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Exhale Homegrown CO2

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques & Problems' started by calicoli, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. New product I came across. Claims you don't need all the expensive CO2 equipment to provide plants with plenty of C02.

    Taken from their website:
    Provides CO2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO2 production units. The power of ExHale lies in the mycelial mass inside the cultivator. This mycelial mass cultivates 20,000ppm CO2 and the one-way breather patch releases CO2 continually for up to 6 months.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q- How long will ExHale cultivate CO2?
    A- You can expect ExHale to cultivate CO2 for up to 6 months.

    Q- How much CO2 will ExHale cultivate?
    A- ExHale will cultivate ±1500 ppm CO2 depending upon room size and ventilation.

    Q- Where should I put ExHale?
    A- Place ExHale slightly above the height of the plants in your grow space. CO2 being heavier than O2 will precipitate downward towards your plants.

    Q- What size of a room will ExHale accommodate?
    A- ExHale will accommodate small to medium grow spaces, or more specifically 1 ExHale Cultivator will provide 4-6 plants with the CO2 they need. A continuous shower of CO2 directly onto your plants is the most efficient way to deliver CO2.

    Q- What is inside the ExHale Cultivator?
    A- Inside the ExHale cultivator is a non-fruiting mycelial mass that is growing on organic matter. NO manure is used and there is no odor.

    Q- Does ExHale come with instructions?
    A- Yes, the instructions are right on the bag.

    Q- Does ExHale require any electricity or special regulators?
    A- No, ExHale comes complete No need to turn it on or turn it off. Simply leave ExHale alone to do its job.

    Q- What should I do with the ExHale Cultivator after 6 months?
    A- The ExHale Cultivator is 100% recyclable. Simply remove the contents and mix into your compost pile or use as a soil amendment. The bag can be recycled through your local plastic recycler.

  2. This product is made near where I live, by a local mycologist. Nice people, they grow excellent gourmet mushrooms, and sell kits for growing you own. They are killing it with these Co2 enhancers.

    The product contains an 8# mycealium mass. The package has a one way vent for the by product (Co2) of the fermentation process to escape. The mass as stated on the package (unless they have new info) is to emit 20,000 ppm of Co2 throughout the life of the package which claims 180 days. This breaks down to around 110 ppm per day in the grow room.

    So with those numbers in mind compare to ambient air. Ambient air is around 350ppm of Co2. We breath this in and out.

    I don't think they really benefit your garden unless you're growing in a sealed cab the size of a dorm fridge.

    I think they are a better product than the Co2 Boost bucket fermentation kit that needs hoses and cords etc. Where the Homegrown kit does not.

    My question: If the concept truly works why not scale it up to say a larger mass for larger operations?

    I think its snake-oil. There are many many products in the grow shops that are just that. That being said, if it makes you feel better while tending your garden then use it. I see so many people that are benefiting from the act of growing their own meds, it appears to be as or more therapeutic than the actual consumption of the meds.

    Good Luck, Grow Hard
  3. I saw this and wondered if you put this in a box with a fan that only turned on when the lights come on, you could get a little boost if it has been closed for 12 hours then opens. Can't see this product working in anything but very small rooms.
  4. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    Dont waste your time on this product. We got 2 Exhale bags and stuck them in a 2x4 tent for 24 hours, all zipped up tight with no plants or anything in the tent. Just an empty tent with a CO2 controller measuring the amount of Co2 these things give off.

    The Co2 never made it past 500ppm.... and that was in a tiny sealed tent, with nothing inside of it. If plants were in there, they'd probably have suffocated due to a lack of Co2.

    Horrible product!!!
  5. Elite Nugs, what was your beginning Co2 reading before you put the bags in?
  6. Gaval


    co2 buckets are garbage dont buy anything that isnt in a tank or burns some gas in my opinion
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  7. D.Tree


    I've used these and they work good IMO . you just have to buy 3x what they tell u. For people who can't lug tanks around this is your next best option
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  8. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    LoL. Almost 500. It was at a Hydro store. All of our customers wanted to know how much they increased the PPM, so we set up a display tent to see for ourselves and to show the customers that came in. We thought that is was going to turn out to be a good product, for the growers that are on a budget and couldnt afford a Co2 controller and bottle.

