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Dry Room / Trim Room Help Please

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Cheef Ghost, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. i have a dry room set up with 2 oscillating fans and an AC unit to keep my temp at 60 degrees and a dehumidifier that is set to 60% humidity I have all my plants hanging now in the room . I have a hygrometer as well but the hygrometer reads 50% humidity and the dehumidifier reads 57% humidity ... which one is correct and how to determine this ? Any onsite on this would greatly be appreciated . Also I was wondering if the humidity is low can you put a humidifier in there to bring it back up to 60% ?? My thinking is no because of risk of mold .... ?
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  2. I personally would drop your humidity to 50% maybe 45%. I would not put a humidifier in room. Temp is good. Not sure about which reading is correct.
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  3. Why would you drop the humidity to 50%-45% ? I have really good airflow and have been told to to a “hang cure” following what a few have told me , I am doing a 60 degree 60% humidity slow 14 day (or close) , then when stem cracks not bend jar them up with the small Boveda 62% humidity packs ... and still let open the jars for about 10 min the first few days ...
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  4. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Whichever one is the higher quality product i would go by its reading. I have 2 of the same hygrometers and one reads 3% off. Or maybe they’re both off by some margin. Thats why i stopped using hygrometers all together and just go by the feel of the bud. I dry in 65-70% rh, because i don’t want to utilize a dehum. It takes way longer but never had mold. Imho bigger contributor to mold is the fluctuations in rh (the one time i had mold i was trying to rehydrate my overdried weed, luckily it was only a couple of nugs)
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  5. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Don’t use bovita packs in mason jars it’s not needed if dryed properly.
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  6. I
    I personally run 60% to dry. I try for 60 degrees but never get there so I end up around 65 degrees. Don’t blow air on the bud. I run 1 fan blowing past it but not on it. Like above it beside it be good but put hand on bud n shouldn’t feel the breeze. I’m usually dry in a week but my colas aren’t huge though. Slow but no mold. Cold with ton of air kills mold. Drop rh too much you’ll be crispy in 3 days n cure won’t help you.
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  7. That's how I like to dry. I have found mold in buds that were dried in a 60% humidity environment before, dropped humidity, have not found any mold since. If a 60% humidity level works in your area by all means go that way.
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  8. I prefer closer to 45%, but all regions are different
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  10. Hygrometer probably right, humidifier is probably set high to make it look like a better product and geg more sales. Hygrometer get sales through accuracy.
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  11. I'd drop humidity and let it dry until only the thinnest of twigs snaps nicely then put it all in jars but leave the top of the jar (you just need to move buds round more times a day cus there wetter), drying like this will slow the drying process and help keep turpines, might take 4 or 5 days hanging then 10days in jar with top off.
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  12. Why in a jar with the top off? What does this do?

    I thought curing was done with a lid and burped every few days..?
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  13. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

  14. Yeah like I said I don’t have huge colas usually. If I go too warm or rh low it drys real quick.
    exactly my point.
    If you dry it properly curing really don’t make it no better. Really isn’t neccessary or that noticable. Just a hair smoother if anything. If you dry cool n slow with a lot of air movement down to say bud holding 65-68% rh then Jar with lid off til you hit 62 or so then seal. Seal them jars early n That’s where you’ll find that mold you were talking about.
    I actually don’t put in glass anymore until it’s dry dry. I go from hang to bpa free Tupperware totes. The jar causes the mold if you don’t do it just right. Tupperware is a lot more forgiving. Jarring can turn dank bud into cabbage too if done at wrong time n left sealed too long. Tupperware even sealed breathes a little. Drops about a percent a day closed. I’m no pro but I been screwed up the dry been screwed the cure.
    Since slowing and cooling the hang dry and going to totes I’ve had good results. Real good.
  15. last time I did 60 degrees and 60% humidity and it was on the 14th day that I jarred them up and some of the larger colas had some mold ... I believe it was mainly because I whole plant hung them without cutting any of the large fan leaves off ...this time I cut the plants into smaller branches and removed the larger fan leaves as well . I am at 60 degrees and 57% humidity now and no signs of mold ... looking good so far . Why should I NOT use the Boveda 62% humidity packs ? And I may try the Tupperware this time because I have been and only been using jars ...
  16. Yeah see there’s a lot of things that change it. I wet trim. Cut down to branches. Hanging whole holds more moisture. I think that the bud smells and taste better if leaves are removed before drying. Take leaves n dry em alone. Harsh bitter smelling. Now why wouldn’t that transfer to the plant material right next to it during dry? It does. Big colas centers stay moist. Bag em if neccessary. Putting in a paper bag will draw the moisture from center outwards.
    Boveda packs are ok I guess. They won’t actually dry your bud for you or fix overdried bud. But if you dry right n slow boveda will hold the final rh for you.some like 62 some 58. I like drier closer to the 58. It drops even in mason jars over time. Boveda does absorb some of the funk but so does paper or anything that draws the moisture out.
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  17. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    I hang dry the hole plant fan leaves removed at 65-68f at 55% humidity. Fan running but not directly on plants. Takes 10-16 days depending on size of plant and buds. I’ll spread branches open daily to help air move through center of plant. Bovita bags are only used to keep a constant RH with dry buds. I use bovita only in plastic ziplock bags.
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  18. So let’s just say someone’s is trying for 60 degrees 50% humidity ... what if the temp stays consistent at 60 but you’re humidity falls below where you want it due to the plants drying in the room ... what would one do to try to get the humidity back up to where you need it to be ?
  19. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Once you go beyond your “sweet spot” in the drying process there’s no getting it back. Took me years to get my drying process rite. Waisted a lot of weed over the years trying to get it dialed in.
  20. Okay so again , what do you do to keep your humidity up in your room , if you’re humidity falls within about 5 days of hanging the plants ? What’s your process ? Thanks