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Dinafem OG Kush???

Discussion in 'Strains and Hybrids' started by 619ster, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. 619ster


    I've always been a fan of Dinafem as everything I've grown from them has been pretty solid and fit descriptions. Now they got an OG Kush coming out???? Seen it on the Attitude promo. I wonder what they're doing to make all these lost strains available in seeds? S1's? Backcrosses? Or good ol traditional selective pheno hunting and hybridizing? I'm curious!!
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  2. from what i remember there white widow had a different genetic make up than the original maybe there just remaking shit and using old school names
  3. Dinafem blows! Attitude promo seeds suck!! They give u garbage seeds in bulk and call it a promo. I say quality over quantity from experience, nothing worst than waiting 2 and a half months for mids. Buy from top breeders and you will understand later.
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  4. kes5480

    kes5480 Guest

    Sorry but I have to disagree...Dinafem does not Blow(from my experience), and for u to say that about ANY breeder/seed company I hope u got pics or something to back up that statment.
    And u said u grew mids? It is usually grower error when someone is talkin shit about a breeder or seed company, u gotta agree with me on that bro.
    From my personal experience I have had nothing but GREAT results from all Dinafem seeds. I just finished there Moby Dick(white widow x haze)LOL I hate the name and I tell people its white haze cuz moby dick sounds so gay. Anyways this stuff is Straight Fire! Same for there Blue Widow its great stuff man.
    So what strain('s) have u tried that u didnt like?? So the strains that u grew personally and didnt like are what so I kno and dont get that strain. My buddy grew out there Cheese and White Widow and he loved em both. It def was not the "real deal" cheese and the widow was very indica but both were very good meds.
    Im sure the OG Kush they come out with wont be the "real deal" og kush but i bet it will be some fire. BiggestPotheadEver Im not tryin to start shit just writting my experience. I will get some pics of this white haze(moby dick)lol so u can see how dank this stuff is.
    peace and Respect
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  5. My blue hash was healthy and smiling at me and smelled like blue sweetarts
    Average trichome coverage but looked beautiful when growing. When I smoked the blue hash by dinafem it was uncured granted but it was wack compared to the rest of my harvest. That round I grew thseeds darkstar and heavy duty fruity tga's plushberry dinafem's critical + (even worse than the blue hash) DNA's chocolope alphakroniks bubba love and bodhis blue Tara. Dinafem's were the worst genetics out of the bunch along with thseeds. Bodhi dank!!!!! DNA dank
    tga dank
  6. NaturalTherapy

    NaturalTherapy Lighthouse Supporter

    Blue Hash is the worst plant I've run in a while. Of all my plants this season it was the most susceptible to outdoor conditions, and the quality is severely lacking.

    I've had great results running their Blue Widow though, and have no real complaint about that one. I've had good luck with some of the THseeds products as well- Burmese Kush is a favorite among my circle and runs really well, produces well and smoke great.

    In my experience blanket statements are foolish. To proclaim one seed company's entire line is bunk after running two of their strains comes across as rather ignorant.

    Blue Hash though- hopefully anyone who's interested in that plant will see all the negative reports beginning to circulate and avoid making the same mistake I know a few of us have
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  7. Kobe24

    Kobe24 Guest

    I grew Royal Haze and it was pretty insane
  8. My fault then, I call it really bad luck.
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  9. SSHZ

    SSHZ Guest

    I've grown out a number of their items and have been happy with everything. Their "Industrial Plant", which is their version of Northern Lights used one of the original parents of Jack Herer (the plant, not the man). I've grown it twice before, and this is my third time. I love this strain. Solid company if you like feminized seeds.......
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  10. kes5480

    kes5480 Guest

    I also have a very nice Original Amnesia veggin out...its ready to take some cuts from her but im so busy with other projects she's gonna have to wait. I like femenised seeds so i like running there gear.
    I have heard negative comments about the Blue Hash but im sur someone has had a good experience with it,maybe lol.
    But yea this thread is about Dinafem's OG Kush and all I can really say is give it a try and maybe its good or maybe its shit...idk , maybe I'll give her a try.
    peace ya'll

    i think this is the Moby Dick aka WhiteHaze(White Widow x Haze) like 14 days into flower..i got dry nugs, i'll go snap a shot rite now brb
  11. i agree with both of yall but to me its all about genetics.