    The PPM of Co2 in the building was in the high 400's. We left the Exhale bags in the tent for almost 3 weeks to see if they would do anything and they never did. They may release a little Co2, but really nothing at all. Your better off talking to your plants on a daily bases. That will give them WAY more Co2 then what those bags do.
  9. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    Totally agree. Most people dont know, but those buckets have a very short shelf life. Once there manufactured and filled, they then get shipped to a distribution center, where they sit for who knows how long. Then they get shipped to the hydro stores and sit there for quite a while.

    By the time they get bought and set up, there shelf life has either ended or is pretty close to ending. If a person doesnt have the cash for a regular Co2 regulator and bottle, then just set up a home made vinegar and baking soda system. Get a 2 liter bottle. Fill it up with vinegar. Pop a VERY tiny hole in the cap. Then hang the 2 liter upside down hanging over a bowl of baking soda. The vinegar will slowly drip out landing in the baking soda, creating Co2. Much better then the Exhale bags.
  10. Elite Nugs

    Elite Nugs Guest

    Are you an Exhale sales rep?? LoL. Jk. We got 2 bags directly from the manufacturer. Put both in a 2x4 tent, zipped up tight, with an $900 dollar Sentinel Co2 controller in there, and those bags did absolutely nada.

    Did you have a Co2 monitor to measure the Co2??
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  11. Hello fellow bud lovers!

    I have tried all kinds of Co2 products and have finally found one that satisfies my needs! Pro Co2 buckets. They are priced similar to exhale bags but they actually work ;) I have a Co2 meter and tested 1505 PPM in my 5x5 room. With exhale I only hit about 900 PPM and it dropped after a few hours :/ Pro Co2 had immediate effects in my grow room (within 1 day!) it made my plants a beautiful vigorous green and really perky!

    About the shelf life thing, I was having this problem buying from a local hydro shop. I started purchasing from an eBay seller called hydroponics something (I can't remember the exact name) and they always guarantee fresh buckets that will last up to 7 months.

    I will never grow without a pro co2 bucket in my garden again!

    happy growing! :greedy:
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  12. Are you a grow store owner or rep?LOL.
    Please post a pic of a 900 dollar sentinel co2 controller because i rank that right up there with these co2 generators,total ripoff.
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  13. Cort


    Strong First post Girl ;) :rolleyes:
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  14. A brand new farmer's effusive praise for a dubious product. Where have we seen this before?!
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  15. From my calculations an eight pound bucket of ONLY glucose would provide enough molecular energy to produce about 11lbs of CO2. If you spread that over a period of 180 days you end up at about 1.2g CO2 produced per hour.

    Basically that means this is bullshit--unless they invented a new type of glycolysis I'm not aware of (sarcasm).

    The most glaring problem which I see is that the weight must be at least half mycellium mass, otherwise the thing would take a kajillion years to get to the point where it was producing anything worthwhile.

    As a final criticism, the only way to bring something like this up to efficiency is to maximize surface area for the mass, which is not possible to do inside of a bucket.

    Long story short hippiegirl can go fuck herself, obviously a spammer. It irritates the shit out of me, as a side note, that people who do this type of shit feel like throwing the word "hippie" into their screen name makes them more reliable. It just makes you look like more of a fucking douchewad, GTFO.
  16. the people at pro co2 told me it's not mycelium and that it's a natural compost mixture?

    not trying to spam, just saying its working for me :) I have been growing for several years guys
  17. I'm gonna try one.... Details from my amazon order...

    *If this is a nogo post type......mod please destroy.....

    ProCo2 Bucket XL Size
    Sold by Hydroponics Nation
    Condition: New

    Item Subtotal: $34.95
    Shipping & Handling: $9.99
    Total Before Tax: $44.94
    Shipment Total: $44.94
  18. Cort


    you know you can find a tank and regulator on craigslist for $100, right?

    Sometimes even full tanks.
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  19. The math still doesn't work out in their favor. Their claims are off by a factor of about 1000, which is disingenuous at best and flat out shady at worst. If I jumped the gun on you I'm sorry, please understand there are a ridiculous amount of spammers on the internet.
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