Dinafem OG Kush???

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    i dont think thats all you forgot. im talking about your brain of course. ;) that post made zero sense. i think you forgot your balls too, cause you still havent said who youre talking to. and with only a couple posts i think its safe to assume youre a troll. unless youre really that immature and stupid. sorry just being bluntly honest. i think we can all agree that post was incredibly confused and retarded.
    next time read the thread carefully and address the person(s) youre speaking to. its like you didnt even read the thread. where did i "bitch" about anyone or anything? where did i say i expect 100% or even 2% of germination? if youre referring to me, point it out. secondly, go big or go home? i am home, einstein lol. and im not trying to go big, im just doing for my own personal. i guess if i wanted to come on msg boards and act like a 12 yr old and have dick measuring contests over growing weed, i could do that. but what kind of childish douchebag would do that? :rofl and yeah, i like to read up and learn about what im going to undertake so that i do it well, and also to just gain new knowledge about cannabis in general, its called educating oneself. you should give it a whirl.

    ok, enough with the troll, back to the topic.. lol
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    i popped 2 freebie dinafem og kush and they both germed, got em in jiffy pellets. i take cuts of everything i run first so it'll be a bit before we see some results but both seem healthy fwiw
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    thats awesome, tyler. i hope i have the same luck with mine. btw, about how long can you store seeds before they go inert? cause im thinking some of these are gonna have to be outdoor
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    seeds properly stored will last ya years. store em in a cool dark dry place for best results. i store mine in the fridge in tins with rice. the rice helps keeps any moisture away from the seeds. do a search and you'll find tons of info and methods.

    im sure you'll have just as much luck. all the dinafem seeds i popped all sprouted.
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    I'm excited to see how Dinafem's OG will do. Are you Going to do a log, Tyler D?
  6. TylerDurden119

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    suuure. seems to be some interest in em so i'll help out. won't be for a bit tho, these just got popped and r outta the rotation so will have to wait till next time.
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    All im saying is type in any seedbank any strain an for every good report theres 100 bad
    ones. And most of them are 1. 3. or 5. seed grows. Oh an sorry for not having the most posts and colorful profile im a guerilla grower we tend to keep to are selfs. I read grow diaries to learn what problems other growers battle. As for having balls. Wy would i need
    balls to type words to you. An your the one measuring your dick buy talking about my lack of posts or threads. fuck forum statis bullshit like im cooler with that shit
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    CIMG3292.JPG CIMG3293.JPG CIMG3302.JPG CIMG3303.JPG CIMG3304.JPG Alright so I have my Dinafem OG at 6 weeks into flower and it seems to be legit IMO. I'll know for sure in about a month when I'm smoking on it! But so far I'm actually impressed :)
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    Ok, some things really ned to be cleared up here.

    First of all, we are talking about FEMINIZED seeds here. Fem seeds are selected from a quality mother and are selected based on the quality of their appearance. They are of little genetic quality, meaning they may give you a good smoke but because of the dominant production method (self polinization) they will always contain hermaphroditic tendencies because they came from a forced hermie.

    Dinafem DOES use top quality genetics. In fact everything they sell (95% of it at least) comes from femmed selections of Mr Nice, Serious and others. Many of these have taken years to develop, some of them over 10 years of work with the same mothers. Their crosses such as Moby Dick are sourced to producers that work with genetics such as the aforementioned big names. Then they are processed, feminized to be exact, and marketed.

    To conclude, if anything Dinafem are perhaps copycats, or unoriginal, but I can attest that from experience (mine and that of hundreds of growers I've met here i nSpain) their fem seeds are top quality, always fresh and have the highest germination rates of the really big seedbanks.

    Finally, if you want "top genetics," don't buy fem seeds. Buy regulars, grow out at least 10-20 and pick a mother to keep whose herb, strength and production are the best. Or get 5 fems and be prepared for sone degree of variation, as you are skipping that part where you pick the best of the batch.

    in any event, if you think that shelling out $$$ for Soma fems or something will give you better results than dinafem or whoever else, you may be in for a surprise.

