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First Grow And Scrog, How's It Looking?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Shawnery, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. About a month to this point with 3 x Golden Ticket and 3 x Blue Dream. I have no idea what a good Scrog should look like at this point.

    How much longer should I go before I switch to flower schedule? It seems like I've got about 20% more veg until I need to switch the lights bit like I said, I am As Rookie as you can get at 44.

    So are they looking as sad as I think they are or am I expecting to much from my first grow? 20170922_131447.jpg 20170922_131432.jpg 20170922_131356.jpg 20170922_131345.jpg
  2. Dunge


    It looks good to me.
    Looking forward to following your grow.

    How much light are you giving them?
  3. The down turned leaf tips is a good indication of over fertilization but it's a bit hard to see.. Can you show a closer shot?
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  4. 1200 ppm with General Hydroponics Base nutes. I've been reading a lot lately about people running half strength on GH. My ppm numbers are from full strength application so it's possible I could be over feeding.

    I was thinking about going down to about 800ppm even before you brought up my ends.

    As for lighting, till yesterday I was running 2 400w cree cob 3070's, now I'm running 4 400w cree cob 3070's. I'm expecting much better growth with the doubling of watts. This is for a 5x5x6 tent with a 5x4 scrog.

    Thanks for the replies!
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  5. Here's a closer shot of the two plants at the back top right and back top left.
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  6. I'm totally confused by this.

    I would assume that the plants growing the best would have the biggest roots. On the other end I would assume that the plants not growing well would have small roots.

    Well guess what, I guessed wrong, that's not the way my plants are behaving.

    The two pics with hardly any roots showing have good veg growth. The one pic with a lot of roots is the plant with the least amount of veg growth.

    Should my roots be better established by a month in to the grow or is this "normal"
  7. They look good for a month, I would go with the half strength on the nutes, less is more imo. Subbed.
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  8. Yea definitely pull back on the nutes that curling is for sure over fertilization, they are not burned, however. The seemingly contrary root situation is normal. Think like a plant, during times of dryness, I'm gonna search for water by stretching my roots. Or, I have perfectly healthy roots but am over fed and don't feel like growing today.. Lol plants have intelligence. They are attempting to form a symbiotic relationship with you.
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  9. If you are not already flowering I would try to spread them out more and fill up the canopy. When you start flowering, they will shoot up in height. Could be a third of their current size, could be double their current size. That means your screen isn't going to do much after they shoot up. It helps to spread them and add support but if you're not already flowering, you may have to add another net about a foot to a foot and a half above the screen for top support. Remember though, whatever state your plants are in when you begin flowering will be compounded for the remainder of their life cycle. If they are stunted, the flowers may be stunted or small, if they are slightly deficient of any primary nutrient, it will become very apparent during the first few flower weeks, so make sure your happy with their health when you flip. Flipping the lights is what's known as a CPI. Or Critical Point of Influence. Cannabis has a few of these. It means that this time is when the plant determines specifics about its own genetics. So flower size, flower amounts(bud sites), how tall or short, bushy/lanky, these are all determined during CPI's and the first three weeks of flower is a CPI. And I would argue that the week before flipping is as well. Hope some of this makes sense, I know i have thoroughly confused myself but maybe you got something out of it. Good luck!
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  10. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment and trying to help the noob.

    Great information soilgame420

    Quick return question though,

    Why is the one plant rooting so differently in the same conditions.
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  11. It could just be where it is in your line in relation to heat/cold, humidity, light availability. It's really hard to say without being there and knowing your routine. We're these all from seed? Even the same strains have genetic differences called phenotypes that are displayed in their growth, appearance, potency. This is the basis of selective breeding. But in this case being that they are slightly over fertilized it could simply be that that plant was more resilient to the negative affects of over-fertilization. Honestly I'm not the best person to answer this question as I am a soil grower. Although the same concepts apply to both growing styles, when talking about the root zone, they are worlds apart. Hope I answered some of the question at least.
  12. Clones not seeds but then again I have no idea if the two strains are each from the same mother.

    I'd rather not flush if I don't have to. Do you think I can fix the issue with just cutting solution in half?

    Thanks again!
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  13. I agree on the over fertilization. I run a 2/3 strength GH solution, and the plants have done quite well.

    As far as how far to go before flipping, I had screen about 75-80% full when I flipped to 12/12, and kept tucking for ten days. Two days ago, I let them go, and this is what I now have. The tips are all forming flowers so this should be pretty good. These pics are from ten days ago, and right now.
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  14. Drop that nute strength to about 1.6 ec..
    I run those nutes or have,
    and thats pretty high.
    Thats what I run supplementing with c02...
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  15. Ya that curl is tell tell signs..
    U gonna start locking out other things like Ca, Mg
    because of that N toc..
  16. looks pretty good. Esp for first time!
    Job well done so far!
    It was intelligent that you only use 2/3 strength,
    because those numbers our for c02 digitally controlled environment under De or 1k lighting.
    I find 1 ec during veg to be decent and 1.6 to 1/8 ec to be good for flower...
    Coco tho will accumulate salt build up if you dont follow coco instructions...
    I think you will find you should of vegged a little more to fill in the outside squares.
    Might even look in to removing big fans that are shading smaller tops that might have made it to the canopy..
  17. Yesterday I added two more 400w cree's to make a total of 4. Went out tonight and really paid attention to new growth and it went gang busters. Lost over a gallon of water as well. The best growth to date!

    I just dropped the PPM to 700 and the EC is 1.4. How long should it take to see a difference in the symptoms you guys mentioned, which I too notice.
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  18. I was saying that I suggest vegging and spreading a little more as opposed to flipping now. That will give you time to nurse them back to health and fill your canopy more to utilize all available space. However, depending on the strain, you may reach a point where folding under the screen is no longer an option and the only options remaining would be to tie down, super-crop(which is definitely not recommended for your first grow), or hang a trellis. The latter being the best choice IMO. But if you chose to flower sooner or if you have a very strong indica variety(yours looks 50/50 or even sativa dominant), then you should have plenty of support. The screen is for bending, the trellis for support. Your babies appear from the pictures to undoubtedly be a sativa dominant strain. I would expect a lot of stretching for the first few weeks of flowering. Peace.
  19. Could be a couple days to see any real improvement but look for little signs like the leaves slowly uncurling.
  20. The curled leaves will never repair..
    Just watch new growth..