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First Grow 4x4 Hid System.

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by FrenchOG, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. ♤Single ended 1000w MH/HPS
    ♤4x4 grow tent - likely to switch to grow room
    ♤3x White Widows, 3x Somango XXL, 3x G13 x Strawberry Diesel
    ♤FoxFarm Cocoloco
    ♤Canna nutrients

    January 14th - seeds in wet paper towels and ziploc bags

    January 16th - 100% seeds germinated, threw them in solo cups filled with CocoLoco, used clear cups as dome for humidity.

    Watered small amount twice a day.
    Folded towel and water in a bowl raised humidity from 10% to 30%
    Later added a tabletop humidifier with no progress at all.

    Jan 22nd

    .7ml B - .7ml A - 4ml rhizo
    1 liter 380ppm 6.4pH
    Watered with 10% runoff... Did this way too late at night didnt realize how high that ppm was.

    Using all this water to raise humidity I ended up finding gnats... Scooped up top layer of soil which had some kind of -I'm guessing- salt build up. Topped with fresh coco and put up a few yellow stickies... My ppm was way too high so I put some ro water on stems.

    Jan 24th
    1 liter 120ppm 6.0pH which was clean water + calmag
    Light 36 in away (was 82° now 77)
    Lost a seedling! (G13xSD)

    Jan 26th - letting the coco dry to get rid of the gnats... Not sure how far to go without water. I have so many wrong parameters that I have a hard time knowing what symptoms come from what condition.

    Pics coming soon
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  2. Great strain choices, and your procedure looks sound. The gnats were an added gift from FoxFarms. My CocoLoco had them too. I did my first run in the stuff. My advice would be to treat it like soil. You have already noticed the sky high ppm. If you water it like raw coco (once or twice a day) you will burn up your plants like I did. Water it every few days, and allow it to dry out a bit. Monitor your run off and don’t add any nutes until the ppm comes down, probably about a month. You will get some tip burn at first, but as you water the medium and the plants get bigger it will go away. I wouldn’t add nutes until your run off was around 200 ppm or so. Good luck
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  3. Wow cut nutes for a month??? I lowered the ppm to 200, I'll be giving demineralized water for next watering but theyre growing fast af I think I'll put em back on 300-400ppm for every other watering. I wish I could post pics on here but I cant figure it out lol.

    My humidity is still very low at 20% average. I tried spraying water throughout the tent with no result. I think thats why the leaves dont look as healthy as they should. Any ideas on how to raise humidity efficiently and somewhat cheaply?

    Maaaan these fucking gnats are annoying everytime I think theyre gonna theres a couple that come out of a cup. Bastards!
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  4. It may not be a whole month. I was just giving you a rough estimate. It depends on how often you water. Or you could flush the hell out of the medium. But if you wanted to do that, you would have just bought raw coco. I’m just saying that CocoLoco is a blended coco product with a lot of nutes already in it. So adding nutes on top of that will burn your plants. The trick is to wait until the medium is depleted of nutrients before you start adding more.

    20%rh in veg is not good. That could be causing nutrient problems as well, due to the low humidity forcing the plant to transpire more, thus pulling up more nutrients. Try adding a small bucket of water to the grow space. The water will evaporate and raise humidity slightly. But don’t expect a big difference. No need to add a towel to it. A more effective measure would be to control airflow, so you’re not exhausting all your humidity out. Also, the plants themselves are little humidifiers. So you can place a dome over the plants to trap the humidity close. With humidity that low, I would recommend reducing the ppm further due to the increased transportation.

    The gnat problem will need a few days of dry medium, or in exstream cases a Neem oil or Azamax drench to resolve.

    Use the “Upload a file” button to post pictures.
  5. This is my first run in CocoLoco. I watered them daily like I would raw coco for the first month not know what I was doing to them. This is what they looked like a few weeks into flower....just sad. N toxicity (the claw) micro growth, root problems, all from over watering/feeding.

