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Former medical marijuana caregiver charged with felony drug crime

Discussion in 'Medical Club' started by cannabeans, Sep 22, 2011.


    Friedrick Jozef Schweitzer, the 26-year-old nephew of Gov. Brian Schweitzer, was charged Wednesday with a felony drug crime.

    Schweitzer appeared in Yellowstone County Justice Court by video from the county jail following his arrest by officers who intercepted more than 2 pounds of marijuana that arrived in Billings by Federal Express.

    Schweitzer is charged with criminal possession with intent to distribute, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. Schweitzer made his initial court appearance from the county jail with private attorney Sandy Selvey at his side.

    Judge Pro Tem Gregory Murphy set Schweitzer’s bond at $1,500 and ordered him to appear in District Court for arraignment on Sept. 30.

    During his brief appearance, Schweitzer told the judge that he owns a medical marijuana business.

    Prosecutors allege in court records that Schweitzer is not currently licensed as a provider of medical marijuana.

    Deputy County Attorney Kimberly Hamm asked Murphy to set Schweitzer’s bond at $2,500 if he could provide an address where he will live pending trial that is not the same residence where he was arrested.

    Hamm requested a $5,000 bond if he could not provide that information.

    Selvey said Schweitzer would live with his parents in Laurel at a residence on Holstein Lane. Selvey asked the judge to release Schweitzer without bond, noting that he has strong ties to the local area and a college degree in business.

    According to court records, a Yellowstone County sheriff’s deputy forwarded information Tuesday morning to a local drug task force that a drug shipment was arriving that day in Billings through Federal Express.

    The deputy and his canine partner went to the Federal Express building on First Avenue North and met the manager, who had already set aside the suspicious package in an area with other packages.

    The deputy’s canine, Tyco, indicated there were narcotics inside the suspected package, court records state. The package was seized.

    After receiving a search warrant, drug agents opened the package and found 2.3 pounds of marijuana. The package was addressed to a residence on Golden Boulevard, and officers arranged a “controlled delivery” of the package at 2:10 p.m., court records state.

    No one answered the door when the package was delivered, so it was left on the porch as officers watched the residence.

    Schweitzer arrived at the residence at about 2:30 p.m., five minutes after FedEx updated its website to show the package had been delivered, court records state.

    Schweitzer retrieved the package from the front porch and was walking back to his vehicle when he was arrested.

    Schweitzer allegedly told the officers that he was a medical marijuana patient and provider and that he needed the marijuana for his patients. He also allegedly said he believed the package only contained an ounce of marijuana.

    Court records do not state where the package was sent from or who may have sent it.

    Schweitzer was briefly a candidate last year for the state Senate when he announced his campaign in March for Senate District 29, which includes Laurel and portions of west Billings.

    He withdrew form the race a few months later, saying he was a“placeholder” on the ballot while state Democrats found a solid candidate.

    Schweitzer also owned Care Therapeutics, a medical marijuana storefront business in Billings on Montana Avenue that operated last year.

    When he was arrested Tuesday, prosecutors said he was driving a vehicle with a personalized license plate that read: “CUREMT.”

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  2. kolah


    He's toast...and they'll use RICO law to take all his belongings and property.

    Mail ain't safe folks (USPS, Fed-ex, UPS, etc) Don't even think about it.

    It would have been interesting to see how it would have went down if the dude had been licensed.

    We used to send a joint or two through the mail 30 years ago. Not now.
    So how did they really detect the "suspicious package?"
    No return address? shit, shoulda just made one up.
  3. kolah


    from the article:
    "The deputy and his canine partner went to the Federal Express building on First Avenue North and met the manager, who had already set aside the suspicious package in an area with other packages."

    it was set aside "with other packages." ?????????????
    what the fuck? Are they training these fucking sheep to pull aside anything they feel is "suspicious?" Fucking crazy shit. Bis Sis and her slogan "See something, Say something" seems to be implemented into the Average-Joe- Slaveworker. They did the exact same thing in Nazi Germany where they instructed citizens to snitch on one another.
  4. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    Good to see there are still some total dumbasses out there shippin pounds of bud via Fedex...takes the heat off the rest of us less stupid

  5. They don't need to hit him with RICO shit. They can seize whatever they want.
  6. Smart move on his part maybe greed got the best of him. Whats wrong with the local herb?
  7. Nadroj


    Billings weed is never local... for the most part. It all comes from other cities... Bozeman, Missoula, Kalispell, etc.

    And the price of bud in Billings is crazy expensive for most of us (275/oz for my patient friends)... im sure he has connections locally though... everyone does.

    I always thought mailing bud was not the brightest way of obtaining cannabis... ive been asked by a dude if i wanted any bud shipped to me... i was like "idk man" haha. Good choice.