    Ps. I have not done the Dinafem Og Kush, but am starting an Advanced Seeds White Kush, which comes from the same mother, made by an independent supplier to Dinafem. Nowadays, Spanish seed companies are working with skilled local breeders and selling tons to dutch "seedbanks". Perhaps half of Dutch seeds are really Spanish (look at Royal Queen, everything they sell is a knockoff of Dinafem or other Soanish brands because they buy from the same producers in Soain!).
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    A few more shots of my Dinafem OG Kush. I don't smell that strong signature OG scent, its more of a sweet Kush scent. But structure is there. And buds are well structured as well. Chopping this weekend:
    CIMG3375.JPG CIMG3388.JPG CIMG3393.JPG iphone 012.JPG iphone 013.JPG
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  11. HerbRon

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    Nice girl! Can you give us some details on your setup/her feed etc?
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  12. 619ster

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    10'x8'x8' space
    1000w HPS + 600w LEDs
    Grown in pure coco coir Hempy style (I usually use airpots but do hempy often as well)
    Dyna Gro Foliage Pro throughout all stages + GH Cali Magic
    Handfed, vegged 5 weeks from seed, flower now hitting 9 weeks
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    Looks good hommie I have grown out 5 or 6 dina fem's strains and most sucked the one pheno of blue widow was bomb the other was junk . If you get them free pop'em you might get lucky but as far as buying them i wouldnt waste your money when you could buy gear from bodhi for about the same price or buy JJ's alien's or Ogr's for a lil more just my opinoin and experience. Any way nice job home slice i dnt think it looks like a og but i have yet to see any dutch gear that looks like ture cali bread/grown og's i'm sure they are out there but about the only dutch/spanish breeder i would buy gear from would be hortilab or karma these dudes are seriously skilled and solid breeder's who keep their work and are not snakey rip off artist like most enough rabling great grow bro can't wait to hear the smoke report props stay frosty peace.
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  14. TylerDurden119

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    i gave my seedling to a buddy to grow out. turned out very nice. definitely a og knockoff. lanky and low yield but killers.

    he was alos happy with the moby dick seedlings too.
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  15. 619ster

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    Thanks homie! I hear ya. I don't buy Dinafem gear but every freebie of theirs I have grown came out decent compared to most other overseas seed vendors. And I definitely got something from almost all those breeders you mentioned in my garden. I'm keepin' it Cali brah for sure!! I'll be sure to report on smoke and how it compares to Cali OG's.
    Yea looks like it's gonna be kill. Not really low yield though. Growing just as well as my White Fire OG yield wise, but not quality wise. I'm sure it'll be good though.
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  16. 619ster

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    Damn seems I forgot to do a smoke report lol. All I can say is the OG traits are there, the OG feel is there, BUT this Dinafem OG is not a real OG Kush IMO. It's good bud for sure, and was a pleasure to grow, and I'd definitely grow it again. But I wouldn't go running to Dinafem OG if I want real OG Kush. Taste like there is something crossed in there with a sweet taste. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a c99 or Space Queen because it taste like pineapple. Kinda reminds me of my Cosmic Brain which is Space Queen x Bubba Kush. Almost the exact same taste, but the Cosmic Brain grows like a Bubba but with more sativa looking buds. The Dinafem looked OG all the way. But it's straight up pineapple-y OG goodness
    sd card 014.JPG sd card 016.JPG sd card 017.JPG sd card 018.JPG sd card 021.JPG sd card 022.JPG
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    looks good man, thanks for the info
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  18. Big Steve

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    Grew an excellent Blue Widow from Dinafem. Smelled like fresh ripe blueberries, and the effect was wonderful.
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  19. 619ster

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    Glad to share. I'm having fun with Dinafem gear to be quite honest!
    Yea I've done the Blue Widow as well. Mine was just like White Berry from Delicious Seeds I believe it is? It did have a nice Blue strain taste to it. Mine was a bit mellow on the berry flavors, but the smoke was very enjoyable with a clear comfortable high. I'm running a couple Moby Dick from Dinafem right now and have honestly never smelled a more yummy candy sweet scent from cannabis! Every strain from Dinafem I've grown so far has had something unique to bring to the table. I like it!
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    dinafem are great fem seeds.. using mr nice genetics.. and others breeders work to s1 there work nto seed form.. big deal anyone can do it.. .. all about selection.