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Dog Trainer for aggressive dog in CO...

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by hemployed, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I know there are tons of dog owners on here, I also own two dogs, two BIG dogs and am having major aggression issues with my female.

    Can anyone recommend a GREAT dog trainer in Colorado that specializes or is very experienced with dealing with aggression?

    I'm probably not the only one that could use some help with my dogs ; )

    (I know this is a canna forum and by all means mods if you don't like it delete it. But there are a ton of dog owners in here and I figured this would be a good place to ask)
  2. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    There is a Rotty trainer/breeder in Pueblo that trains for the customs and border patrols that is supposed to be real real good for service dogs, not sure about remedial aggression stuff but I am sure he could recommend someone.

    I'll see if I can find his card around here, its been a bit

  3. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    I'm not going to try to offer advice, you've been pointed towards a trainer. But I do want to say that I have a great deal of respect for someone who recognizes a problem and takes action. Good on you.
  4. Thanks TK I'd appreciate it...

    Ghost Face.. I actually have done a LOT of training with these dogs and am actually pretty proud of how well they behave. Both dogs were socialized from an early age, and were put through obedience training at a young age. My dogs do respect me believe me on that one. They both walk on a lead well, come when called, sit and wait before they go through doors, work for their food etc etc.. I could go on and on. Point is that I'm by no means an expert dog handler or I wouldn't be asking for assistance in finding a specialist, but I am definitely more in tune than probably 90% of dog owners.

    This issue has gone beyond that and isn't a "easy to do yourself" situation. Just trust me on that one. I have 300lbs worth of rare breed dog that are bred in their country to protect farms from big game and intruders. These dogs are 1 generation removed from the homeland and aren't your average gsd,rott,dobie,pit etc etc.

    I do appreciate your response though

    That said I really don't want this thread to turn into instructions on dog handling and an opinion free for all, unless of course there is an expert dog trainer registered on here, then by all means send me a pm and we can go from there.

    Thanks Seamaiden, I look at it as a responsibility and there isn't much I wouldn't do for my dogs, I've already spent $$$ on training and had a great trainer who has moved away..

    I guess I should clarify that the aggression is towards other dogs not people. Unless of course someone comes into the house or on the property uninvited, then good luck.
  5. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Is it safe to assume these dogs have all their sexual organs? I've always had the greatest difficulties with intact animals. The female I own right now was spayed when she was 6mo and she still displays territoriality and aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Fortunately, she's afraid of pissing me off.

    Maybe you can contact your old trainer to ask for a referral.

    The only expert dog trainer I know is in Michigan and she specializes in Belgian somethings and GSDs, she's a former K9 officer who still keeps and trains her own animals. I would have to assume that the trainers she knows personally would similarly be K9 handlers.
  6. Google working dog forums you can probably find a trainer that will specialize in what your looking for if the guys in pueblo cant help you. If you don't mind me asking what kind of aggression are you dealing with?
  7. I have competed in dog agility for a number of years and know several trainers. I will ping them to see if they know anyone who specializes in aggressive dogs/breeds and let you know if they come back with anything worthwhile. :)

    And Sea Maiden is absolutely right about intact dogs/bitches. Those hormones make everything harder to manage. Unless you've got a breeding program, no need to keep that stuff. :)

  8. TreFarmer

    TreFarmer Guest

    I am a local dominant breed specialist (not Co though) this guy nails it. You may need some help from a professional still if the aggresion is directed to the handler. 99% of dog issues cone from an unbalaced pack (sound like Cesar? Cause its true) I've had pits for 15+ years, it all comes down to pack respect. PM me for specifics, ill ask around for a CO guy/gal for ya. Oh ya, Leerburg Kennels might point ya right. Cant remember, ohio i think but super connectedHe is renowned. start here maybe. Ed is fa real!
  9. Dorje


    I agree, except the "easy to do yourself" part, this is not necessarily true. My 6 yo male apbt knows he's not allowed to fight other dogs that challenge him, even though he REALLY wants to, and will actually tolerate other dog's aggression for a short period of time which allows me to intervene before a fight breaks out... but I can't for the life of me get him to walk calmly and right by my side on a leash. Neither can anyone else, even experienced trainers. An e-collar works for a short period of time, but I typically only use the e-collar to keep him from chasing wildlife when he's off-leash. So, I think some dogs do have behavior that is very difficult to modify, even if they think you are alpha... and I can guarantee my dog does see me as the pack leader. The issue is more like he gets fixated on something and forgets he is on a leash.

    Anyway, good luck selfhemp! You might want to try an e-collar, they really aren't that painful when used properly (I've tried it on myself), but they will get the dog's attention!

    This is my dog, fixated on something...

  10. Both are fixed. I've lost touch with the trainer unfortunately, hopefully I'll find someone. Thanks for the ideas.

    Good call, I never thought of doing something like that. The aggression is all dog aggression, if she sees another dog its on.

    Hey thanks Mel.. I really appreciate it. This is a great network of people on here.

