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Diy Compost Teabag

Discussion in 'DIY Farms' started by OldSmokie76, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. I purchased a small 3gal compost tea bubbler/brewer. Very interested in the benefits of compost tea and living organic soil. After assembling the brewer, I realized it did not come with a mesh brew bag. So I made one.

    I used some left over silk screen mesh from a DIY dry sift screen. Stitched together with some fishing line. An old piece of nylon rope to create a drawstring. The mesh was about 14" x 14". The pictures give an idea. If anybody interested I could give some simple instructions. Ingenuity and imagination. Peace farmers.
  2. Kudos!
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  3. That is impressive man
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  4. Thanks guys. Working on some new methods and motivation lately. I needed a bag for tea brewer. I'm crafty. Things are green and happy.
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  5. So who's got tea recipes? Wondering if there's something I can brew with high P bat guano. Maybe use some manure and hummus mix, molasses, add mykos to tea? Need some good links/literature suggestions.
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  6. Try the search function and AACT. You'll find a few threads worth reading for sure.
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  7. holy jeebus there's tons of reading there
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  8. all sounds good,get a bag of black kow compost,i always use a handful of compost with my teas,and fresh deer shit,just be careful with the guano,i did just the other day get a tip burn from top dressing seabird guano and kelp,surprised me too hahaah
  9. DTG


    Nice, I did a similar thing only I used an old sock . . .

    It worked fine but I think my plants got a bad case of Athletes Foot . . .

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  10. G gnome

    G gnome

    Nice lil pouch ya made there but a pantyhose works better and u can throw it away when ur done. BOOM!!!
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  11. G gnome

    G gnome

    BOOM again!!!
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  12. I'm shooting for a small personal perpetual grow. As sustainable as possible. It's a work in progress. Composting all veg matter indoors and recycling material used in the "reusable" mesh bag. Hopefully, I can appreciate the simplicity of the pantyhose it doesn't suit my needs. KaPow!!!
    As far as looking for info on my own, I do. I have found that there's mountains of unuseful and overly jibber jabbered threads. I've gained some knowledge on my own, but still attempt to get sound advice and direct links to threads or suggested outside sources from some experienced growers. Kind of the process in a social online forum environment. Lots of farmers have been great. A few, not so much.
    I've realized there's a few circles around the farm that are a bit tight. Whatever. Also have realized why I've read a number of complaints about the petty shit on the farm. Subsequently resulting in ego fueled rants and banning of subscribers.

    Don't throw so much dynamite around. It erodes a solid foundation. (Desending whistle of an I coming bomb......) KABOOM!!! goes the useless sarcasm.
  13. Light hearted jokes are great. Good laugh.
  14. @Toaster79 thanks for advice on looking up AACT. It was a good step in the direction I needed. Lots of info there.
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