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Edibles Mgb2 And White Rhino Beware

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by gwheels, May 19, 2018.

  1. gwheels


    I have had a magical butter machine for a while. I find it is great to make coconut oil to make cookies and stuff. I have a couple of funny stories and a tale of woe.

    I made my first batch with white widow and sour kush for about 6 hours after a too short decarb in the oven. I would eat one 1 hour before i went to have a sleeve tattoed and 1 when i got to the parking. 3 hour sessions. At hour 2 i thnk i laughed and slept each time or was that relaxed. Aster the tattoo i had a bite to eat and the duration was over. Worked like a champ.

    A friend had a cookie and was wasted for 6 hours and fell asleep. I realized my tolerance may be excessive.

    I have made a couple of great batches with trim and popcorn. I refuse to trim it now I found my happy medum (lilke muse not in the middle)

    I was going to see a pal and spend the weekend so I took 1.5 oz of white rhino and .5 oz of cheese of my 315 crystal coated crazy weed. All buds. 2 cups of coconut oil. No decarb but ran for 8 hours at 160 then added 1 tsp of sunflower lethicin and then 4 hours more.

    1 cup made 16 brownies (got 2 full cups back after straining). I tried one and they come on a little hard but mellow into great after about an hour.

    2 friends had half each and one had a 1/4. IT was crazy strong for them. The laughed for an hour and fell asleep at the table. I was buzzing great and had another brownie and started afire and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows. Had a hot tub with my girl. But wow did I Feel bad.

    They woke up next day. One friend sayd holy fuck for an hour and the other said i am going camping can i have 2 brownies. I said they are all yours I have anotther batrch at home. Proceed with caution.

    That was the tale of woe. More like Woah !!!

    I ate a brownie 2 hours ago and it is trucking along right. Wow I love edibles. The brownie tastes great and is STRONG. About as good as it gets. PROCEED WITH CAUTION :D

    Oh and the other guy said do not change the recipe a single bit. I will start at an 8th of a brownie and figure it out. That is the best edible I ever had and i slept great
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  2. Dan789


    Like the edibles, nice rolling high. Cheers
  3. gwheels


    I had a DD for all events. My GF is alergic to THC or something in weed. :D woe is me indeed.