DIY UC 27 gal tough box

Discussion in 'DIY Farms' started by j wizzle, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. hiboy

    hiboy Well-Known Farmer

    You would have to look at pool pumps for that kind of size, but why would u want that anyways
  2. j wizzle

    j wizzle Farmer

    yeah. whats the purpose of a 4" inlet? it will only cause you problems. you want a smaller inlet so you can suck the water up without getting air pockets.

    you will want to use a reducer to go from 4" to 1" or whatever your pump inlet is. then you can always expand into 4" pvc on the outlet.
  3. joehank

    joehank Active Farmer

    Great post! I would use the flat sink drain plumbing washers instead of O-rings. They can't " squeeze out " when you tighten them up.
  4. treereek

    treereek New Farmer

    great observation...we'll see. I'm on it