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First Auto Grow By Pocahontas

Discussion in 'Auto Flower Strains' started by Pocahontas, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Hi fellow growers my name is Pocahontas (yes girls can and do grow ) my lights should be here between this Thursday and next tue, I have my foxfarms, clay, wormcaseings, and growstones, ph kit, ect, last year the heat messed up my grow so I'll start off with 2 northern light a very hardy strain, in the middle of Aug I will start something called killer kush I got for free, and from there I think I'll move onto white widow, I never grew autoflower plants before and any advice would be appreciated, I have grown photoperid plants for 7 years and I'm ok under lights but I never grew an autoflower, what light cycle works best? Can you grow them 24/7, I heard you can't clone is this true? I think I may be in over my head I heard autoflower are difficult to grow, well my name is Pocahontas and I would realy appreciate a little love if you have the time.
  2. Hi,
    I started growing with autos, i hear they are light feeders, my dinafem ww and ww xxl were not, they responded really well to the guano teas, so i guess its strain dependent.
    I am growing NL from sensi at the moment and mine does not like heat, at 27 C it looked like a deflated baloon. Well it was either heat stress or it wanted some water, now it looks ok at 25 C.
    I kept my autos at 20/4 and 24/0, cant really say that ive seen any difference, if i was to do another run with autos i would probably go 18/6 this time to keep the bills and temps down.
    Some people say you can clone some say you can’t, i think, don’t bother with cloning, you will not be able to keep them from flowering, i mean if you have the time and the space you can try it you will get more buds but the plants will end up being miniatures.