    Thanks for your input. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I seriously try to do things the right way. Obviously I'm missing something. I've been thinking about it all day and after reading what you as well as others have posted about their experience with their own dogs i have to admit my dogs are not under control to the point where if another dog was aggressive towards them it would be game on. Even my male is not going to back down if another dog challenges him.

    The reason I posted this is this morning I woke up right as my dogs got in to it. They were sleeping on the floor in my bedroom and my female woke up and it was almost as if she didn't recognize my male. She immediately growled and then fuc*ing attacked. With zero provocation. The same thing she would do if she had the chance at another dog. After I separated them (which was gnarly as hell) I put my female in the downstairs bathroom and put my male in my bathroom so I could look him over. She sliced the inside of his earflap open pretty bad but nothing serious.

    WTF? They get along all day everyday are best friends and rarely rarely fight. It's usually only when the same scenario this morning happened and this is the second time she's done that.

    This is what I'm saying Dorje! I try to do all the right things to assert myself as the pack leader. For example I always make them sit and wait before they go anywhere (through doors outside, coming back inside, before they eat. etc...) I always feed them after I eat, They sleep on the floor, aren't allowed on the furniture, MUST heel when on a walk. I'm sure there are other things but that's all that's coming to mind. My dogs know exactly what it is I expect out of them but they are selective listeners and that's the problem.

    My male is also kind of like that with the walks, He knows where he is supposed to be but he's so damn excited and full of energy (endless) that he is poised and ready to haul ass at any second. My female is no problem.. Walks about a foot behind me. When I stop she automatically sits, when I start again she stays until I gave a signal for her to start moving again.

    Sorry for spilling my guts and ranting guys but I'm incredibly frustrated because I put in so much work and am obviously missing some key steps.
  11. did i miss it

    or are people just not asking...i will...what kind of dogs are these.???? just wondering....i just beat the shit out of my dogs....and they are stupid as can be....maybe cause of the baseball bat to t he head when they shit on the i shot them in there dick and they stopped pissing but they shit all over the place....

    ok ok..just kidding....not even people...damn...I WAS JUST KIDDING....

    was just wondering...what kind of dogs are they....or did i miss it...thanks man

  12. id call the dog whisperer
  13. I'm just guessing but I'd bet hes not disclosing that info due to the fact that it may allow others to identify him.
  14. E.T.


    i've always had 'working' dogs and i can say from experience that they NEED to be worked. living in a city, i will put a backpack on them and fill it with books so they have to work that much harder on a walk. did you socialize your dogs when they were younger? i've found that to be key. i am an avid runner, and my dogs run with me....sometimes with the fkn backpack! a tired dog is a good dog. hope that helps, but still look into a trainer...they will see what it is that you're missing. good luck and you CAN teach an old dog new's a little shot of my current project. he's the younger of my two pups
  15. TreFarmer

    TreFarmer Guest

    Well said! And rep+1 as a good Leader!

    The reason most people aren't concerned with breed sooo much is a dog is a dog as far as aggression is concerned. Some breeds are more prone to agg. tendencies ( lap dogs, herding breeds, shephards, malanois, SOME lines of Bully breeds, etc.) BUT a pack oriented species follows pack law 99%+/-.
    A little history/rant to see the lack of value in breed for a general diagnosis on aggression. But we would not go as far as to try and "walk them them through it".
    Even though an APBT is more powerful than most, by genetics a well trained bully (bull terrier, pit bull, am staff) will carry less % of aggression and are less likely to bite or become vicious unprevoked than MOST breeds. They [APBT] are one of the most tempernment stable lines out there. (Look here for info: this doesn't mean less aggression, just, like Popeye, "I am what I am, and thats all that I am!" Once trained for better or worse, that is what you will have, they don't waver.
    This is because, over centuries, these were combat/companion and LASTLY protection (thats natural in canine pack order). A gladiator dog was not treated how you hear on the news! A REAL Dogman of past was there in battle as well as nursing each other back to health. In a "REAL" pitfight there are three people and two dogs in a confined space. One "ref" and two handlers, the dogs fight, the Dogman/handler was there for the protection of his dog not the lining of his pocket! (I do not fight and do not condone it FUCK ABUSERS OF ALL KINDS!) If a dog has lost or gives up or a round time is called, combat is ceased. THE DOG CANNOT, CANNOT TURN ON HANDLERS OR REFS this would be dire and swift! The dog must keep its wits during combat or it becomes a liability, so would be culled out and its aggressive genes are gone too. Over centuries this has made some lines of Pits Grand Champ yet can be stolen with a happy face and a promise of a ride in the back of the truck. Really! People buy German Shephards and Belgian Malanois to protect Pit Kennels. With good temperament can come vulnerability. And the better the dog the less likely to run into aggression issues.
    ***With that said, with the influx of people with bad intentions and bad breeding practices, this % is swinging quickly!! Breeding for standard, looks, etc. before temperament AND As people breed for aggression instead of protection the offspring becomes unreliable and unpredictable. Who wants a machine gun with an unpredictable hair trigger? ***
    Treat the species first: its a dog, this keeps it simple. The trainer himself will address the breed.
    If it was a question of running off, or peeing/shitting in the house the answer is simple, lack o training, 99% of the time. Like a beagle its your job to get on a horse with a red jacket and a horn and do a fox hunt. If not he's not fulfilled he's gonna act out and that is your fault. If hee pees/poops inside its a lack of guidance/supervision/training so shoot yourself in the junk! If he's fulfilled and balanced then 99% of the time it is simple, PACK STRUCTURE. That's the illusion, that's why "trainers" actually make $, people lack pack order. And have no clue how to establish it so we beat our dogs and yell at them etc. that is NOT ORDER!
    I try to diagnose the issue and even remedy the issue before even asking, when I get stumped I may ask, is this a bird dog? Or its a terrier isn't it! Because of the nuance or the jist. It, I believe is more natural because dogs don't address breed difference, if they did we would have to explain to Guido the Chiuahua to quit attacking Tinkerbell the Great Dane. And feral dogs would pick teams.
    Sorry bit your post seems ignorant, I know its meant as a joke but still idiotic.
  16. Dog on dog aggression is the hardest to break, it goes beyond the pack mentality. Pack mentality also goes beyond training your dog to sit before going outside, eating, etc. It also has to do with your own energy and how you carry yourself.

