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Diy Cabinet From Recycled Wood Coco Grow

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by Farmer P, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Hi Farmers. Been reading so much they said I couldn't read anymore unless I joined. Really impressed with the forum and how much is covered here. Decided to show you my small hobby winter project. I made this 2' by 3' cabinet from the wood I recycled off my old deck top. It was dumb to use osb for a deck top but i was short on funds. Now I replaced it with treated 2x6's and decided to make a cabinet with the osb.
  2. I was originally going to do dwc, but I started getting some brown algae and was concerned about pithium after reading about slime. So after reading some here I decided to go with canna coco. I got some Gorilla Glue clones through a friend and I also sprouted two Power Plant Primo's. Two of the Gorilas are in pure coco and the rest have 30% perlite mixed in. Started to get too stinky in the garage so I made a little scrubber box. The clones weren't ready, but I got tired of seeing my box sitting empty, so I told my friend to give them to me and I'd wait for the roots myself. One rooted immediately so I have 6 plants in different stages. The one in front is on day 18 of flower, the other 3 Gorillas are 9 days behind and the two Power Plant (on left) are still in veg.
  3. I had to make a little cage because the biggest one was hogging up too much space. Not trying to kill it, just looking for a little head stash and I'll be growing outside starting in the spring. I have some greenhouse bubba and I will do a couple more power plant. Anyway here are some more pics, and I will keep posting more as they grow. I also made a little space bucket from a roughneck trash can because they weren't all ready at the same time. Sorry about the photo quality, the led's seem to mess up my camera and cause lines.
    Empty Micro.jpg
  4. I 'm using canna a+b 10ml/gal , magi cal to get up to .4 ec on my filtered water, and I just started giving the bigger one some cool bloom (3ml/gal). The stems are pretty purple on the GG, but other than that they seem to be happy. Any thoughts? I take them out to hand water, and am thinking of some adding some kind of drain so I don't have to. The box is all caulked and I put weather stripping on the door and a lot of yellow sticky traps. I have not had any gnats breeding in there yet and hopefully won't.
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  5. By the way, I have no fans on my space bucket and it still stays cool enough. The led's run very cool. The bigger led's in the cabinet are 300 watts each, buy one has dimmers and the blue side is dimmed all the way down. The box is staying around 75 to 80 degrees depending on the weather outside. I'm pretty sure it would overheat in warmer weather as I have no cooling. Garage fluctuates between 58 and 68 so far. Hoping for some quality nugs. If the GG comes out good I may try to re-veg one. Also thinking of doing some crosses this summer with some collodial silver. Has anyone made their own, or is it better to just buy it?
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  6. Here are some pics from my old 600 w. soil grow room back in 09. Haven't been growing anything since then.
  7. good work the box,I'd still put a pc fan in the bin,just to move the leaves,strengthen the stems
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  8. Thanks, the bucket was kind of an emergency measure and wasn't too well thought out. I had to have it up in 1 evening. Yesterday was day 21 on the power plants so I switched to flower and won't be using the bucket anymore. Probably will give it to a friend (will tell him to install a fan).
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  9. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    The wee box looks awesome!youv done great there pal but just make sure you have plenty of air flow.i grow in a cupboard myself although it's not as small as yours and it's not a diy job but iv found shit air flow in my cupboard doesn't only effect my yeild it effects the frostiness of my plants.
    But youv done great with making it and it looks good but I'm wondering does any light get in through those vents?
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  10. Thanks Mr. Bee, I'm sure a little does get through (hopefully not more than a little moonlight). I've been keeping the top vent closed because I added that scrubber and it caused quite a temperature drop. I also painted the fins on the vent (backside) black. Only a faint glow comes out so I'm pretty sure I'm ok. I used to keep a beehive myself, but I made a mistake watching a guy on youtube who told me to leave my stuff outside after harvesting the honey and the bees would clean it up. A million bees showed up and ransacked my hive. I might get some more this year.
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  11. so love to have access to fresh honey like that.
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  12. The honey was delicious. It cost me a couple bee stings. I caught the swarm in the tree in my front yard in late October. It was starting to get cold so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have made it through the winter with no food stores. I made them a hive and fed them sugar all winter and they did good in the summer. Too bad I made a stupid mistake. Live and learn.
  13. Couple of new pics. Struggling to keep the big Gorilla tied down as my light is maxed out. The other 3 GG's are about to start showing little flowers. The Power Plant is on day 1 of flower. Been cutting a lot of leaves to try to let light get to lower nugs.
  14. GG4 (center front) day 28, gg4 (two on right and center back) day 19, power plant (two on left) day 7. Getting pretty frosty in here and smells dank.
  15. My buds are almost that big on my querkle after defoliating on day 15
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  16. Nice, I don't think I had any buds showing until day 17. They got a pretty rough start. I'm still pretty happy with the way it's growing. As long as nothing goes terribly wrong I should get some good nugs. Wish I had more space to work with. I can't wait until spring for some outdoor fun :)
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  17. Looks like what your doing is working very well don't get me wrong I think it looks great! Keep up the good work bud! Can't wait to see what it turns out like!
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  18. The reason air flow is good is because it is proven that your plant uses all the co2 around it within minutes and you need to replenish the co2 in the air in order to keep photosynthesising at full potential, it also helps build strong branches and stalks and keeps you at lower risk for powdery mildew, mostly due to high humidity and still foliage
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  19. dan1989


    That's a beautifully made box! I made mine for in the bedroom from 1/2 inch MDF, separate chamber at the top for extraction and filter. Now you're probably imagining my room stinks as I'm in 4th week of flower but...ONA blocks! In the top chamber where the carbon filter sits,I cut a hole in the roof and mounted an ONA block either side of the hole and you wouldn't know! Am using a 600w LED but didn't come out too well in pics so turned off for the later pics. The pic with it on is in late veg
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  20. dan1989


    Glad I switched to 12/12 when I did, they rocketed in 3rd week of flower! Had to tie them away from the light :/