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Epilepsy In A Dog And Wanting To Use A Cbd Oil

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by Humboldt.Rio, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Hey farmers.

    Good morning. So last weekend I met a dog 2 years old that has been on heavy dosages of phenobarbital. Yesterday the owner said she was going to take her to be put down because the medication wasn't working.

    I took her home last night. She is very disoriented and doesn't really have control of her body.

    She was quite all night after eating her dinner.

    This morning I woke up with her and she had like barking confused manner. Like searching for something blindly and stubbly.

    I want to stop her medicine and start a CBD oil I made with olive oil.

    How do I start? How much?

    I don't know the concentration of CBD. It's from a plant I grow. Two Phenos. One that doesn't get u high and one that just leaves u relaxed. Not stoned, but relaxed. For me like vapping low thc

    I also have thc coconut oil... But I don't want to get her high

    What do u suggest?
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  2. IMG-20180710-WA0002.jpeg
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  3. G gnome

    G gnome

    I suggest putting the dog down. Not trying to be insensitive but if it were my dog thats what id do
  4. As a dog owner i'm just going to say this. Start the discussion with a vet not a forum.
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  5. That's what the parents wanted to do. I wanted to at least try and save the dog's life.

    I know ur not trying to be unsensinsen. It is what it is

    It might come to that though. But I have to try.

    The morning was kind nda rough but she is much better the rest of the afternoon
  6. She been to the vet 1000 times. They had her so pumped up on meds. She was fucked up.

    I live in Brasil só vet care is worse than what a hospital is in Rio. That's bad
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  7. Litterall her last chance at life is cannabis
  8. G gnome

    G gnome

    Give the coconut oil a try then....not the worse thing u cud do is get the dog high...
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  9. That's what I thought as well
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  10. G gnome

    G gnome

    Lemme know how it goes, bro. Best o luck
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  11. Cheers gnome

    I will
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  12. This is only my viewpoint and that doesn't make it right. It is not easy to lose a companion and often times we think doing whatever it takes to keep them alive is what's best. I do not agree with this as quality of life in my opinion should be the determining factor. If we extend a companions life to satisfy our need to have that companion around and neglect the fact that it is suffering and in pain, that just selfish (whether we realize it or not). Its never anyones intent to have our companions suffer and i'm not suggesting that. If we can extend a companions life while keeping them comfortable I am all for it no matter the cost but at the point they are just suffering to live longer for our own needs it time to make a very hard decision. I'm not judging and its never easy to make those decisions. I wish you all the best in what you feel is right the dog.
  13. She is not even my dog. I literally took her as she was being taken to be put down. I just felt that if I had cannabis and CBD oil why not try.

    I just wanted to know ml or drops per day
  14. Start at 1 mg or less If you have any chlorophyll in your product im afraid you will only make this pupper more uncomfortable.

    Edit: the more i think about trying to play doctor with no background the worse i feel about this idea. Idk the dog but i wouldnt want to drag it out on a whim if he/shes uncomfortable give some dignity
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  15. I was really good at getting out the chlorophyll

    That's is what I just did 1 ml in the mouth
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  16. Truth is... I can't tell what is medication she was on and the problem. They had her on 400 mg of phenobarbital twice a day. She was fucked yesterday. Today she is just laying in the kitchen.
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  17. if your unsure definately start with a low dosage!! if he starts spinnin he will hate it.
    our old dog hightailed it with a pound of hash butter that he snapped out of the door of the freezer. lucky he didnt get through it all before he coma'd out. he was out for 2days and really miserable another 2 after that. i can tell you dogs dont like spinnin out.
  18. Holy shit!!

    I had a dog in college eat a quarter. Fucked her up too

    I'm starting low
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  19. Get some good treats some water and get comfy with that pup