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Ever Seen Colas With No Visable Flowers, Just Pistils And Sparse Trichomes?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Buzzer777, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. This is a Somango from grown from feminized seed. It was bought from Oaseeds as one of their Bulk seeds. She is about 55 days in (the breeder's estimate) and I can't find any flowers..just a bunch of pistils and sugars....the only trichs I see are on sugar leaves..No smell...???

    I think this one will be very disappointing, since she really was a looker.
    DSC_1159.JPG DSC_1160.JPG DSC_1164.JPG
    12-5-18 Somango2.JPG
    12-5-18 Somango.JPG 12-9-18 Somango.JPG
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  2. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    That’s bizarre.
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  3. Extremely Bizarre!!
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  4. Madbud


    Horny little thing
  5. Actually I had a blotto do something like that. Colas were fat but weigh nothing dry. The smoke was / is fire though. Other than being light it’s better tasting smoke than the other blotto plants.
  6. Thanx for that..I actually felt one up..(LMAO) and it was pretty week I will take a sample cutting at the next week's end..since the trich method won't work on this one..Here's hoping. (my has bin is full right now).

    Yield is not important for me, as long as there is enough to smoke and Rosin press. Quality over all else..
  7. No..I used megacrop, Herc. Harvest, Ginormous PK boost and URB Natural (+ Botinacare Sweet Raw)..All my plants get about the same stuff +/-depending on strain. At this point in time, even the tip burn is normal for here (pushed on purpose)
  8. What is pgrs
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  9. Plant Growth Regulators
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  10. I've heard bad things about this
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  11. About what? The PGR's?
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  12. Yeah, some people over here are adamant that using them can lead to serious health problems, I've seen people turn down weed cos pgr wer used.
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  13. Gotcha..I only grow for me and mine, but even if I sold..I would never add anything like that..Of course back in the day..I smoked much worse stuff (unknowingly, but it got us high)..We also ran thru DDT clouds (insecticide since BANNED) since no one had any idea how bad it was..medicine was almost as bad with shit like Thalidomide being approved..caused really nasty birth defects until it was banned.
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  14. Is this somango or somango CBD?
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  15. No, Just Somango..I don't really like anything CBD.
    In any case..she is in flush and we shall see very soon..
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  16. It looks good to me, just not as many trichomes on the leaves. I see the calyxes, there’s just so many pistils they’re kind of hard to see :) I bet over the next few weeks those calyxes will swell some.
  17. Must be my old eyes..all I can see are the pistils and sugars..I have not seen a plant like this..She finally began to stink a little.
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  18. Hey @Buzzer777 I think those buds will end up pretty big and with the consistency of styrophome.

    Looks like a sativa hybrid style flower.

    Some of my best highs came from old school looking plants with no real frost on the leaves. That has been bred for bad appeal and concentrate production.

    Jack Herrer I have grown looks like that. A friend called the buds pineapples. ;-)
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  19. Hope so..That plant has totally confused me..She has pretty wide leaves, but who knows.
    The Bulk seeds from Oaseeds are very cheap ($3 for fems), but so far, my results have been mixed..I have about 8 strains from them..Oaseeds is stellar as a seed bank, but the bulks not so much..I guess you get what you pay for and In was just experimenting..Generally I stopped buying from overseas since the USA breeders are doing just fine and there is almost no risk of Seizure. (I am in Nevada, so no state or local LE worries)

    This one is just so different..Hopefully she will make some good rosin and butter too. These days, I only keep a qt jar of each strain I grow..everything else is either pressed, made into hash or butter/tinctures. I grow many varieties at once because it's fun..not out of need.

  20. I get my bulk seeds from Ch9. Pay about the same but for fantastic elite crosses made with seeds from the original breeders or his own hybrids made back in the 90’s with the famous plants.

    Sometimes I will have 2 different looking plants of a strain but with the same buds and sometimes like yours above one will have fatter leaves and sativa looking buds and one will have thin leaves and tight indica buds. Or sometimes the opposite.

    I like the variety. I plant a different seed every week or two and put the plant in rotation. Every seed is like a new grow. Challenging but very rewarding.

    Also makes me doubt the elite cut theory. As I have gotten much better results practicing with the same seeds over and over. Plenty of great plants to be found. Not just one in a thousand like the industry wants us to believe.

    Of course I am using properly bred seeds. Many of the popular American seeds are simply pollen chucks or selfed clones. Really don’t know what you will get from those.
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