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Dissolving Kief Into Ethanol.

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Sappy.Hour, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Hey folks. On father’s day I was gifted a 1/2lb of shake and popcorn buds that were loaded with trichomes. And seeds!! Long story short I purchased a little shaker box, a hash press and went to town.

    I’m not quite half way (3.5oz) in to shaking the kief out and already have a healthy pile. Now for some questions if I may.

    1) Id like to make this vapable and edible. My plan is to buy some everclear ethanol and dissolve the kief into it, freeze, and filter and then evaporate the alcohol. I’ve done some searches and getting mixed answers. Some say you need to freeze to pull out the waxes others say you don’t. What is practical here?

    2) Why doesn’t the kief stick together after pressed? I can crank the hell out of this thing, warm it up with the wife’s hair dryer, crank some more and let it sit for an hour and it still barely holds its form before crumbling into dust. Too dry?
  2. For quality your going to want to do a QWETHO (quick wash ethanol). @GT21 knows the process better than I, hopefully he chimes in.
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  3. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Hell ya thats good stuff...The down side is its dust and you will need good screens to filter... 3 coffee filters will give you fairly pure product.
  4. Thanks for the reply. What do you recommend for a soak time? And is freezing necessary? I will post tomorrow after I purchase some ever clear and get this ball rolling.
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  5. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Freeze it all over night.. The "soak" is really a quick rinse. Get the material wet for 10seconds(shake the jar really good for 10 sec.)... filter and cook. You can do a little longer shake if you want but once you hit about half a minute you start drawing the green out of the leaves.. You do not want any of that.
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  6. I just got my ever clear. This stuff is a lot more expensive than when I was a teen jeesh. Anywho I’m ready to extract my kief.

    @GT21 your last post you said do a quick soak so as to avoid picking up nasties from the leaves. Since I plan on using straight kief do I still do a short soak or is longer ok?
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  7. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Longer is fine if its good kief.. Theres no leaf in that stuff
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  8. I’ve been using a “double boil” method lately where I take a 5 gallon bucket with a bit of 99% alcohol and dry ice then I’ll take my 5 gallon bucket of weed and put it the dry ice slurry until they get nice and frosty usually at least 20 mins(topping the dry ice off when needed).. then add alcohol to the weed and you can get a longer soak time in if you want then just strain and filter like normal.. this really helps keep the chlorophyll down on my rso runs
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  9. Those single stage boxes with undeclared mesh size produce about 4/5 powdered plant material, you know that smell, can smell it from here. I would have teabagged and qwisoed, but now you got all that pulverized material making a quick wash more difficult..
  10. newh


    too much plant material why it wont press I bet.
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  11. Hey mate,

    1) If you want to make your concentrates edible safe, I would personally avoid using solvents to extract the thc. There is a lot of debate about this subject. From my experience, using solvents to make extracts for edibles is not only a complete waste of time and product but you also lose a lot of the medicinal properties in the extraction process.

    You can make edibles from the kief. It's not beneficial refining the kief into a concentrate and then refining the concentrate again to make butter to make edibles. You will get the same results using the kief product for your edibles instead of using the refined concentrate.

    If you are really stubborn like me and you want to have a very strong concentrate to use for your edibles your best option is to make full melt bubble hash. This will give you the strongest possible concentrate without damaging any of the medicinal properties. You will be able to vape the hash or use in edibles. Win Win.

    Now onto answering your questions.

    You most certainly do need to freeze the product. You will need to freeze the product several times at several different stages during the process of extraction. If you want a safe, potent product. You need to follow the correct instructions. Failing to correctly purge the concentrate can get nasty. A lot of people cut corners and try and speed things up. DO NOT be one of those people. Do it right the first time and you will be rewarded with some very nice end product. This is a slow process and if you want the best results possible for the product you are using, you will need to exercise your patience.

    1. Freeze Your Solvent and your Material. The longer the better.
    2. Drown your material in solvent of choice.
    3. Strain immediately.
    4. Place strained solvent back into freezer. The longer the better.
    5. Steps 1 and 3 can be repeated several times for a more pure concentrate.
    6. Steps 2 and 3 can be repeated several times for more yield. Quality will decline.
    7. Remove solvent from freezer. Strain immediately.
    8. SLOWLY evaporate solvent. The longer the better.
    9. Steps 1-8 can be repeated several times.

    The texture of the concentrate will vary depending on the temp at which the solvent evaporates. If the solvent evaporates at a consistent LOW HEAT, you will get shatter. If it evaporates any other way the texture will vary. Keep in mind. A less pure product will have a more sticky, goo like texture regardless of how you purge. It will most likely be darker and not taste as smooth. The higher quality end product will have a higher chance of being glass like. It should be transparent and snap very easily. It will be easier to handle and a lot less messy.

    The kief crumbling and not being malleable is caused from two things, or a combination of both.

    a) Kief contains plant material.
    b) You are not applying enough heat while you are pressing your kief.

    If you want your kief to stick together like hash you will need to apply pressure and heat. I use a wooden chopping block and the wife's clothes iron to achieve this. Turn on the iron let it heat up then turn it off. When you can place your finger on the iron element for 5 seconds before it starts to burn your finger, you are safe to press your kief into hash without damaging the product. If the iron is hurting your finger it's going to hurt your kief, so be cautious with the heat setting.

    I use non stick oven safe baking paper. Spread out your kief, fold over the paper and ask your wife for advice on how to iron clothes. Follow her instructions, right after the lecture about using the iron on a chopping block. You will need to fold the baking paper several times in this process until the kief becomes a solid mass of hash.
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  12. Thank you for your time and information Chris!! I do wish I would of had this info before I experimented but I will definitely keep this in mind for the next round. Thank you again for your time