    Instead of asking a bunch of dog owners on a stoner forum for advice, why don't you ask a bunch of stoners on a dog forum for advice?

  17. Right on brother, working on getting some of this going as far as the working part goes. Dogs were well socialized.

    You obviously know your shit mang, "And have no clue how to establish it so we beat our dogs and yell at them etc. that is NOT ORDER! " This is what I'm missing. I don't beat my dogs but you know what I mean..

    I didn't ask for advice. I asked for references for dog trainers with an aggression specialty.

    I decided to throw the question up on this canna board because a LOT of canna guys happen to have working breed dogs or dogs that require a bit more than the average lab. Therefore this would be a good place to look for resources. Turns out I was right.

    However I do appreciate the insight from everyone and especially from Trefarmer. Homie knows what's up.

    Thanks everyone and please if you do know of a trainer that you'd recommend shoot me some info. Pm if you want.
  18. chickenman

    chickenman Premium Member Supporter

    Our Golden Reteriver Tank is a licker.
    He dont lick butts or dicks but he will lick ears,other dogs teeth and heads as well as human feets.
    Guessin he a lover....
  19. TreFarmer

    TreFarmer Guest

    Ya, cause what are the chances of you finding somebody that writes for a national dog magazine chillin on a marijuana forum. :character0035:
    No disrespect mopho just pokin' some fun:) really though you never know, I might be Cesar Milan, or Ed Frawley Or even Victoria Stilwell... not compairing my knowledge or experience to any body, just pointing out, we never know... :)
  20. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    This Ridgeback mix is the most difficult dog I've ever worked with, more difficult than the Rotties. She is an easily excitable, dominant girl. I spent a long time watching Cesar, and used those behavioral techniques in combination with my previous horse training experience. I've lost one friendship because the gal (a whole series of bad dog stories lie with this gal) had a problem with how hard I am on *my* dog. But, my dog doesn't attack my partner, other random people, or ME.

    Yesterday, while my husband ran Mt. Tallac out at Lake Tahoe, the dog and I spent the day at the only local beach where dogs are allowed (they're supposed to be on-leash, only those who couldn't really control their dogs kept them on-leash). That dog made me SO PROUD with her behavior. Most of the dogs were fairly under control, didn't have terrible aggression problems, but all were pretty rude to human beings while playing, running into people, running over their stuff, basically ignoring their personal space.

    I discovered that what I do with my dog works with other dogs. I do my "mother" thing, give a look, shake my finger and say, "Don't!" or "AH AH!" I stopped a huge GSD in its tracks, damn thing was headed straight for Hazel who was under my legs and my blanket, while its owner was trying to call it back. I shot it a look and said, "AH AH!" and damn if the dog didn't stop dead in its tracks. I told it, "You don't walk on my blanket!" and the dog looked around, then walked around my blanket! Hazel just looked at me and blinked.

    Anyway, I have to work very hard with Hazel every day, and while I don't hit, I do bite, and she knows it. If another dog tries to fight her I can easily call her off now. I've worked with her to the point that anyone, anyone at all, can walk up to her while she's eating and take the food right out of her mouth. Even a very small child.

    People all around were watching other dogs running around ignoring their owners, while Hazel did exactly what I asked of her. Only thing was she's afraid of the waves on the lake. WTF? She pulled a huge log out of the water, though, totally owned it.

    But, hemployed, what you describe about how your female went off has me a little bit worried about her overall health. I mean, reading it sounded insane, like she'd gone insane, ya know? I only know that old dogs can become demented, know nothing about mental/psychological issues with younger dogs, but I find myself wondering if she's ok. That, or the two of them still haven't worked out which is going to lead the other and perhaps you haven't sufficiently settled that question for them.