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Does smell lose its potency during curing

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by GorillaCloset, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. I have love cheese and it's in its 25th day of flowering. My Casey Jones, Hogs Breath & Bubba Kush don't smell as nearly as dank as my love cheese. I'm just wondering if it loses its smell during curing (if I cure it correctly) or am I being paranoid? Any tips please help
  2. hey man . I love casey and cheese.. I think casey taste more fruity when its fresh but when its cured its nearly cheese like.. I think it has a short shelf life so smoke it fast and cheese will lose that smell as it cures but it gets super strong.. exodus cheese is something else.. a long cure on a haze is the best like a wine but indica strains don't need a long cure.. we cut and dry in 10 days and the coffee shops cure it for us..
  3. thanks for the input. i'll take precautions when curing and smokin :evilgrin0013:
  4. The smell should change as the bud cures but I don't think of it as losing smell so much as maturing odor.

    Usually fresh bud smells, I dunno, grassy? There's this strong biting smell that diminishes throughout a cure and the deeper, earthier, danker odors come to the surface.

    I've found in jars after six to nine months, buds will start to lose odor and after a year to a year and a half probably smell like hay.
  5. The cheese smells almost floral as it's growing and especially when harvesting. Over the time I was curing cheese, I found the floral smell had turned to more of a distinct cheese smell. More subtle, definitely, but I think as Backward Z said, its more of the odor maturing.
  6. it all depends on how you dry a cure your bubs dj short has a great curing process and tex made it a thread go read that lot of good info