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Don't Believe In Flushing? Nute Industry Explained

Discussion in 'Basic Growing Information' started by Tardbuster, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Test results prove the hydroponic nute industry is an adulterant industry.

    Taste buds prove what no test was needed for: THE HYDROPONIC CHEMICALS INDUSTRY IS A PRO-CONTAMINANT INDUSTRY.

    Non flushing hydro grower: you dont have to remind me to talk shit about your product, it speaks for itself.

    You weaken your plant to borderline survival, with hydroponic industry chemicals and prohibition era grow practices. You assume this weakened state is the average normal health of Cannabis. It is not.

    You wonder why your Cannabis doesn't resemble the dank you were hoping for. But pride tells you its comparable, and you believe a few tweaks, aka adding bottles, is the answer to get your bud on the same level of real dankness.

    SO, now we have weakened Cannabis plants, fed more chemicals. Now they have you where they wanted you. You must maintain balance of these chemicals, to keep them from killing your perpetually tortured crop in its now sterilized medium. Yes, hydro nutes kill micro life.

    This perpetually tortured crop will never produce its natural potentials, all energy is directed towards survival. The plant looses its profile completely. Deep down inside you know your crop is extremely lacking. Yet you go back to the hydro store for more bottles. People who have taken this step for more than 1 or 2 grow cycles have completely lost touch with reality and with what this natural medicine is supposed to be about.

    Seeking answers you head to your favorite grow forum full of joke monickers and conflicting information spewed at a rate that obviously
    demands pay for the time spent.. You are getting most of your grow information from chemical industry reps posing as fellow potheads. These people do not smoke Cannabis. In fact, they hate nature. We all know the entire Cannabis-specific nutrient industry is under the umbrella of Monsanto. We all know BigBudsMag is operated by controlled-opposition entity (the alternate choice) Advanced Nutrients. Bedfellows with the DEA, who collect and eradicate natural genetics for these anti-nature global control dependency agendas.

    Why is the worst pot at the dispensary grown with the most inputs? Why would a commercial grower use Voodoo Juice© instead of RidX septic tank cleaner? Why are 3 lines of carb booster used on the same crop? Why is Budcandy, Sweet Citrus, and Floranectar the most common terpene profile of local dispensary weed? IT MAKES NO SENSE UNLESS THE GROWERS ARE SIMPLY PATTING THE BACK OF THE RIPOFF GIMMICK SNAKE OIL NUTE INDUSTRY!

    Corporate bedfellows, with an agenda to eradicate natural plants from the face of the Earth. The legally grown MMJ where I live is not grown by smokers. No way. A corporate takeover of Cannabis, with a vision of complete dominance and production methods mimicking that of pre-packaged cigarettes.

    Soon, all Cannabis will be mixed batches of low grade bottom bid crops, homogenized, extracted and reinfused with a custom blend for branding consistency. The hydro industry is fully responsible for the unnatural, chemical filled, metallic herb which has lowered standards just in time for the factory production style to step in. The lowest common denominator is the multi-pack cigarette smoker. No market for 'boutique' Cannabis, as no small growing operations will be legal. Mark my words.

    Cannabis quality is no longer about end-user. "quality" is now a value of marketability, grow-ability and profitability. The quality of a farmers soil is no longer relevant. Future success is about the complexity of your processing plant. Cannabis should have NEVER entered the factory.

    State MMJ programs have been a testing ground; corporate interests testing the waters to make sure there is a market for Marlborough-grade Marijuana, and now, home grow rights are vanishing left and right.

    "The Clear" was one of the key tests for the corporate-sponsored legalization of Cannabis. Recycled useless scraps from multiple sources, cleaned, artificially scented and sold at a premium to placebo-sheeple who equate a thc percentage lab result to natural medicine, and an instagram account as a social life.

    Like I said, hydro nute fan. Youre unability to identify your own death, financially, spiritually and [hopefully not] physically, IS my problem and I won't stop shouting until more people learn to address it, for their sake and mine. Im not going to post science proving what Botanicare Sweet Berry does to a plant. Its obvious to anyone with a brain, its a contaminant, and earns the title FAKE WEED for anything its grown with. Your science comes from the nutrient companies!

    Look it up. Not joking. They lie about everything being absorbed. Until faced with legal recourse. Then they admit, the plant easily soaks up anything you throw at it. Fake frost, fake resin. Fake smells. The kind of shit that you heard was happening at the trailer park dealers, is now a 'legitimized' industry.

    The shills posing as growers want you growing plastic weed for a reason. For financial security of their highly networked futures. Some people NEVER smoke real, natural weed in their lives. Those people are both corporate Cannabis's target and funding.

