua, coco etc. I can understand that if a nute like hesi has some organic content bacteria in the soil are required but canna terra doesn't have anything organic and except the npk ratio which you can alter with different vega+flores ratios and the lack of calcium which i have enough of in my tap water or some calmag is there any other reason i can't use canna terra with coco ?
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  2. 4plant


    There are nutes specific to coco because it can lock out both potassium and calcium because of a higher cec. I've never grown in it because my hydro store guy says the quality is so up and down with the brands he has available. The only other specific nutes I've heard of are for using well water.
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  3. Im sure canna has deliberately left out certain newts like calcium and magnesium from the base a and b so that we have to buy Cal mag when it 1st come out many years ago you didnt need to add cal mag lol
  4. From what I have read, certain nutrients dont mix well with one another.
    Maybe. I dono. But ya coco needs cal mag
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  5. When i 1st started in coco many years ago you never needed cal mag but you have to use it now in coco im sure they have changed there base newts so you have to buy more lol
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  6. 4plant


    all the calcium has to be in part a and the sulfate in part b or they'll harden and fall out of suspension in that high concentration in nute bottles.
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  7. xinobyte


    Weed fertilizers are a scam, all of them.
    I can find 8kg bags of Veg (9-3-6) and Bloom (10-30-20) for $10 each at home depot.
    Can you even imagine how much 16kg of Canna nutes would cost ?
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  8. Lets see the results. How long have u been growing?
  9. I'm with ya. Its not like they have changed anything except there fancy bottles
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  10. xinobyte


    If you wanna see results google Jack's Classic, it's reputation speaks for itself.
    How long i have been growing is irrelevant.
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  11. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Not entirely.
    Specific plants need specific things.
    Are they overpriced? Yes, also very convenient too.
    Are they a scam? No, cause they work.
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  12. Bahahahah. Ok.
    Beginners mistake. Dont shit where u eat.
    I'm no hydro guy.
    But I assume the cannabis plant will need different ratios of certain nutrients and level at certain times in a plants life.
    But hey, I'm probably wrong.
    But I was right about certain compounds interacting when mixed directly together , no?
  13. Duh
  14. Its not a fricken geranium or a cucumber.
    Its cannabis. It likes certain nutea at certain times in correct proportions, or else.
  15. They sells Jack's at home depot? Hmm.
  16. Thanks for the answers but I guess there is no definitiv answer so I have to try it out myself. I have 2 Larry bird kush in 11L smartphones biobizz coco and I’ll feed one with maxibloom and the other one with canna terra + calmag if needed and see for myself...

    I ask the canna support yesterday but still no answer...
  17. xinobyte


    Weed won't only grow with "magical" $50 a bottle nutrients.
    There is no formula/proportions, none of the "weed fertilizers" use the same NPK or the same ratios yet, people have had success with all of them.

    NPK, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Manganese, Boron, Zinc and Copper is what matters.
    People have had success with Miracle Grow + epsom salt. Why is that ?
    Because it has all the nutrients the plant needs, there's nothing magic to it.

    This myth has been debunked decades ago, people running 1000+ lights aren't buying canna nutes lol.
    They modify the stuff commercially available or make their own fertilizer from scratch.
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  18. Shit man... Why start a thread and ask. Ya got all the answers anyway. Holla. So u havent comepleted a full indoor run yet?
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  19. Jimster


    I've been using Peter's 20-20-20 for 30 years, but can't find it anymore. I used Jacks 20-20-20 and have great results. I use composted manure and wood ashes to provide the micronutrients. No muss, no fuss, no burning if used 1 Tbs/Gallon. I'm guessing that some of these magic potions help in some ways, but for the small difference in results isn't always verifiable.
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  20. I finished a few grows but not with coco and which of the answers would you say is a definitiv yes, no or even slightly in the direction of it’s possible or not ?

    The thread got kidnapped and is about jacks nutes which we don’t have here so I don’t even know it...