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DO you press bubble hash ??? HELP QUICK????

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by woody420, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. What UP ? after you take your 25micron bag and so on up 73m 120m 163m and have them on a screen and on coffee right from the bags do you let them air dry or do u begin to press them or do u have to press them ???????? and this stuff is all ready smoking good lol lol
  2. greenthumbdanny

    greenthumbdanny Premium Member Supporter

    I wouldn't press it woody as it smashes the trichome heads
    after you pull it from your bags>>gently dab it<<<then put it out on some card board and cut it as you would do a mound of cocaine:giggle

  3. cool thanks bro! we have some bubble that is 1/4 thick is that cool 2 air dry it. Hey bro would you press your hash with that peacemaker die thing ??? and about how many hrs would u let you bubble air dry 4 at around 85deg. them do u stick it in the freezer atill u off it ???
  4. Im not a fan of pressed hash,I know some people think it tasted better, I dont. I think it makes you use bigger chunks to smoke than you need too
  5. yamama


    if u want to press it make sure its fully dried or u will end up with something not so nice, after reading a post of aqualabs about clodydome hash i store all mine in the freezer
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  6. All true in the above posts.

    Big thing is to make sure its fully dry before clumping together. Once its clumped, getting air to the middle of it is almost impossible, so rot is imminent. When its dry you can mold it into something smaller and compress it. If its the first time which it seems it is, I suggest you not manipulate it with compression. It was more of a visual thing than anything else when I did it. Someone might beg to differ saying you can smoke it differently. In the end it might all be about preference.
  7. HeLLMuTT

    HeLLMuTT Thinks of Stinks Supporter


    How could you squeeze these god pods?...

    I fully believe that there is a difference in flavor and high; When the heads have been smashed.

    This is Hindu Kush Brain Draino.
  8. right on 4 all the help. Can any one tell me where to find this thread aqualabs thread about clodydome hash
  9. OMG thats sick looking... i want noe now!!!! lol:icon_cookie:
  10. Can any one tell me where to fine the thread that subcool made its called clodydome hash thanks alot if u can help me fine it
  11. Imo i like it presssd better. Cleaner and i think it melts better.
  12. ^ false about the melting better.
  13. Blaze


    As others have pointed out, if it is high quality hash, you don't want to press it. Pressing ruptures trichrome heads which lowers the quality. Plus if the bubble hash is high quality and the oils are still all in tact it will be a little sticky and gooey so all it will take is a light hand press to get it to stick together.
  14. Right you are Blaze. Attached is a
  15. You're right of course. The balls pictured were made from Sour Diesel dry sifted then rolled into 3.5 gram balls. Maximum pressure was with the palm of my hand onto a kitchen counter. Smokes like a dream.

    The Reef
    Imported Photos 00007.JPG
  16. Here's our delicious....
  17. all looks delicious!
  18. gooey


    im a fan of it without any pressing...just a preference thing cant go wrong...that og looks ill, happy melting everyone
  19. I'm not a fan of pressing. Lately it's been a topic of discussion with my friends. The only reason I can think of to press would be to market the hash. Some people who don't know any better will see a big chunk and like it, just like with nugs. So in that case you would still only wanna press the lower grade stuff... the highest quality I would press would be a "medium-low melt" hash

    Looks like RealBoss knows what I'm talkin about
  20. I pressed it before whenever i made it,but now i just scrape it out of bags,put on coffe filter let dry and store for smoke,i remeber reading bubblemans thing saying that pressing hash degrades it,and he is the hash man so ill take his word for it,and i hate breaking up hard hash,i like when its like keif and u just sprinkle in a bowl,mmmmm,gonna make some tommorow now!!!