    I am TIRED of smelling fake dairy scents passed off as terpenes when i know they are mold hiding tactics. (entire dispensaries)

    I am TIRED of being able to identify what brand of sweetener a grower used by color of the bud! (entire dispensaries)

    I am TIRED of putting frosty buds under the scope and finding zero trich heads. (entire dispensaries)

    I am TIRED of sifting through buds that smell like salty metal (entire dispensaries)

    I am TIRED of growers who use Azadirachtin and Myclobutanil in flower to give their plants a smell! (entire dispensaries in AZ)

    I am TIRED of bud that smells like hay. (Entire dispensaries)

    If you dont believe these things are related, tough shit, they are. I would never work with a grower who has never grown a plant with water and dirt. They do not have the capacity to understand the basis of the plant from which they are attempting to improve upon. None of this "changing nature" bullshit existed before hydroponic advertising agencies convinced you that Sam Selezny is a hero, and that weed has to be grown in purchased solutions and perpetual corrective inputs, rather that in free dirt with zero maintenance required.

    Monsanto is the natural world's biggest enemy. Dont think for a second your corporate chemical supplier isn't working directly with the beast. They are. If they are selling you "enhancers" and telling you not to flush, they are.

    Good riddance to overfed sugar water buds, I'll stick with breaking the law and growing my own than to legally purchase that abominable chemical-heavy Marijuana posing as medicine.
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  2. zoic


    That was so informative. It actually made me feel good that I am too poor to afford those things, so soil, water, light, heat and air flow are all I concern myself with. I tested my tap water at 7PH (just with litmus paper) so I have nothing to worry about there.
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  3. Are you mad bro???
  4. FooDoo


    is someone on their period?
  5. ShroomKing

    ShroomKing Best of luck. Peace

    Rant accepted and duly noted.
    Carry on.
  6. jipp


    just glad you posted this now.. instead of a while ago when i had my az disp rant..
    this would of feed my anger at that moment..

    sigh, grow you damn baby plant grow..

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  7. If people want to flush that's there desire same story with people who do not I did a 2 day flush first crop and the taste was a bit harsh on this run I flushed for a week I havnt tasted the buds as yet but I can say it smells better so maybe there's something in it I'll get back to you on the smoke report .
  8. Capitalism at it finest. I loved the marijuana culture growing up. Now with the government controlling the industry it will never be the same.
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  9. That dude was crazy
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  10. MW7945


    But... it's got electrolytes
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I have an issue with your argument and it's this,

    "Im not going to post science proving what Botanicare Sweet Berry does to a plant. Its obvious to anyone with a brain, its a contaminant, and earns the title FAKE WEED for anything its grown with. Your science comes from the nutrient companies!"

    So not only are you going to make a statement without any basis in fact. But you are going to offer conjecture and insults instead. If you want to grow your stuff by just using fish shit and pissing on it, that's great for you. I however choose to grow with products, backed by actual scientific data, that I have personally confirmed as true through research. I don't use every bottle in a line up, but just because I use a bottle doesn't mean I'm some sort of lesser grower, that's ruining cannabis. Sheesh.
  12. Brondo's got what plants crave!!!

    "You mean water? Like out of the toilet?" LoL
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  13. Lol.

    The only fact I can take from the op is that cash cropped weed sucks.

    I grow because when I got my card and was all gung ho about going to dispensaries for all the great new meds I was mostly disappointed.

    I can only imagine how shitty a legal rec Grow could get with a closing deadline.

    But I use ocean forest and pure Blend Pro Grow only. My strains taste and smell like they should.

    I believe both are owned by Scott's now?
  14. So I assume you flush. No, just ribbing you man. I don't hydro but makes me think a little more about the nutes I do add to my soil. Thanks for the "food" for thought. Peace and great growing ya'll!!
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  15. I don't flush, and havent in nearly 6 yrs of growing. I use technaflora nutes, ocean forest soil, dolomite lime, budswel (liquid guano), terpinator. I do a last 2 week normal water as needed only, and use the "autumning off" tek. Works flawlessly for me.

    Flush toilets, not plants. No need to drown your plants. Does your local farmer flush his/her veggie or fruit plants/trees before harvest? No. And I'm sure they use the same.if not worse chemicles for their end product.
  16. MW7945


    Use coco, no drowning required
  17. Most if not all commercial farms top soil has been dead for 20+ years. They are not interested in rotating crops or refortifying the NPK or adding micros. Instead they use pesticides an insecticides, even GMO seeds. even if they know better, they don't give a shit about quality if it costs more
  18. MW7945


    Hi, corn/soybean farmer here. Our top soil is gorgeous and we rotate crops every year. Those GMO seeds reduce the need for pesticides/insecticides.

    People sure like to bitch about GMO seeds but they'd probably be bitching a lot more if there wasn't enough food to eat.
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  19. Obviously, you have ignored the research on why gmo is bad, and especially corn/soy. Soy is loaded with estrogen, simply not good for men, and in large quantities, women either. The only soy that is healthy is fermented, like miso
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  20. No it has a compound that is similar to estrogen and has not been proven harmful to humans.
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