    theres good ass breeders using average genetics so it doesnt matter how good the grower is, the strain can only get so good, it can be a good well grown strain but just nothing crazy genetically.

    and now theres pollen chuckers that dont know much about breeding making some crazy ass shit cuz theyre using amazing genetics.

    so imo some of these amazing breeders like shanti and dj short that wrote the book on marijuana breeding arent using these super top notch genetics say og raskal are using, raskals breeding some of the most amazing strains and hes just femming em. as talented as he is he probably doesnt know a quarter of what some of these old school cats know but hes using the best genetics.

    so dinafem could be amazing breeders but they just dont use the best genetics, i guess we will see what they do with the og kush, they might be onto something here.

    but on the other hand, the old school cats and purists enjoy and respect a lot of these older genetics more then all these new kush/chem/diesel hybrids. so theres something for everyone.

    i have yet to try anything dinafem even though i have a bunch of em, theyre genetics just dont appeal to me.
  12. kes5480

    kes5480 Guest

    well said...bro
    i totally agree with ur point.
  13. kes5480

    kes5480 Guest

    a few pics of some lil dry nugs of Dinafems Moby Dick(White Widow x Haze)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    its really good daytime/wake an bake smoke. very sweet haze taste. i was so suprised by this strain. thinkin bout doin an entire run of it. I bet there OG Kush is gonna be good. I will give it a try.

  14. NaturalTherapy

    NaturalTherapy Lighthouse Supporter

    Try as they might- I doubt anyone will come up with a better OG Kush than the cut that went around CA in 2004/05- But it seems like those who spread the genetics the farthest, also tend to care for them the least- and a lot of weakened/depleted cuts began to typify the OG experience. Since '07 all of them have seemed like a shadow of what OG Kush was. Obviously I haven't seen or smoked them all, and obviously several people in several locations still have that strong pure OG rocking hard and healthy- but I haven't seen a satisfying OG representation in the CO medical scene period. The Larry and Tahoe I've tried from the shops around here are just disappointing.

    To me- "dinafem OG" is just another instance of cashing in on a name for the sake of increased seed sales.

    The true test, however, is performance.
    Perhaps this OG will be something special.
    Someone will find out for us!

    Love & Light
  15. I liked Sage n Sour (THSeeds) NY47 & NL x Big Bud (world of Seeds) and my Moby Dick mom looks awesome. I'm going to give her a 4x4 in my room this next run. Can you tell me how she grew and stretched in flower?
  16. Anyone have photos experience with gage green g I'd like to see Im kinda weary of him because everything I have heard about riot and I know he might have a way more professional rep but u r the company u keep right ? still proofs in the pudding and his lineup looks sick.

    What bodhi strains do I look out for?
  17. Dude Keyplay from gage is a legend, he created grape stomper. ( sour grapes )
    If u ever smoked it u would understand. All his strains are dope and grape stomper is one of the best plants i ever smoked for flavor yield and effect. Go to under the picture section in the forums. Bodhi is just a monster!!!!! Elite genetics
  18. i think there og kush will come out great.. have blue widow 2 dif phenos ... and both were free seeds.. and both are being kept.. as mothers... i have a dinafem white widow. thats a great smoke.. but its so fluffy its not a keeper for me..
  19. jammie


    please let me know which breeder or seedbank gives better freebies or has better promos???
  20. I love Dinafem. I just finished a blue widow that I started from seed, and it turned out AMAZING. Right now, the high feels like a mide clearing, slate wiping, in your head indica with a touch of euphoria and a little raciness. The smoke tastes fruity, acrid, earthy with a touch of a blueberry and more acrid flavor from the white widow.

    I'm running Industrial Plant right now too, and she's looking mighty fine. I think Dinafem is an extremely underrated seedbank!