Eagle 20 application rate

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Mississip Hip, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Mississip Hip

    Mississip Hip Well-Known Farmer

    What are you guys using as an application rate and how many times are you spraying?

    I used it and noticed it being harsh on some OGs I have....hardier strains went almost unaffected.
  2. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex moderator Staff Member

    Iv used it twice. If you use it the right way you will only need one application. Only reason iv used it twice was for new additions into my garden. I saw a spec of PM on a leaf so sprayed all the new cuts. I think from this point on it will be a normal task when taking new cuts into my grow.

    Iv been adding 2.5 nl per gallon. Also a side note....I use RO water to mix the E20 with. I had a slight problem on my ghost cut og kush but I didn't even take into account its because of the amount of calcium in my well water. Not sure if your using RO water when you spray but I find its somewhat important, some strains more than others.

    I know it can ne somewhat harmful if you apply more than 3.5 oz of E20 over a year span for your grow so make sure to go all out and maximize the applications when you do then and spray the plants good. If you ever need to spray again, try and give it a solid 30 days in between

    Just a few points I felt I should just throw out there iv found to follow and have amazing results...

    Oh and one more thing.....try and use as fresh of a bottle of E20 as possible and use it right after you mix it, don't let it sit a few days....~smf~
  3. Mississip Hip

    Mississip Hip Well-Known Farmer

    Oh shit..no wonder I harshed a couple out....

    I hit some with a TBSP/g...lol...

    I know better that to use this kinda shit w/o hitting the farm first.....duh.

    Thanks homie
  4. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex moderator Staff Member

    Lol...yeah you live and you learn. Your next use I'm sure will workout perfect (that is if you didn't already get rid of any PM you had with that dose lol)

    Good luck with the PM battle

    I'm sure all will be back to prime soon enough :) ~smf~
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  5. dirk d

    dirk d Well-Known Farmer

    dude, try reading the instructions. E20 is a serious fungicide that requires Full Body Protection. It is not something to be taken lightly. If you don't know that then better not to use this product.
  6. Mississip Hip

    Mississip Hip Well-Known Farmer

    I read the label.....didn't find anything about weed.o_O

    You are kinda making big assumptions here....lol...

    Who the hell is talking about ANYTHING to do with safety...besides you?

    Application rate means how much per gallon. Not what kinda clothes I need to wear.

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  7. sox

    sox Well-Known Farmer

    dont use it bro! it makes hash taste like burnt rubber (not in a good way)...its un smokable trim!

    edit: lol unsmokable trim.....i meant unusable trim.
    love & light
  8. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex moderator Staff Member

    You can use the trim....just spray your mothers and clone off them....from that point on you won't see PM and you can smoke and use everything.
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  9. sox

    sox Well-Known Farmer

    the trim never made rubber tasting hash? it would still make meltys, just tasted like shit....happened in 08 or 09, we bought over 100 elbos of trim and maybe half of it tasted aweful, all we could ever trace it back to was that two dudes used eagle 20 on there shit...then i talked to somebody, cant remember who, but they were usin it on here and i said "no it makes nasty hash" and he said holy shit, i wondered what that was. Bubble Hash, didnt try BHO.
  10. Skunkmasterflex

    Skunkmasterflex moderator Staff Member

    I finished a crop of fruity pebble og and sour pebbles and made bubble with it in the last month. Best tasting bubble hash iv ever sampled to date. It had no rubber taste at all. Maybe they used it multiple times to create that problem. Not really sure man. I know a bunch of people that spray a week before they flip bloom and there hash is also fine. We have even lab tested for residual Chems on plants sprayed a few days before flip and came up with nada.
  11. sox

    sox Well-Known Farmer

    from eagle 20? wow, i thought i had it figured out after all this time.
  12. KitsapGrapeApe

    KitsapGrapeApe Well-Known Farmer

    i never had a problem with rubber tasting stuff and i spray eagle 20 as deep as 4 weeks in flower.

    i'm just kidding i would never spray that deep in flower, or in flower at all. aa couple weeks before the flip.
  13. dirk d

    dirk d Well-Known Farmer

    It's really for use in mid veg and only after all other options have been tried. All i was saying is if you are going to be using this product, make sure you are protected. And if you don't know the application rate, which is 2 ml per gallon, then there is probably a whole bunch of stuff you need to know. This product is a Serious Fungicide. Having a non-chalant attitude will only result in you or your patients getting sick.
  14. Mississip Hip

    Mississip Hip Well-Known Farmer

    Dirk....I am trying to be cool.

    Please show me the application rate for marijuana on the LABEL of a bottle of E20.....

    Where did you get this info?.....2 ml?........

    I really dont need an attitude check from you homie.
  15. waayne

    waayne Moderator Staff Member

    Mississippi Hip most folks that use Eagle 2o on Cannabis mix it at a rate for food crops like grapes
    The 2 ml per gallon dilution ratio is for food crops

    Dow Chemical manufactures Eagle 20 so there is no application rate for Cannabis.

    When using pesticides/fungicides on Cannabis it is usually best to use application rates for fruits and veggies....
    Always read and follow all the directions including the PPE information and Environmental Hazards......

    It's advisable to use caution when mixing and applying chemicals like Eagle 20,Banner Max,etc..........
  16. Mississip Hip

    Mississip Hip Well-Known Farmer

    Thanks man...

    I wasn't sure what crop to mimic dosage for...tomatoes is usually what I use. I took the advice of a guy a the hydro store on this one... and stunted a few I tested it with. Which led me here...lol...

    I am careful with EVERYTHING I spray ..or dust...or drench with.
  17. dirk d

    dirk d Well-Known Farmer

    hey Missisip Hip, this is my actually my filtered self lol not trying to give any attitude just trying to lay it down truthfully. Eagle 20 is serious stuff man, just don't want you or the people that smoke your meds to get sick. Full Body Protection is required, that is how serious this product is.
  18. Mississip Hip

    Mississip Hip Well-Known Farmer

    Thanks man....

    I am not sure why I am getting the safety lessons.....but I appreciate the concern and advice.

    If I gave the impression that I am running around spraying myself in the face with fungicide's....I certainly didn't mean to.....lol.....

    I wont hit anything with full assault nuclear pest/fung/cides in flower at all. If I have a problem I handle it in my mom/veg room, so that they plants have PLENTY of time to veg out whatever.

    Merit and eagle are the harshest in my arsenal. I was using floramite until I saw the 180 day test thread here on the farm. I dont use it anymore.
  19. Mississip Hip

    Mississip Hip Well-Known Farmer


    Round up has tougher protective clothing recomendations than Eagle 20.

    I dont see where it says face mask and goggles for Eagle.....

    Roundup......you gotta have them, says the label.

    So over-the-counter Roundup is more dangerous to apply than Eagle20.....and you can buy it at the grocery store....lol...