DIY Cloner .. is my pump too small?

Discussion in 'DIY Farms' started by drunknbass, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. drunknbass

    drunknbass Farmer

    I noticed the EZCloners come with pretty big pumps. I was afraid it was because the jets needed that much pressure to spray properly.

    The red jets are labels "ez cloner" so i figured theyd be the right spray size/pattern.

    Here is a video of it installed. i think the net pots will get misted, i just dont think with this pump theyll get much more than that. Ive never seen an easy cloner operate in person so im not sure.

    The pump i have is a 100 gph non adjustable.
    The ez cloner seems to come with a 400+ gph

    here is a quick video. - Cellular.m4v
  2. SmokeyPipes

    SmokeyPipes Active Farmer

    That should work looking at your video,but anything w/a higher gph would be better!
  3. drunknbass

    drunknbass Farmer

    cloner works great. all have root except one. this is 12 days and i was even spraying them with rotten foliar spray the last week or so (lol) so i have to say this is def the way to go.

  4. dirk d

    dirk d Well-Known Farmer

    its not the size that matters but the girth! and of course how you use it.

    now if it were me i would get a 396 eco plus pump. they are cheap and should work great in your cloner.
  5. mrfixit

    mrfixit Active Farmer

    Looks reasonable; I'm using a $20 Harbor Freight 260gph with no issues in mine along with an air pump/air stones -




  6. drunknbass

    drunknbass Farmer

    yea, it worked pretty good. it seems the pump size is directly related to the sprayers and how many there are. i kinda went overboard with them and the pressure isnt as good as i think it could have been with a few less.
  7. Oregon Panda

    Oregon Panda Well-Known Farmer

    Have you tried neoprene collars? You can pick them up for pennies a peice at any hydro shop. They are really sturdy, reusable, easy to clean, and very easy to remove rooted cuttings without damage to roots. With proper care they will last indefinitely. (untill they roll away under something never to be found again.):eek:
  8. Oregon Panda

    Oregon Panda Well-Known Farmer

    Hey thats a neat spin I havent seen. What secures the plants in there and how do you remove them once rooted? Do they just hold themselves up at the first node?
  9. mrfixit

    mrfixit Active Farmer

    Yeah - first node so length/placement of cut requires some thought. The tubes are the web reinforced vinyl tubing split lengthwise and trimmed about 1mm / 1/16 so they fit into the top well and are easy to split to remove the plant. Here is some root porn from it:


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  10. Oregon Panda

    Oregon Panda Well-Known Farmer

    I like it because it seems to make much more effective use of the lid's surface area.
  11. mrfixit

    mrfixit Active Farmer

    It's a -bit- too dense, but not by much! v2 will reflect some improvements down the road...
  12. jyip

    jyip Well-Known Farmer

    ez cloners have alot mor esprayers, 25 i think, but u can finda pic if ya searcjh online, but u lok all set bro...btw,, h ow long to root like one in your fingers in pic?? 10 days? ?? thx
  13. mrfixit

    mrfixit Active Farmer

    Don't know about the OP, but in my case it's all over the map. Depending on health/strain/stupid humidity swings in my room etc. Most are good in 10-12 days, some, 3 weeks. At the same time I haven't had a cutting -not- root either so, 100% to date. I've had worse odds after transferring to "soil" (but still ~%95 success rate).
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  14. jyip

    jyip Well-Known Farmer

    100 % success is pretty good, slow or not
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  15. kolah

    kolah Well-Known Farmer

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  16. mrfixit

    mrfixit Active Farmer

    Well, one thing I learned is that the tubing I've used gets way stiff after about a year.
    Who cares - it's cheap!
  17. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Well-Known Farmer

    ...what i did was buy a length of pipewrap insulation and then i just cut it into 1inch pieces that then wrapped around my cuts.


    ...mine wasn't an aero though, just a bubbler so i didn't need to worry about pump size so much and i didn't need to worry about the heat those small submersible pumps generate into the res.

    ...i've since abandoned these active methods in favor of passive methods that work just as well but don't require all the monitoring and cleaning and such, i do it the lazy man way now, lol, being a lazy man and all.

    peace, bozo
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  18. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Well-Known Farmer

    ...thought i'd share some 'old man' music, ...a very under rated master.