Excellent mite control! SNS-217

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    Curious to see how the rosemary and cinnamon works. I always prefer a natural cure to a store bought. Peppers and garlic make a potent mix that bugs hate, just have to be careful of the concentration because it will burn.
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    FREE Sample for 217 and 244

    Just got my free sample today.........SWEET![​IMG]

    Very cool maybe a week or two.......

    two bottles
    mites and powder mildew
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    I'm very interested in how well this product works.. when I have had mites pop up i usually use azamax, or a product I found last year called Judo which really seems to work


    has anyone else used Judo in the past?
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    I just saw a bottle of SNS-217C (Concentrated). Not sure how much it was, but glad to see it concentrated so we can mix it up ourselves....it will at least give the illusion that it lasts longer....
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    i didn't read the entire thread so someone may have mentioned this. I finally found a one shot cure for these insideous creatures. I use Floramite (only during veg) combined with stirrup m. Floramite is a systemic which provides 28 days of protection (any mites or eggs feeding on plant are paralyzed). Stirrup m is a mite sex hormone that makes them come out from where they are hiding. Ususally i will use azatrol, then floramite 3 days after, then azatrol again 3 days later, then i drop predetory mites 2 days after that. no bugs no more. Also i usually use the floramite right before putting to flower. just remember, when using systemics you should double the amount of time reccomended prior to consumption if you are growing indoors. basically if it says 30 days give them 60 days because the toxins break sown slower indoors. Hope this helps. Also sns is a good product and would probably be an upgrade if you replaced the second Azatrol application with it. IPM Integrated pest management.
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    Just tried this a couple weeks ago, it is indeed the real deal imo, one treatment on my clones and dead dead dead, eggs and all, organic, safe, smells fucking great and is the best thing Ive ever tried, and the samples were the shit.
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    SNS is putting out some quality gear. I have always battled fungus gnats in my coco beds/super soil beds and using 203 + covering pots ends fungus gnats. I'm happy to report that I haven't seen a gnat in months!

    I just took in some Skywalker OG clones that were badly infested with mites and I even contemplated throwing them away. For fun I set up a quarantine room and came up with a natural way to kill these fucks.

    First I turned a Styrofoam cooler into a CO2 killing box. This took literally 5 minutes. I put all three clones into the cooler, put the top on, taped it down, poked a hole with a screw driver and shoved a co2 line into the cooler. I flipped the tank on and let the cooler begin to fill with co2. I don't know how high the co2 ppm was but I left it there for 3 hours. I could not find an alive adult afterwards.

    I then proceeded to run the plants under cold water in my sink to wash off as many eggs as I could. After running them under water I took each clone and held it under 15ml per gallon of azamax for 25 seconds. I proceeded to transplant the clones into coco and put them into the quarentine zone.

    The next day I applied SNS 217 all over the undersides of the leaves and tops of the leaves. not a spot was left that I didn't spray. No sign of any live spider mites.

    On the third day I took the clones right before the lights were going out and dunked them for 25 seconds completely in 15ml per gallon of azamax.

    I will continue to alternate between sns217/azamax for 5 days. I will also gas them 3 more times to be sure nothing is alive.

    I just love murdering bugs. Put your red bandanna on and just massacre those fucks. Be as relentless as possible the Borg is not something to slack on.
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    Found this spider mite recipe on another site....

    "I tried SNS 217 and it worked pretty good.
    Then I read the ingredients and felt like a fool.
    Rosemary oil is $3.99 for 30 ml and I paid $12.95 for a 4 oz. bottle of SNS 217.

    I mixed my own,
    500 ml 1/2 quart water
    15 ml rosemary oil, I made it a little stronger.
    2 ml dawn dish soap to help emulsify the rosemary oil.
    I have been using SNS 217 on one plant and my own on another.
    Seems to be working just as well.
    Give it a try, it's real easy and is non toxic and smells good too."

    I think a good variation of this would be to use 2 ml Dr.Bronner's Peppermint soap instead of dawn dish soap. Pests hate peppermint too.

    Peace and love,
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    I got samples of the mite, pm spray and drench

    gonna try out the mite spray this weekend - going to see Roger Waters perform the Wall and my friend out that way is losing his house/grow area.

    he has a great banana og and headband that I will be backing up for him until he can get going again - the one drawback is the moms have mites

    So I will be using this and of course quarantining the cuts away from my other gals

    we will see how it goes
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    SNS 217 FLAT OUT! expensive but works great
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    217 works GREAT!
    but i can go through that shit so fast and still not cover every leaf in 16x10 room.
    they did hook me up though =)
    once i need to use the 203 and 244 ill post on it
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    Going to be buying a concentrate of the 217, its 100 bucks for a pint! lol worth it i guess, i tried to look for the right rosemary oil to use but i scared my self out fo it, ill just break down and spend the 100. Fucken mites! The drench is something i would love to try, i had unbeatable gnats my 2 second round, so far just mites this round lol but if the gnats come ill buy the SNS products for sure! BTW if anyone finds a good home made recipe it would be great if you could share were the rosemary oil was from cuz theres alot of differnt rosemary oil i found out...

    EDIT : link for concetrate the cheapest i found, i guess it only comes in one size also. EBAY SNS-217
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    217 is more than just rosemary oil...

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    does anybody have success with the above diy mixes?
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    this stuff RULES!
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    can i use this indoors and keep my plants together?

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    Sierra Natural Science

    I've used the SNS 244 - "Natural Fungicide made up of 100% pure Thyme botanical extracts" (http://sierranaturalscience.com/SNS244.html). It got rid of all the pm problems I had; even left the leaves looking a healthier darker green than before. Like the 217, the 244 is expensive but gets the job done. Unfortuantely I noticed some mite eggs aswell so I'll be picking up the SNS 217 asap. Thanks for the info PS.

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    Just got a bottle of SNS217, been battling my mixtures of neem oil. Id rather buy something ready to spray.

    Looking forward to seeing any mites :)