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Easy to grow potent strains?

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by SMOKE-ONE, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Which CONNOISSEUR strains are easy to grow but still very potent with a great taste??????????
  2. since no one seems to know which one is easiest to grow, does anyone have any idea which one is the most potent
  3. Farmer Jon

    Farmer Jon Premium Member Supporter

    OG Chem looks to be a winner. I just got a pack, have yet to pop any yet but it looked good to me. I'd bet that any gear you get from Connoisseur is going to be dank.
  4. ojd

    ojd Guest

    hi smoke-one

    sorry about late reply

    fue,l conn chem, and ukem will be the easier strains to grow

    they all contain chem bx 2 which we found to keep height and flower time down

    most potent will be

    conn chem,fuel,dank haze

    nice 1 farmer john for the purchase and support

  5. Have to say, the Chemmy Jones was super easy to grow and excel with and teh smoke was TOP NOTCH DANK! Great yield too!!
  6. Thanks for the replys.I think I will get 2 packs each of the FUEL,and CONN CHEM.
  7. mjuice


    great choice :)
  8. im all about the secret recipe and she was a breeze to grow
  9. Kingboy

    Kingboy Genetics Supporter

    Hey bro, Its kinda entertaining how you guys are in search for an easy cannabis plant to grow. Almost every cannabis plant will inevitably become routine when you have experienced whats necessary to show a great product. Some plants can handle a more stressful situation which I do agree. Stretch and finishing time play a major role in most grows. I just had to respond to this post and outline the fact that if you "can" grow any plant to its healthy full potential, you have enough knowledge and the right environment to produce good results with all other strains of cannabis. -Kingboy
  10. I always have great germ, and very vigerous growth with all my CG gear. Look for Chemmy Jones, does great for me!
  11. Thanks for the reply.I've heard so much good things about CG gear,I plan to grow out alot of there gear.
  12. Just got in a pack of Ukhem.Still gotta order Conn Chem,cheese dog,secret recipe,and chemmy jones.Oh and grand doggy purp.I gotta start saving now!!!!
  13. Had some issues bit the chemy jones seems A+ but a
    So the pj haze is great also
  14. What issues did you have?
  15. good strains, very strong

    I have had several strains that are very potent. Lemon Cake @ 11weeks, Chemdog @ 9 1/2 weeks, Brainstorm @ 10 weeks and 3 days, and Fruity Chronic Juice @ 9 weeks and 4 days! These feminized seeds are available at you can buy one seed to as many as you desire.:hi
  16. ive been growing the chem wreck kush for the last year... got 2 phenos and they are both very nice... one more indica and one more sativa... easy grow, cuts take, buy it
  17. I'd love to grab some of their Chemmy Jones.
  18. Go for it bro! I bought the first release here and have never handed it out... Chemmy glue pine garlic dank... Prefer it over ojds OG Chem as well (vigor, robustness, yield), although the OG Chem smacks a lot harder.
  19. I like your way of thinking, you have been doing this for awhile
  20. kolah


    Potent? As in high percentages of THC or CBD,...or both? Sativa or Indica or mixes? Why not first decide what strains you like.(unless you plan to sell it). Then search out info for which ones grow best indoors, outdoors, grown in soil, hydro etc....and which strains are easy for all the particular specifics involved. I found a ton of info here on this site and there are hundreds of other websites that will hold your hand through the learning curves. Most sites and seed companies will explain all the specifics in detail.

    For my first grow that's what I did. Read, read, read. I am growing in a greenhouse and going all organic and using Happy Frog soil. I found that Skunk 1 was very easy to grow as was DJ Shorts Blueberry. Elephant Bud and my G-13 strains were a bit more finicky. There is a lot of trial and error as you take the journey but don't be shy about doing some homework on your own. Then hit up the Farmer experts here with your questions.

    Good luck and enjoy the journey!