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Figuring Out Strain Info

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by tj Wise, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. tj Wise

    tj Wise

    I keep running into things I don't understand on the internet. My first year included (4) Blue Dream and 2 got me 4.5 each and 2 got me just over 5 pounds, each. I had similar results with other strains, and some 3 pounders. Last year I had a few problems... lost three plants... but I still had 3 plants go a solid 5 pounds for me. If they were healthy I go at least 4 pounds a plant. I'm not a green thumb guy. I've gotten better, but I don't have a gift for this. But when I read about other outdoor tree growers, they often suggest 3 pounds is really lucky. Am I the luckiest guy around, or maybe just reading the wrong stuff? Are most outdoor growers just growing the wrong strains? Confused.
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  2. Depends where you live somewhat. Hard growing large trees in Minnesota compared to Sunny Cal. Sounds like you did great though.
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  3. grew 1 ,8lb male one year in clay soil and 1lb of bat guano.full sun.harvested it covered in fire ants,had friends say it was the strongest smoke around and yet was shake from male.
    got to have full sun from daylight to dark. setting in the shade for half a day stuff.never grew a female that big,it was 8ft tall and about 4ft diameter.
  4. 8lbs?males produce flowers that can be turned i to shake? Im curious please do tell more.i thought they produced pollen.
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  5. there is thc in the cells of the plant.or on its surface,as i smoke males until my females are finished.
  6. W
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  7. Sounds like bs lol
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  8. Dont knock it till you try it lol.robo is a genius in his own rights...
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  9. Isn't there a lot of CBD in those male flowers? I would think that it would have a very relaxing sort of therapeutic effect. And actually beneficial.
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  10. Well then maybe smoke some yourself sounds nice
  11. DrMcSkunkins

    DrMcSkunkins Dabbling in Oil

    Maybe he meant he smokes his salvia until his female plants are finished.
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  12. Back when I was a kid, my buddy and I were cleaning up a large pile of weed deseeding. He accidentally left a bud looking thing on the counter and his dad found it. Turned out to be a male...ummm...flower/sack of balls. He and my friends uncle laughed at us then taught us some important tips n tricks of the trade.
  13. rmoltis

    rmoltis The Beast Slayer Supporter

    The males can and will get you high.

    When I pull males in veg I chop them, blend them, then cook them into, milk, butter. I've yet to try iso extraction on a male yet.

    But my first experiment with weed milk from 4 males just flipped showing sex. I blended them up, cooked into milk and drank.

    My tolerance was low from going a month or 2 with no smoke.
    And it gave me a psychedelic style experience. Most of it was auditory and inner feelings mixed with a very active mind.

    I was very suprised.

    Felt like I had eaten these beings and they inhabited my body angry at me for taking their lives.

    I paid my respects and asked for forgiveness. While expressing my gratitude and love for their sacrifice. to which I was rewarded a nice calm relaxing experience after that point.

    Males can get you high. I'm upset at how many people just throw them away.
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  14. What about the leaves you trim from females that don't have trichs? Is there anything you can do with them? I usually just send them to the compost bin.
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  15. rmoltis

    rmoltis The Beast Slayer Supporter

    Well that's a trick question there...

    Take your jewelers loupe (scope)
    And look at the first set of leafs on a seedling they have trichomes.

    And on every leaf after that all through veg.

    The plant has small amounts of the good stuff spread out everywhere just in low quantity.

    I believe somewhere around %3 in leaves, stems, roots etc. But I don't remember the exact% from the study.

    So yes you could save them up dry until you have a lot. Then cook them into butter.

    Alternatively going in the compost is good for the plants as opposed to your brain.

    I've been mulling over the idea of collecting defoliated fan leaves from all growth stages, drying them out, in the blender turned to dust then stored until I get a full mason jar of ground up leaves.

    At that point I will extract all I can with a long soak in iso. Then I will cook the iso into some butter so I can cook with it.

    This experiment would give me a personal idea of what they contain. Especially since I can weigh the yield% before going into butter. Once turned to oil. I plan on starting this process from here on out. It will be a while before I collect enough dry material. So I have to start soon.

    Once I start I'll make sure to post the progress+results somewhere in my thread.
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  16. Sorry but sounds like a mental health issue...But for sure the leaves are worth keeping for lots if reasons
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  17. I would think a tree grower would have a large amount of leaf that he is tring to get rid of, not smoke/eat. The close trim is the only thing that is worth a dam for extracting imo and even then if its done in a closed loop vs open loop it will turn out soft and dark not clear and glassey. But chit them leaves do have trikes so at some point they will work, but the shade leaf butter I've tried only gave me a gut ache. But hay grow you some 8 lb males and see for your selfs, dont believe everything you hear or read let it inspire you to research and experiment
  18. Mr Bee

    Mr Bee

    Youv never seen a frosty as fuck male weed plant?i have.mostly online (look up the alien tech germinated covered in trichs!)but what @rmoltis says is 100% true.
    And iv heard of people useing males for extracts although it was years and years ago before people knew better.
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