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Easiest Soil Mix For The Beginner?

Discussion in 'Organic Soil' started by bibiking, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,
    after years of hydro failures, I've decided to move to organic soil (thanks to the help of this forum).
    I only smoke 10 grams a month, so the only thing I need from the soil is to be EASY GROWING.
    I don't care about cost, speed of growth, etc...

    considering I can only buy the materials I have in my country, what would be the best mix?

    I can get here:
    soil for regular garden plants (I don't have more info about it, but it is good quality)
    worm casting
    (without the worms, of course)

    I prefer to avoid the need of adding nutes, but if I do need, I will get it somehow

    what would you recommand?

    Thank you all :)
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  2. firstcitizen

    firstcitizen First Citizen Supporter

    Chernozem, compost, zeolite, biohumus of red california worm and coconut (coconut brick). I am also a fan of the super soil and water only with water, this brings the best taste. Combined with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi (endo and ecto mycorrhiza), this unleash the plants to beast mode. We must replace the humus. Organic helps this mission, we take over and replace humus and this restores the quality of food, it is simple. We just have to focus on humus as a farmer, as a society, we need to worry about how we promote this activity among those who produce our food, herbs, and so on. The answer is simple, consuming only foods from those who are actively engaged in regenerative farming. As a society, we have to lobby in our political class .... that YOU(I) and others think ... carbon credits for poor farmers who do the work of the gods without payment for combining compost, compost and compost ... inoculate, for to restore lost soil fungus, lobbyists, politicians and business leaders to take action to prevent damage to soil microbes through intensive farming practices, we must look for microbial protection just as we protect polar bears.
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  3. hillbil


    @bibiking, read and educate yourself here on basics of organic soil as you need a much “hotter” mix for later veg and flower. You will probably want to use peat moss or coco for base medium. Learn about proper drainage of mix. Use a basic and proven formula you will find on this forum.

    Organic growing is a continuing learning experience. Have fun!
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  4. I see a lot of formulas, but it is something I can not have in my country.
    assuming I will mix soil with worm casting and compost (and some perlite). will I get a decent result?
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  5. Absolutely you can have great results with what you have listed. Especially since you don’t need to grow a giant.
    The bigger the hole, the bigger the plant.
  6. Thank you - how would you mix it? can I give it too much of anything? what do I need to keep in mind?
  7. Ina


    More soil(this is your base so choose it carefully; most of the peat based gardening soils are ok,be carefull of the peat's ph listed on the back,also if it says "for roses"it will do the work), add less compost, wormcastings and MUCH!!! perlite.
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  8. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    If your looking for something really simple and aren't looking to mix your own soil get some canna pro plus,some worm castings and a bottle o bio bizz grow and a bottle o biobizz bloom .thats keeping it as simple as it gets.i would advise against using bio bizz soils as they don't have very good drainage.
  9. Okay, start with the it “store bought”, ie bagged soil? If so, you are well on your way.
    If your using basic dirt from outside I can only guess at its composition. I would guess that you would want to mix 2/3 dirt and 1/3 compost, assuming the compost is not too hot, ie still breaking down, full of fresh dung, etc. but if it’s good compost, 1/3.
    Perlite is great for aeration and anti compaction. It helps keep the soil aerated, help keep soil from becoming so hard the roots can’t travel. Perlite is a bit expensive here but depending on your soil may help and certainly won’t hurt. It’s inert, so it doesn’t matter how much you add.
    Vermiculite...I’ve never used, it think it holds water and is inert...
    Worm castings...beautiful stuff, expensive here unless you keep worms. Truly one of God’s gifts to cannabis. If you have cheap access use as much as you want. You can mix it into the soil for a premium soil adding a beautiful consistency and perfect ph nitrogen source.
    If scarce but available, sprinkle it around root zones, scratch in and gently water.
    You seem hesitant about adding nutrients.
    Soil grown cannabis does not need any special nutes designed for cannabis. However, adding proper amounts of NPK (look it up) will be very beneficial and any basic stuff used by farmers and gardeners and found anywhere works. Ample worm castings or Fish meal for N, bone meal for more P once flowering, maybe kelp for K if available, but not critical.
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  10. He wants to go organic without much of a feeding schedule.
  11. What country and general area are you in? I doubt you dont have this stuff where you are.

    So I told you to look up mofos notil but i didnt tell you he goes kinda crazy. Beyond the soil mix you literally have to water. It will be slower than adding barley and aloe and kelp top dressings but you dont care about speed.

    The base is simple and should be easy for you to get

    1/3 good compost (alaskan humus, Malibu compost ect...)
    1/3 sphagnum peat moss. You really WANT this to be Canadian sphagnum peat moss. They live harvest and pack on scene so all of the microbe life stays as in tact as possible.
    1/3 lava rock or pumice. You want to avoid perlite. Perlite floats to the top of your soil and makes it compact over time.

    Then you add your amendments. Theres a few and I still don't have the run down for that to tell you with pure confidence what will or won't work in substitution of other things.

    The last thing to remember is this is living soil. You dont throw this away, or rinse it between cycles. You should never need a bottled nutrient. After your first grow you reamend your soil. Just add the amendments. You wont need the basalt rock dust on reamendments for a long time. Theres so much more, with anything theres a learning curve.

    This is the thing you just need to go and do and order and move on... you'll be dumb founded how easy it is if you do your first steps even close to doing it right.
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  12. hawkman


    "" great site to buy everything you need + more - (Do one run with a premixed soil (organic ) like Fox Farms Ocean Blend ,ect --- then do more re-search for next "organic "run Building a soil can get expensive !! Happy Growing !
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  13. fliege


    Are there any other pre-mixed soils that will work well "from the bag"? I've read mixed things about some of them. I'm currently looking for pretty much the same thing as the OP. I want to keep it simple so if I can get everything one bag, maybe just adding some Perlite or similar, that would be ideal.
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  14. hawkman


    Yes !! Fox Farms Line - can you get it were you live ?
  15. hawkman


    - Go to your local green house companies they will have pre-mixed soils
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  16. Just want to warn against getting a time released fertilizer in the soil. You don’t want your soil releasing a jolt of nitrogen when you’re trying to finish.

    It’s still simple if you sprinkle a bit of ground fish meal or similar every few weeks to keep nutes strong and available, but not 100% necessary.
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  17. Thank you so much :)
    what do you mean careful?
    what PH should I look for?
    can I trust what is written?
    how can I check the soil's PH? (I have good meter, but for liquid of course)

    I didn't find any soil for roses. so I will use a regular soil from the store
  18. Yes, I use "store bought" soil (for regular plants).

    I don't mind the cost, and I do have access to worm castings and to perlite.
    I see in the store different kinds of worms. do you have any kind you think is best?
  19. Thank you very much.
    I live in Greece, and more or less we have nothing here.
    I will use your advice and try to look for those things on the internet.

    thank you again
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  20. Thank you, but I live in Europe, so all US product are not available for me
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