    Happy growing.
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  3. Ina


    Indeed!:)Greetings,girl!:)We grow everything, we are made to do that-kids,pets,plants….:)I think autos are easier if you don't overfeed with N because they have no time to eat too much veg fertz(depends on the strain but I can say that for every auto I know,if it is super auto or semi auto it can eat little more but if it is from the fastest autos they don't need much food)....You need enough space for roots so you don't have to transplant(but you can if you do that on time before it gets narrow) so prefer bigger pots above 10 lt(of course depends on your space)You could try to make clones if the strain is not too fast,but sometimes they start flowering really soon:)24/7 why not,try that.I usually grow them 20/4.....just much more light than dark so they can explode..more:)I think the dark is needed so i don't grow them on constant light.....I f you grow fotos from 7 years I think you wont have any problems.....Best wishes!
  4. Thanks for all for your help, you have been so kind, I thought nl was a plant resistent heat, pests, mold ext, but I will give them a go, thank you so much you've been so kind and nice.
  5. It is a hardy plant but i think because the dominant indica trait it doesn’t love excessive heat but i am sure you can manage.
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  6. I always run a fan to push the excess heat up and away from my plants when my lights are running, but you are right about nl it is mostly indica Dom and indica does not like heat, I would grow a sativa but space is a problem, and I never grew an autoflower so maybe I allready made a mistake as I was told that auto flowers are harder to grow than photos, I have been growing photos under lights for allmost 7 years my ex taught me to grow so when we broke up I just kept growing, I think I do ok but I'm not so good as to give others advice, I think I'm ok but I have been reading everything I can find about growing canabis, , my ex taught me the basics and have been learning about all the little tricks people know, I never would have imagined there is so much stuff you need to know about a weed, I love it but other than what the banks say I can find very little information about how to realy grow an autoflower, but I'm shure some nice soul will help a lady in distress if she happens to need it ha ha
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  7. I want to thank all the wonderful like minded people who said nice things to me, and all the offers for help, I think I found where I want to be, thank you all so much!!!!!!
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  8. I would like to thank my friend MissBotney for that great piece on how autoflower plants are totally different from photoperid plants, it allso has a great guide on how to grow this different kind of canabis it was very helpfull, indeed I did not know they care so different, I want to thank my friend Miss Botney for giveing me this Information it has really opens my eye's, well all you can do is try you bezt, you never know what will happen! ThAnk you Miss Botney thAt information you gIve me was invaluable. Th m you, and whoever gave ma a trophy what a beautiful gesture but I have not earned one yet, you are the nicest people I have ever met on a website
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  9. I think you have a great background in growing photoperiod that you’ll do just fine growing autos. My opinion is (based on what I’ve read), you basically want keep the plant as healthy as possible so it is able to grow to its full potential before it flowers. I think with your growing experience, you’ll be able to that. I want to try autos but I’m still getting the hang of photoperiods.
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  10. My fox farms will be delivered tomorrow and my new light should be here by Tue so it won't be long.
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  11. My fox farm was delivered today, in the meantime I am germanating 2 nice fat beans by crop king, 99percent of there beans germanate within 24 hours but those were photoperid seesds, do autoflower seeds germanated the same? I just put them on a plate useing paper towels, this works fine for photoperid seeds I probably messed up allready, oh well let's see what happens.
  12. Dont worry they all like the same method, i do the same and it usually takes 1-2 days after a minimum of 8 hour soak in a glass of water. Autos are real easy to grow, at least mine were, they were not fussy at all.
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  13. This is weird I was going thru my seed collection and one of my free bees is an autoflower og kush, it's prett old but i am going to try and make her pop, I have grown photo og kush so I'm curious to compare the 2 if I can get the bean to pop.
  14. I new it I just checked my Northern lights, germanated in25 hours I'm al set to pot these suckers, I love crop king seldom do there beans not germanate, I have some purple kush by them but it's to hot, 2 years ago I grew nl, no prob, last year I went with lemon haze it did not like the heat/hum or both, I'm ashamed growing NL rookie plant, maybee that old of kush auto I found may pop weirder things have happened, this strain is ocean grown kush from S.California so it may not mind heat to much, well time to get my hands dirty and I just did my nails ha-ha, I have a few granddaddy purple vape cartridges may be I need to lay off a bit!
  15. Good things happening my California light works solar storm 275 light just arrived at mom's, I heard California light works is a good co, this is there smallest version perfect for a guerilla grow, this light has veg and flower, I must be nuts I buy an led light ( the realy good one's cost thousands wtf I can get a hps light for a pittance, but my hydro dude talked. me out of it he said wave of the future is led, so I bought a piece of crap mars hydro300w just to se how it would germanate my beans, it worked well so I took the plunge but my hydro guy assured me that this is a good light in a small space and it's not a Chinese knock off, so I have the NL potted in 3gal nursery pots, ff ocean forest clay for drainage, my water is not running clear beacuse of the clay but my ph is6.25 just were I prefer it between 6.0 and 6.5 so now we are waiting for the NL to pop and see if that og kush pops
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  16. Nice.. Autos at least the ones I have grown are pretty easy,and I am guessing you wont have an issue with plenty of growing exp. good Luck Grow strong :)
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  17. I don't know some people say there hard, I want to learn to grow them is it takes so long for a photo to grow, more time for things 2 go south, I heard they smell less generally but for a lot less time, my last photo grow was agonizing the place stunk so bad, my idiot ex decided to grow skunk, it was everywhere, you could smell it outside, plus I'm in a tight spot may be 4 plants, so I want weed faster, I was told once you get the hang of it it's not bad just different. Anyway I don't think I'm cutting corners.
  18. Here is something I never saw, that free killer kush bean I got from sweet seeds, and did not even know was an autoflower well it poped in 10 hours, on the breeders pack it says fast version not kidding never saw a 3 year old bean pop in 10 hours, og kush is small so i put her in a 2gal pot she may bind up a bit but who cares anyway im superstitious everything is going to perfect, perfect beans, perfect timeing, well here we go!
  19. Went to see dead & co 2 nights ago, made me feel wierd, and I'm not talking about doseing, John Mayer please, can't hold a candle to jerry, yea they played a few of there good dead songs notice I did not say hits didn't have any, it felt sad true hippies, posers who were never born before Jerry died, I don't know I guess what's left of the band needs the mony.