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Dry Ice Sift Processing Question

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by DGP, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. DGP


    Hello all,

    I used to use a lot of RSO but found dry ice sift to be a lot faster, easier and safer. In the past I found Everclear extraction to be too dirty and pulls too much other stuff that has to be processed out but I know I could do cold quick washes but the yield is not so efficient.

    So, been using 120 micron dry ice sift and then using just a little Everclear to make it into a liquid oil so I can mix it with coconut oil and dispense into gel caps. I like to add some coconut oil to the mix to help with absorption.

    In the past when making RSO even when filtered before cooking it down there is a lot of sediment in it. What exactly is this? Is it leftover matter once the thrichs are broken down?

    Anyway, I wanted to do an experiment this time and just take 10 grams of 120 sift mix it with 100 ml of Everclear and reduce it in a magnetic stirring hot plate at 75C and then before it is fully reduced filter out the sediment, decarb in the oven to make it effective and purge the rest of the Everclear so it is easier to mix with coconut oil etc. and dispense.

    In the past the problems I have seen is:

    1. The sediment clogs the syringes so I cannot dispense easily
    2. The material is so thick it is hard to dispense (hence the small amount of coconut oil)
    3. Even with the addition of a dash of Soy Lecithin it still seems to separate and not stay in suspension (making consistent dosing difficult)

    Anyway, maybe this is a bad idea but the goal is to get medication that works like RSO but with efficient extraction as well as easier to handle/dispense. I have limited grow space (not to mention the state plant count BS) and so efficient making of medicine is super important cause I fully depend on this for serious health issues.

    Thanks in Advance,

  2. DGP


    Or maybe I just filter it and reduce it some to make a tincture and put it in my coffee every morning (or just under the tongue). The hot drink would help absorption I suppose. Just looking for an efficient effective way to medicate twice a day like I have been doing for 3 years now.

  3. DemonTrich

    DemonTrich Moderator Staff Member

    Filter before reduction
    After the liquid can become too thick to filter.

    I use a fitted disc, plus 2-3 filter papers in my buchner funnel when I'm winterizing and filtering my iso and etoh before evap.

    Also, there's a huge difference in sublingual and ingestion.

    Sub under tounge, hits in about 30 mins, but lasts a couple hrs.
    Ingestion gets absorbed by the liver. Takes 1.5-2.5 hrs to kick in, but will last 4+hrs.
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  4. DGP


    Yes, I knew it was faster to have an effect but in the interest of pain control that would be a blessing. in that case I would likely have to dose more often but maybe with less medicine. I wasn't thinking of winterizing because the dry ice sift doesn't seem to have much plant matter in it but it probably does have some (I suppose it has to do with how long you shake it out). I just know when I do it the standard way I have to not only wait to dry and cure the trim, leave it in the freezer for a week or more and so on, but I get so much garbage in the extraction. Maybe quick washes and many of them would work but as you wash a second and third time etc. I suppose the lipids and chlorophyll start to dissolve unless maybe if you keep it very cold. I often wondered about using dry ice to do the winterization more efficiently and maybe quicker but I don't know if that would work, i just know the colder the better.

    Oh yeah and indeed I planned to filter before fully reduced. Funny, it looks like your just filtering out all the hash but I think it is just the material that encloses the trichs and not the actual canibinoids, correct????

    Thanks Again!

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