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Flower Fuel Review/journal (generic Shooting Powder)

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Mainemedz5, Sep 4, 2018.

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  1. Hey farmers!
    Just wanted to do a Review for All of y'all in case anyone else was curious about it

    The Product is Called Flower Fuel & its supposed to be a Generic Alternative Off Brand of Shooting Powder & Its Cheap too 250g cost $20!!!!!
    I bit the bullet and said whatever as the company guarantees their product & saw over 100 positive reviews so I figured I'd try it out and document it for everyone

    Did I mention Shipping was SUPER FAST!!!!!!

    So I'm Using it On a Scrogged Gorilla glue #4
    A Frost Lotus
    A B.G.Cookies (B.Dot selected pheno)

    So They say the Dose is 1/4 tsp a gal or 2 1/2 tsp per 10 gallons & it came with a scoop for it
    I'm starting at half the recommended dose to be on the safe side

    @Buzzer777 I tagged you in as promised , hope you enjoy !

    ***I'll Be Documenting This Product All The Way Through This Flower Cycle with the gg4 & bgc at 2.5 weeks flower each and the frost lotus is a week behind those but she finishes a week sooner than the other two so that works out perfect to document my results !
    I will also be flowering a critical chem4 in 3 weeks and will use flower fuel on it from start to finish in flower as its a strain I personally bred and know what to expect from her So If The Product works As Advertised
    We will all know for sure because I'll see better results than usual with an already highly productive and vigorous lady so let's put it to the test hehehehehe

    Hope y'all enjoy

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  4. Nice..
    Where purchase if you could..

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  5. I'll find the link but it was eBay or amazon and it was like $20-/+ but it came shipped prime and showed up on the Holiday
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  7. I wouldn't used phosphorus all the way to the end. Assuming that's what this product is
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  8. Anyone that REALLY Knows anything will tell you
    No More than 5 or 6 for N
    Mid to high level of P
    High amounts of K or close to the P# as possible

    Mj needs cal+mg plus trace elements & High amounts of Potassium to get the best results , People think Phos is so important but That K is what matters along with cal+mg & iron and reasonable P Levels

    And this shit is the same as shooting powder but better I hear
    & 48 hours After first Application I can already tell the difference it made
    I'll post pics tomorrow night when lights go on so we can start seeing the magic !!!!
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  9. Get some man


    P.S. PM Me @Buzzer777
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  10. PMing..
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  11. But then again what the fuck would I know ? I only used to teach entire classrooms like @Buzzer777 !
    I taught marijuana related things tho hehehehe
    Idk what Buzz is a Teacher of
    What subject do you teach @Buzzer777 ???
  12. Before retiring..I taught Roulette and Twenty-One to wanna be dealers in Las Vegas and Reno...

    Now..ONLY growing weed for relief and enjoyment (now..finally down to 3 students ..One in Turkey no-less..Most of them turned out to be better growers than I am..(SOB...LOL)..

  13. Hey Mainemedz, thanks for giving Flower Fuel a shot. If you or anybody else have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to ask.


    Amazon or our website (not going to post link because were a business and that's against the rules here, but it's not hard to find). If you buy on eBay, it's from a middleman. The product you get will be genuine, but you may be paying more. Don't pay any more than $18.97 for a 250g jar.

    Not EXACTLY the same, but they're both bloom boosters, and yes we do think Flower Fuel is a much better product. We use higher end and more diverse ingredients.
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  14. Don't take offense
    Just going by what others said

    And yeah I like it a lot

    Should I use it by itself ?
  15. It’s all good bro. We’re just glad you found us!

    Flower Fuel was definitely designed to be a bloom booster used at 1/4 teaspoon per gallon alongside a complete base nutrient (including all the popular two and three part formulas from the big guys). This adds about 150 PPM and optimizes existing nutrient programs towards higher weight and quality.

    We knew when we started that growers love to tinker, and that we’d hear about great formulas that went “off-label” with the application rates.

    The main issues with using Flower Fuel by itself is that there’s ZERO calcium, and very very little nitrogen. Our research shows that yes, plants being grown with max weight and potency in mind need less nitrogen in flower than in veg, but it’s not as drastically different as we all thought years and years ago.

    So what growers started doing is using just Flower Fuel and cal-mag supplements that had nitrogen (Botanicare’s cal-mag is our favorite) at a 2:1 ratio in terms of PPM or EC. So if you wanted 1200 PPM total, you’d go 800 of Flower Fuel, and another 400 in Cal-Mag. This worked great for them, but keep your PPM meter handy and be very careful!
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  16. I agree, but I also want Micro Nutrients in my mix, so any bloom booster is used with a base nutrient here (currently Canna Terra Flores..switching to Megacrop as I type)
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  17. I run soil and soul synthetic or tlo and NEVER Had pH issues
    I thought it was lacking on calcium actually
    But overall I like it

    Y'all should pm me @ElementNutes
  18. Flower Fuel contains a full profile of micro and trace elements. At the 1/4 teaspoon rate, it wouldn’t be enough, but if you were using it as a primary nutrient, it would be plenty.

    I’m unfamiliar with Megacrop but looking at it now it looks great and it’s pretty much exactly the one part dry base nutrient we will be launching soon called Complete Crop. I’m very familiar with what it costs to make this sort or product and can confirm that their 21.7 lb bag for $55 is an ABSOLUTE STEAL. 1000 grams for $35 ehhhhh not so much. Ours will be under $20 for that size.
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  19. I agree and am looking at buying your product..I have used Megacrop before..(they send free samples for postage only) with excellent results..Same thing though..I needed to add more PK Boost and lots of cal mag too..When I tried was sold as a one part total they are selling the "complete" pkg, just like the rest..:(
    This was a cola from that test:)
    UNDER a Burple no less..LMAO
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