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Dry Sift, Cannabutter And Brownies

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by OldSmokie76, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Hell of an afternoon. So I built a 110 silk mesh sift frame. 16"x20". DIY prototype. Used it to sift some nice kif from a bunch of Purple Wreck I had sitting around from a drying/curing mistake. After a few times around on the sift screen I used the ground up flower for some butter. Roughly 50g for 4 lbs of butter. Currently waiting to see how potent these brownies turned out. I didn't weigh it all, but think I have another three ounces of material to make more butter or maybe solvent extract. Anybody have some good repcipes for butter?
  2. Experience with butter....
    I kind of botched it from the actual recipe. I never added water to the mix. Just slowly simmered for about an hour and half. Strained thru cheesecloth then poured into containers and cooled. Sealed and in fridge now. Cook time effect potency? I wish I had something to make with the vegetable matter sludge I dumped out of the cheesecloth. Suggestions other than eating it by the spoonful? Haha. Thought maybe a spinach artichoke dip like thing.
  3. Brownie nice. Mild, head buzz. Relaxing, not debilitating. Not the strongest I've had, but they work.
  4. Budder seems to be potent on its own. Enough so, about a teaspoon on a piece of raisin bread toast supplied a slight cosmic beginning of the day. Learn to cook with cannabis stoners!