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Early Maturing

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Wickerman, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone....I’m new to this site and I have a similar problem that apparently others are having as well. I have been growing pure sativa strains and they have all matured way too early with pistols turning brown at 3-4 weeks. I monitor the trichomes and harvested after starting to see amber trichomes. My last harvest was at 46 days. My first grow was Maui and used 5 gallon plastic pots, commercial soil and commercial fertilizers. They matured way too early for a sativa. I’ve now gone to fabric pots, great organic soil and organic fertilizers made for cannabis and have harvested two small crops and the same problem has occurred. I keep everything under consistent control and they flourish during vegetation and flowering but they consistently mature early which is killing my yield. No insects, over or under watering, no light burn or heat problem. Like others I’ve read, I’m baffled and no one seems to have the answer. I don’t need to post photos of flowers or trichomes because I know what I’m looking at. Besides, I only have 26 days flowers currently. I have started using 10 gallon fabric pots. Please help before it happens the fourth time....
  2. I can only think of two reasons why this would be happening. Stress or genetics but if you’re saying these are 100% sativa then I would lean towards stress. How do you know your plant doesn’t have bugs, have you checked soil and foliage with at least a 90x scope? The only reason I can think of that a plant finishes up flowering so fast is because it’s stressed.

    That’s crazy to have a sativa finish flower in 6/7 weeks. How’s the smoke? Potent or no?
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  3. Also, I’m a big fan of organic soil (I don’t use it for cannabis though since I grow indoors, coco for me), organic soil can and will attract a lot of pests so if you don’t have your soil balanced with beneficials, your soil could be home to a lot of unwanted pests...
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  4. I monitor the trichomes with a 1000 power scope and no form of insects present. I use Fox Farm products which were designed for growing cannabis. The potency is good but buds not nearly dense enough and very low yield. Whatever is happening is consistent even with different growing conditions and different strains, all 100% sativa so it’s not genetics.
  5. And you’re looking at the trichomes on the calyxes not the sugar leaves, right? I could harvest mine right now if I went by trichomes on sugar leaves. The trichomes on the calyxes turn milky and amber last.
  6. Yes....the last harvest at 46 days had actually converted a little to CBD after only viewing a few amber trichomes.
  7. THCA doesn’t change to CBDA.

    I hope you find the answer you’re seeking.
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  8. According to everything I’ve read, if you let harvest go too late, the THC trichomes turn to CBD and CBN, thus creating sedative effect then narcotic effect. The last time I harvested these strains, I didn’t get the CBD effect. Thx for your input. I wish I could find an answer because I know it’s consistent so I’m thinking it’s something simple that keeps occurring....
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  9. Don’t press Amber trich. Thc degrades and turns to another form of thc that’s not phsycoactive after amber. Basically it turns to trash if you let it go too long. Peak thc peak harvest time period( no amber trich hype here) is when trichs are at thier cloudiest point shy of amber. No amber. I’m no pro but ever since I started going for peak cloudy the bud is much better.
    Another note
    Pollination will force a plant to finish early.
    I did have 2 blueberry crosses last run or 2 ago that faded purple yellow pink and finished in like 50 days. No nutes would hold em they just kept ripening after 4 weeks in. Stopped swelling. Just got rock hard n colorful.
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  10. I was thinking pollination too but I wasn’t sure...
  11. I realize I haven’t been at this very long but I promise there’s been no pollination. This is indoor crop, 3x3 veg. tent, 4x4 flower tent. All organic grow. I have taken eight plants thru harvest and use all the tools I’ve studied including LST. They were three different strains and all did the exact same thing. Just a small variance to total harvest. The first group of Maui, I knew the brown hairs had to be early so I waited and ruined two plants . Then I got Microscope to monitor trichomes. I don’t friggin know but sure is frustrating..
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  12. It is possible that a plant just finish early but now you say 3 strains ? In tent same time? All harvested? No seeds? Nanners? Can you list the strains n breeder(s) maybe. Cause something def sounds unstable and either all your seeds got genetic issues ( different strains idk ) or more likely something happened in the environment. Def need to figure it out. No crazy temp drops? How low at night? Something causing them to panic.
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  13. I would start a new grow and document everything from feed schedule to any deficiencies. Look for bananas (hermies). Why don’t you start a grow diary on the forum? Someone might be able to help you figure out what’s causing them to finish so early.

    You might be overlooking something that someone else could identify.
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  14. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    what photoperiod are you using? do you foliar feed or spray? if so with what? Is there any chance the flowers have been accidentally pollinated??? lots of questions...…………..
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  15. They have definitely been all females, no doubt. They were never pollinated or herm. The veg. tent at 18/6 and flower at 12/12. Everything has been totally consistent except the first Maui with commercial soil and fertilizers. Thereafter, all organic. Temperature is constant between 70-75 f, ventilation is great (learned that lesson Other than Maui, the other two strains were bought from Ace Seeds in Spain and the other two strains are Malawi Gold and Zamaldelica, both 100% landrace sativas. I realize the importance of consistency and they have all flourished during veg. and flower. No signs of any problems until early brown pistols. These strains should be flowering 10-12 weeks, not half that. I can only imagine the potency if they Thx everyone for responding. I’ve been dealing with this problem for four harvests.
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  16. Your grow set up is nearly identical to mine except for the media (I use coco) and the strains, I grow sativa dominant hybrids.

    I would try a different breeder and see if the same thing happens.

    What type of lighting do you use and how far away do you keep the lamps?
  17. Based on everything you have provided with the exception of the lighting, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a successful grow which is why I recommend switching breeders. Try something other than ace seeds if you still have the same results then there IS something environmental causing this.
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  18. That’s what’s even more puzzling, the first strain I grew was Maui from CO. and found seeds in one bud. That’s what started all This is where I’ve evolved. I used commercial soil and nutrients because I had them but changed to organic when I realized I was feeding my lifelong passion. I haven’t grown since mid seventies and things have I even cloned the Maui a couple of times before purchasing other seeds and the same thing has happened during every friggin flower. In my veg. tent, I had a 450 w LED and in flowering tent, a 600w LED....after the second harvest, I upgraded to 2000w LED in flowering and moved the 600 to veg. I have ventilated well and they are flourishing. Light at 30” and that light fills that tent very well which is nice. It happened before the light change.
  19. How frustrating! I would start a grow diary for your next grow and document what you do and include pictures. I am sure someone here will be able to help you figure out what’s causing your plants to finish so early. Your case is very peculiar!
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  20. Do you wipe down your tent between grows? It sounds like your first plant hermied (either stress or genetics) and self polinated, is it possible there is still pollen floating around in the tent?