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First Time Coco Grower Question About Hydrating The Brick

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Naturalx, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Hey,

    So I received my brick of coco coir and my question is, do I need to adjust the ph of the water that I soak the brick in? My light and tent arrive tomorrow however the solution to adjust my ph will not be in until wednesday. I'd like to get a leg up on it and soak it early and get my pots filled and mixed.

    If I don't adjust the water that I hydrate the brick with (my tap water is around 7-7.5ph) am I setting myself back?
  2. dont listen to manufacture recomendation on this one,coco regaurdless who you buy from ,rinse ,rinse ,rinse,i rinsed mine 4 times with just tap water,then 2 more times with ro water from a machine,when i feed the plants afterwards,brownish color still came from it,so rinse good,after those 2 flush i was at 6.0 on runoff,so check your runoff and good luck,working with coco is just work hahahah
  3. I also just discovered "buffering" which I honestly had no clue about. I suppose I could have just bought a premixed bag for the purpose of growing cannabis and my head might not hurt so much haha.

    If i'm growing auto flowers, is it a must to buffer the coco with cal mag? I don't want to overdo it with my first grow, especially since they are auto flowers. Fastbuds GSC. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have a full bottle of Cal Mag so buffering is not an issue if need be. But if it will damage the auto flowers or stress them out i'll skip that step and just mix with perlite.
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  4. with coco you have to feed every thing,it pretty much just air drainage,i was feeding 3 times a day and had 2 plants feeding 4 times a day,you will grow faster product,but it all you,tweak in your ph and ppm and you will rock,dont guess but know how much to feed,like flower runs min of 750 i believe,not sure,but mix up a whole gallon then break it down to thirds and dilute,if you get me,if it needs 750 a day,feed 250 3times a day,it did impress me when i grew in it,my back cant handle all the work involved and i aint rich for fancy gadgets,lmao
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  5. Elevated


    Very true up to 5 times rinse for bricks and test ph after 3 and water stops turning brown. Also, add cal mag. Some bricks have a bit of sludge like material bricks which is the dust added to compressed fiber. This is not really great for growing and can be worth removing. Good luck, brick are work if not doing commercially. Theres some great coco options out there.
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  6. I’m in love wit da coco lmao

    I was wondering what this song was about. Must be choppin up some perlite to mix in..
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  7. Madmax


    Hahahahaha ..fuck that made me laugh...
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  8. 3 balls

    3 balls

    These bricks that come in a grow bag are tempting as far ease of transplant but all that rinsing would take the efficiency out of it and then some.
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  9. newh


    I use Canna coco bricks from Amazon,no rinse no calmag.When I hydrate them I use 2 gallons ro water with 1/4 scoop of Recharge per brick.Heres 2 20181228_101026.jpg Fastbuds Girl Scout Cookies auto that I just harvested a few weeks ago
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  10. newh


    edit..Recharge does contain calcium and magnesium but I dont use liquid calmag,the Recharge is for the bennies
  11. So no cal mag on those beauties? Any deficiencies?
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  12. I was thinking that as I slaved away rinsing yesterday the water waste is barely worth the savings. Lessons learned. I had no idea this was required I would have just bought some proper coco.
  13. No need to rinse. I use about 4000 to 5000 gallons of Coco a year. I do buffer my water to about 6.2 before I soak though.
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  14. I was told if you don’t rinse the peat out of low quality coco you could retain too much water defeating the purpose of using light airy coco?
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  15. I wouldn't worry about it retaining to much water. Coco with perlite can't be over waterd. The water retention to air ratio is why Coco is awesome
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  16. This dude s in love wit da coco
    He buys it buy the kilo
    He gets it on the lowlow
    His connection is a cholo
    Hahaha right on man. I just soak in ph d water, rinsing once, then let er sit a few day. Seems to not be a problem. Maybe giver an extra right rinse or two next time and see if there is a difference
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  17. Hahaha. That's right. I get it by the kilo. Pallets on deck. I get it 3 bucks a block 15 gallon blocks. I got the hook up
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  18. newh


    I use the canna coco line,recharge,epsom,mammothp thats it,oh yeah 3 times a run they get soil balance pro.thats it.I used to add calmag+ too but dont anymore.this plant is nearing 5 month old not a single mark on any leaves other than the ones riding up the 4x4 tent
  19. newh


    the only perlite I use is the large chunky kind an inch or two deep in the bottom of the pot
  20. Dude you da plug! Haha my new coco connect. 3 bones for a 15 gal brick daaaaaamn