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Dulytek Dw6000 Automatic 6000lb Electric Press

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Mr.jiujitsu, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. I have been wanting to get into rosin making for some time. After a lot of research I finally sprang in the Dulytek DW6000. It was amazing well packaged.




  2. I removed everything inside and to my delight I found a couple extra freebies tossed in. Everyone loves a good surprise.
    I spent my time unpackaging and checking everything over. This unit is very well made, its durable and looks like it will last a life time.


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  3. I set up and prepressed about 4g of dry outdoor. I wanted to see worst case results and this was really dry.


    3277E355-CB5B-4183-8F9C-AF3E9C803575.jpeg Hey

    I pressed it twice and then repeated. In the end I pressed both batches a third time. Each time I corrected mistakes and noticed sizable increases in rosin.

    This press is amazing! Everything about it! I can’t believe how well it functions, the ease and General well designed piece of equipment make me more than thrilled with my investment. I had planned on building, but I am so happy i didn’t. I will give more updates as I use and can look at my results. So far I smashed a bit of otherwise useless outdoor, for over a gram of gorgeous rosin- that I mixed and filled 3 1.0ml carts with. You could say I’m pretty happy with what DulyTek has made possible. If you are thinking of pressing rosin and you can’t seem to decide what company to go with, I can tell you, you won’t go wrong with the DW6000.

  4. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Nice, congratulations. Good to see a good report on a first use!
  5. I can’t wait to press some of my jack
    Frost this evening (cured 2months) and rehydrated so it should press a nicely. Report to come.
  6. Glad to see you got your press and are enjoying it. I still have my manual Dulytek but also have the Nugsmasher basic model 12 ton hand pump, love them both.

    Are you going to buy a dab rig too? Or only make vape juice. I'm retired so I dab, and have the vape (Ccell) to take away from home if necessary.

    Welcome to the rosin revolution! :cool:
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  7. Nice rig..You will love it as I love mine! Thing is a tank!
  8. Report???

    I just finished pressing up an ounce of Tennessee Kush#2. This time it was warm enough to venture out to the garage and use the 10 ton (only used 5-7 tons of pressure) with the Dulytek 3x6 plates..23% on 2 presses! I love them both! The manual gives me total control, and the 6000 is just..EASY and efficient!

    Unless the OP or a Mod. objects, I will keep posting Dulytek related items on this thread. These are older shots of the plates and press. (maybe make a Dulytek thread???..HINT..LOL)
    IMG_1373 - Copy.JPG IMG_1427.JPG IMG_1430.JPG IMG_1429.JPG IMG_1478.JPG
  9. The new 7-ton Dulytek press is in! (on the left side..right is my Dulytek 6000 electric)
    Here is an initial review that will appear on soon.
    This little sucker rocks! I now have complete control as my electric is 3 tons of pressure period! (I still love that beast).

    <disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Dulytek, financial or otherwise....
    I do however, test their products from time to time>

    "This is a huge press in a tiny package! It only weighs 35lbs, but presses as well as my larger shop press in the garage! The press incorporates a power save mode that is fully settable by the user. The electronics package is superb, and accurate by any standard. Heating time of the large 2.5x6 inch plates is good for plates this size and heat distribution is very even. I have only pressed amounts up to 14 grams so far, but this is capable of pressing larger quantities. There is a built in timer that is activated by the press of a button. The unit is attractive enough to be kept inside the house with no objections from anyone here.

    Jacking requires the normal amount of hand pressure, but the built in handle is perfect for keeping the press steady as you increase the jacking pressure. The frame of this SS press will become warm, but not hot after a pressing session. It is my understanding that the 7-ton bottle jack can be replaced easily by the user with a 5 or 7 ton jack, if needed.

