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Fox Farm Problem ??

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by oscar169, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. oscar169

    oscar169 Operation Dank Supporter

    I just made the switch to Fox Farm, I'm running the whole program, I have feed twice with the Fox Farm I mix 30 Gallons + at a time,but I keep having what looks like sand left in the bottom of barrel everytime I mix it up?? Is the normal??:confused0054:
  2. Zonkerly


    Sounds like you need to mix it up more.I do the full line up at 5 gallon each watering day and dont get that.
  3. I agree. Mix that shit good and slowly add your nutes :)
  4. oscar169

    oscar169 Operation Dank Supporter

    I mix the nuts then let it set for 30 mins then mix again, I was running the Dyna Grow line up never had any issues?? I have tried to mix the left over stuff into new water its just like sand won't mix..
  5. In my opinion this is the particulate that comes in the Big Bloom from the organic ingredients such as EWC and guanos. Shake the bottle well each use and stir a LOT when adding to water. This is just residue and not the evidence of a chemical reaction in which some elements have precipitated to the bottom as sometimes occurs in hydro res. If feeding in soil or any system clogging is not an issue dont worry about it. If using a drip or even an ebb system where it could be a problem just run it through a screen or filter all the needed elements will make it through and you can still throw that (sand) into an outdoor garden
  6. oscar169

    oscar169 Operation Dank Supporter

    Thanks for the reply I new it wasn't b/c of not enough mixing I have some at the bottom of a 37 gallon barrel that has had over 200 gallon of fresh RO water ran through it still that sandy shit is in the bottom & won't mix into that water, so that enough Fox farm for me I will use it the rest of this run & switch to Canna or H & G I have been reading alot of good stuff about them, I'm just sick of having to wash that shit out of the bottom all the time, not a big deal if your only making few gallons a week but when you make 200 plus gallons of food a week It really sucks ass!!!
  7. I wouldnt be so quick to jump ship.

    Why does the sand bother you so much? As someone else already stated it is simply sediment from the sea bird guano and possibly some from the bat guano. It doesn't do any harm collecting in your barrel unless it is clogging your pump?

    I really like the big bloom from fox farm. I do however like budswell much more, and if it wasnt for the price I would use primarily budswell, but I switch it up with big bloom because it is cheeper.

  8. 100% correct! I've used fox farm for over 2 years now. The first feeding I had the same questions.

    Not sand at all. As stonerB said above he is correct. Just shake the shit out of the bottle and you'll be all good.
  9. kushsmoker30

    kushsmoker30 Guest

    mix the thick stuff in 1 gal jugs of water n shake the shit out of em, then pore it into ur 5 or whatever size res u got. it will mix much more consistently, H&G Algen extrac will stick to corners of ur res if jus dump n mixed. all that goes away when u mix the thick chunky stuff separately. peace hope this helps.
  10. I am doing DWC and us FF grow big hydro, tiger bloom, and big bloom micro.
    I get the same thing, the sand stuff is from the big bloom micro. its an organic mix and is a bit grainy. I was worried about this at first when i started using them and changed out the res thinking something was wrong. after reading the blogs on their site i found out its normal and doesnt hurt anything. if it clogs anything you can filter it out (i used a pillow case, but dont filter anymore) but it doesnt hurt anything.
    their a decent line, a bit pricey but quality organic nutes.