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Dinafem: Haze & Critical+ Autos

Discussion in 'Auto Flower Strains' started by FunkyBudha, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Hello hello,

    I am currently in the beginning of my second auto grow. I grew a Dinafem fruit auto alongside a normal photoperiod grow and had horrible problems still got some good bud but not enough to justify my effort. I consider this my first dedicated auto grow.


    Dinafem bonus seeds (feminized)
    - 3 Haze auto (2nd grade 90%)
    - 1 Critical+ auto

    Medium and Nutrients:
    - Botanicare coco coir in 1gal smart pots
    - Age old organics Humic 12
    - Roots Organics full line
    - Soul synthetics Amino Aid & Big Swell
    - Epsom salt
    - GO CalMag+ (I am starting to think that this stuff doesn't work)
    - Worm castings

    I have a DR90II tent which is 3'x3'x6'. I have a Pro-Grow 180 LED light and a small duct booster fan along with a DIY carbon scrubber.

    My Plan:
    Well the plan was to try out the Roots line with RO water and not use anything else. That didn't end up happening (I'll explain in a bit). I am using an 18/6 lighting period and use the coco straight. I am following the Roots 5ml Master Schedule along with supplements (as of a few days ago, before without supplements).

    Progress so far:
    The seeds sprouted in about a week from planting (100% germ rate on 7 Dinafem seeds and counting). Everything started normally but after the first week the shit hit the fan. I got necrotic brown spots starting on the critical+. At first I though it was a calcium def so since my tap water is loaded with Ca I switched over to that and top dressed with worm casting for good measure. That had no effect. Eventually the plants got big enough to clearly show it was a magnesium def. Since then (yesterday) I started adding 1tsp/gal epsom to supply Mg and 5ml/gal Humic to make the most of it. Things are looking better today with no new spotting.

    That's what I have so far. I will post some pics soon and keep posting throughout this grow. Hope I didn't overlook anything, feel free to ask.
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  2. That's exactly what happened to my Critical+ I thought I didn't plant it deep enough for the seedling to shed the shell. I ended up pulling the shell of by hand and had two sets of leaves pop up. Really weird.
  3. Ya, I had to remove the shell by hand as well. She's smaller than the Bubbelicious germinated at the same time, so I'm thinking some stress was caused....

    Looking foward to your pics ;)
  4. I don't know why I have such bad luck with autos. How do you guys modify your feeding schedule for auto grows?

    Here are some pics:

    First one is my tent. In the others you can see how the two on the right have stretched. This is because on both of them the seed shell didn't come off and they kept on stretching. The front right one is the Critical+ it's doing pretty shitty, but starting to recover. All the others are Haze autos.
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  5. I water every second day. When they start coming out the ground, I'm giving them around 100ml every second dayand then increase as they grow using common sense in amount. I also check the soil evry two days to ensure is dry before watering. Then again, I'm stilll experimenting myself but take example of other grows and follow what others do.

    My Lighting is 19/5 but everybody recommends 18/6. My lights come on at 9pm and thats when I feed. So 9pm is "Good Morning" for them :) I run them through the night to keep temps down and being able to leave the window open...

    At that size, I would be watering around 100 to 150 ml per plant. I also believe it's better to start nutes early otherwise the plant gets shock if you start later on. I made this mistake by starting later....

    I'm sure with LED lights you should get it much closer to the plants as heat is no issue?

    Nice setup and good luck with the grow, I will be following closely :)
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  6. palmate


    nice setup, looks like you'll be making monsters out of those wee seedlings in no time. :)
  7. FarmerRod,

    I am watering at around 200ml, enough to get some runoff. I run my lights from 5pm to 11am, because apparently there is more CO2 in the atmosphere at night and it's more convenient for me.

    I contacted the HydroponicsHut about the LED height and they told me that 15'' is ideal. I might put it a little lower. Anyone here that can recommend an optimal height for this type of light?

    This is my first grow only with an LED I hope this sucker pulls through. I am going a little crazy today, even though 3 plants are the same genetics they are all responding differently to the feedings. I have never had this before. Maybe that's why they're called 2nd grade seeds.

    More pics to come. Thanks to everyone for the interest. I am asking myself why I didn't join the forum earlier. Better late than never.
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  8. Quick update,

    So things are going better but the critical+ is just going so slow. I have no idea what is going wrong. The other are making somewhat of a recovery. I had to put three of them on supports because they were bending dramatically.

    Here are some pics. If anybody can offer some input on the last one I would really appreciate it.
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  9. Ya, my Critical + also looked bad the first few days but now she's really coming on. Mine are around 17 days now...

    Don't really know what to say about your. Can you post a larger pic of the whole C+ plant. If it's just your lower leaves and the uppers are doing ok, then she should pickup speed...

    Im not trying to hijack your thread, I merely want to make a comparason...

    My C+ is the first plant and the one in the front. The Bubbelicious is at the back :)
    IMG_0703 (768x1024).jpg
    IMG_0704 (768x1024).jpg
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  10. I like the freebies that get from Attitude. I popped a Dinafem Critical Jack that I just harvested. Grow just under t5s because I was messing around, and it turned out FANTASTIC. Easily the best autoflower strain I've come across so far. Super frost and stinky. You won't be sorry. Best of luck, and watch the overfeeding!
  11. The leaf i showed was one of the lower ones. I really hope it picks up though. I think it had a major deficiency early on and now it's slow to recover. My other ones are doing pretty good without any new issues.

    I will be switching back to soil after this grow. I feel organics just do better with proper soil. I had better luck doing hydro nutrients with coco.

    Thanks for the comments and comparison pictures (even though your girls are doing way better :) ).
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  12. No problem. I am actually doing organics with coco now and I LOVE how my blue widow and northern lights look in autopots. I think it's just about getting a feel for the medium. I would continue to water to 20% runoff, and always dose them with some calmag too.
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  13. So do you amend your coco with anything or do you use it as is? Things are going a lot better and it's making me reconsider switching. Which calmag are you using?
  14. Since we lost a few pictures I figured I take extra this time. Everything is going great but I feel that they aren't as far along as they should be. Today was day 53 from b-day. What do you guys think?




    This one is the Critical+. Doing so much better.

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  15. That's a lot of nutrients, try K.I.S.S. I use CNS17 coco, you won't have to add much with it just keep your Epsom and get some protekt and drip clean
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  16. I agree with you, definitely not very simple. I'm going for a full organic grow. So I really don't want to use any of the synthetics. How is the taste with CNS17? I've found that using the organic stuff gives me much more aroma. I've only used a sample of canna nuts before and didn't really like the end product. After that I stuck with organics.

    Since i'm only growing for myself it doesn't take much time to whip up a batch for the whole week. If only someone came out with a K.I.S.S. organic line. Maybe i just haven't looked hard enough.
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  17. Sorry for the long delay. Everything is going well as far as the overall health goes. I'm a little puzzled because there is no way they will be finishing in 75 days (according to Dinafem). I don't know if it's because of the slow start or something else. The Critical+ has some comically small buds hopefully they will fill out.

    Check out the pics.
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG
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  18. Sorry for the long delay. This grow turned out to be a disappointment. They just didn't put on much weight through flower. I now also see that even with autos LSTing might give better results with LED lights.
    The pictures show the top colas, leaving much to be desired.
    1.JPG 2.JPG

    I have already started my next grow. I am back to photoperiod plants in large pots of coco this time with some soul synthetics. I'll start a new thread for that one and post the yield on this one soon.
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  19. Its a shame autos do that sometimes