    The giant hole in the middle of each plant is from the dead and nute burned plant material I removed.
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  6. This is my second tent grow at around the same flower time. I just went with raw coco / perlite mix that time, and fed every watering at least daily, up to 4 times a day by the end of flower. I started out with the same procedure both times. I did switch nute lines from FoxFarms to AN. But the only other major thing I changed was not using CocoLoco again. I had way less gnats too.
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  7. Damn, I had no idea this coco had nutes in it I thought it was just coco and perlite lol, thanks man! Then Im surprise of how good they're doing lol Im glad I didnt kill them I'll be giving plain water for a while now!

    I just put a clean plastic 10gal container on top of them Im gonna check every hour make sure I dont fry them lol. I had one laying around, its not great but it might just do the trick.

    Btw I got a tripod how common is this?? It looks tired af lol!
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  8. Shit then Im wondering should I buy coco for the 5gal pots? I dont wanna waste my 2 bags tho so I'll have to use them sometime...
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  9. The damage is cumulative over time. Mine were also doing well the first few weeks. Then the problems started the show.

    Yours look good. You could put a sandwich baggie over each plant. That would trap the humidity. At least until they get bigger.

    I used the rest of my CocoLoco as starter soil for the clones I took off the second run. I just used it like normal soil after they rooted and didn’t feed them anything for a few weeks. Just water every 3 days or so until the ppm dropped to around 200. Then I up potted them into raw coco and began feeding daily. This is my current run. I took these cuts from the mother plant the day after Christmas.

    Now that you know the CocoLoco is a bit hot, you can adjust accordingly. I was disappointed with my first run and I know it was because I was using that stuff wrong. So now I try to sound the warning whenever I see someone going down that same road. Good luck
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  10. Well I appreciate the heads up man, thanks! If the plastic container doesnt I'll put some sandwich baga on there!
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  11. Anytime bro. Your plastic container should be good. Happy growing!
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  12. Here they are in their new high tech luxurious grow room!!

    I transplanted into 1gal pots today! Been a few hours now theyre not responding badly so far. The tripod was looking bad before the transplant and now it's even worse lol I think it might have ran out of root space, what do u all think? But i'm sure it'll recover! I gave em a bit of pdwater, enough for the root zone. When they recover from transplant I'll give them a good amount of water with some runoff.
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  13. Yo growers. Ive been learning about weed for so long and seen so many toppings done I didnt realize how scary it is to actually do it!

    I decided last minute to fim instead of topping! I'll include a couple pics of that! Let me know what you think. I'll top/fim the rest of them when I think theyre ready for it.

    Also, I have a couple issues with discolorations and a starting of cross fingers! I can dee the discoloration from nutes but dont understand the finger crossing leaves? My humidity is still at 15-20%... I'm wondering if I shoukd bight the bullet and just buy a AC humidifier since the small ones dont work.
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  14. Everybody is doing OK. I am trying to figure out the best way to raise that damn RH tho. The bucket of water isnt cutting it at all, I'm still around 15%. I need a way to raise it to at least 30 to 40% without spending hundreds...
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  15. Cheap humidifier from a pharmacy or Walmart may do the trick.
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  16. Try a bucket of water with an air line connected to a 2 inch air stone and pump, and add a table spoon of salt, and stir. If it spits water over the bucket, lower the water level.
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  17. I broke the main stem on one of my plants! Minutes later I wrapped a piece of sterile thingy around it and taped it and the plant hasnt shown anything bad yet the picture was taken 30+ hours after the accident.

    Otherwise everyone else is doing good I'm transplanting each of them as I see the need for it but they'll all be in 5 gallon before next week.

    I started lst this week and am loving the results!

    Love to all
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  18. As always, forgot to attach the pics... haha
  19. Damn man, put your shoes back on. Lol. Just kidding. Nice healthy plants.
  20. If you wrapped it and secured it in place, the plant will recover. It will form a “knuckle” at the break that will be very strong. Nothing to worry about. Plants look great!
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