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Ear Wax Hash Instructions?

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by jcom, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. jcom


    Can anyone point me in the right direction, a link perhaps, to make ear wax type hash? I've been successful with the Simpson oil but want to go another direction. I'm looking for that light, amber color in the final product...not the dark tar look. Examples:
  2. jcom


  3. Aforce


    The second pic is how my bho comes out when I whip it. If that's what you are after use any old bho tut and when the bho is 70% evaporated start stirring/whipping the b'jeezus out of it. It usually takes atleast 24 hours to dry (after the whipping/evaperating is done) into what u pictured (the attached photo, not the inline one. The inline one is how iso oil usually comes out for me).
  4. You posted two photos of two entirely different products. The top looks like shadder and the bottom looks like budder. Neither looks to me like "earwax"

    If you just want it to look like the top pic, you can get that with BHO just buy purging correctly. Sometimes the color is purely dependent on the strain. Shadder isn't as popular here as it is on TokeCity but just check out the photos in this thread to see what I mean.
  5. jcom


    Thanks for the replies. Those pics are what I got when I typed "ear wax hash" on google images. Nice pic that from butane also?

    I'm not a fan of butane, so if there are any other methods, let me know. I did my oil with 99% iso.
  6. I think wax gets used as a universal term incorrectly. Some of the dispensary providers here might say otherwise but I've always thought that "wax" implied that the product was made with C02 and not butane.

    "Budder" is the whipped form of BHO - sometimes it happens as a result of poor purging and sometimes it is intentionally created from properly purged oil.

    "Shadder" is the hard, clear, candy-like form of BHO - you don't get clear, clean looking shadder unless you've purged correctly.

    Butane as a THC solvent is pretty darn clean and safe when it's done correctly (if you are worried about the health effects of smoking BHO) but I hear a lot of dispensaries sell underpurged oils (I don't live in a med-state so I don't know)
  7. On top of the Oil Thread is Butane Instructions .. Good Info on that.

    Whipping the Product TENDS to be Waxy Structure even if purged

    Not whipping it and vac purgeing it will TEND to give you a clear structure.

    ALWAYS VAC Purge. Vac Purge is a good investment . Even if its a simple vac.. hand vac.. or some food saveer.. to the realdeal i always say Vac purge
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