    Quality is excellent and the welds are very smooth and even. The package was unmarked (appreciated), and very heavy duty . There was a custom fit foam insert making sure all stayed in place. I was waiting for a good quality press at a reasonable price. THIS IS IT!!!! If you are looking for a press..don't even think about this one!"
  10. Really love this thing. Now that we have power back I have been pressing some more flower, improving my results and trying different strains. I have seen anywhere from .2-.05 return depending on flower, moisture content and The Who knows what. I find I can press the same flower 4 times depending on the size of the pre pressed plug. Need to get another mold and try rectangle 2x4 prepressed chunks.

  11. So if you could only have 1 or the other which would it be buzzer?
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  12. No answer for that one..The electric for ease and the manual for customization (pressure)..I really like them both. Then there is the shop press out in the garage..
    I have not pressed more than 14 grams at once with the 7-ton, but it surely can with those big plates.

    I have only had the 7 ton for a couple of days now, but took some old C grade hash and pressed it..Funny I didn't want to smoke that hash, but the Rosin was sweet and potent AF..The 6000 would have over pressed the hash since it is always full squish ahead.
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  13. @Mr.jiujitsu
    By a .02-.05% return, do you mean that you are only getting 2-5% or?
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  14. 20%- 5% depending sorry
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  15. Topped 100 presses tonight. Getting my yield up and consistent is all about figuring out each strain. No joke. It’s also amazing the different types of rosin you can pull depending on strain, grown indoors or out... etc. I have pulled everything from a wax to a liquid at this point, and really played with a real mix of private stock. I pressed 2 oz today ave 17-20% on early harvested, rehydrated outdoor from this season. The best yields I have seen so far have been from my most recently run blueberry kush. Just dried, not cured I pulled over 20%, and with less presses. I find with my outdoor, 4.5 gram pucks on their side presses once as since puck then repressing it 3 more times. But taking the material, splitting it in half then splitting it again onto them selves gives you two small pucks. I do this for all the presses aside from the first press now And it increased my yield significantly. I think the rectangler mold might be more ideal but with Xmas around the corner I’m feeling cheap.
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  16. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Fuck man. I wish i could get one of those in my country :)

    Looking sweeet.
  17. Great!!
    I pressed up some old crummy cooking hash yesterday..The rosin is sweet where that hash was too bitter to smoke..(I used the Manual 7 ton), and I like your idea about using 2 pucks and will try it today on my 6000.

    RU pretty sure that you can't get a T-SHIRT HEAT PRESS in your country?

    If not..maybe just buy some plates and a shop press. MY 10 ton cost 325 for the plates and 300 for the press itself. (like this)
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  18. You guys are pressing really hot. I never go over 199F(93C) or it tastes burnt to me. I prefer 176F(80C) decreases my yields by about 20% but the terps pop in vape juice. I'll press again at 199F on fresh paper to extract the full amount. I press a second time on new paper at 199F anyway.

    Two more things that'll help maximise your yield and/or make extraction cleaner, easier, and faster. First, get 90 micron squish bags. You'll thank me once you've vaped without all that nasty grit in it. I can quish 7-10g of ground flowers in one 2"x4" squish bag on my 3.5"x3.5" press. Make sure you buy good quality nylon bags (not silk) and turn them inside-out before filling. It keeps the seams inside the bag so they don't collect unrecoverable rosin in them. Also make sure the open end is completely folded under. Press slowly or in small increments to avoid squish bag blowouts.
    20171225_002148.jpg 20171225_002256.jpg
    Second, fold your collection parchment to guide the flow out of the front.
    I usually get 20-25% when pressed twice.
    20171225_002118.jpg 20171225_002035.jpg
    I'm using Raw parchment.

    Hope this helps. I love my press & rosin made from it.
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  19. CrimsonEcho

    CrimsonEcho Premium Member Supporter

    Yeah thinking about an alternative solution trust me. Its just these nicely packaged presses are very nice :)
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  20. I find that older bud presses better at higher temps (my bud us usually been in jars for 4-12 months.), but fresher bud presses well at temps between 185-195..remember..the calibration on our presses is such that it's doubtful that your 200d is the same as my 200d.

    Your folds are nice BTW.