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Friend Or Foe?

Discussion in 'General Indoor Growing' started by Oldmateslim, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Found this guy in my veg tent, im assuming hes there to eat some whitefly or something similar? Is this a sign of anything bad or just luck that he made his way in there?
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  3. Im down under mate, thanks for the info helps me know where to start searching
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  4. Look like some kind of wasp to me. I did a google photo search and sweat bees came up. Maybe check there.
  5. A friend also said maybe a digger wasp. Ill keep looking
  6. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    Kinda looks like a spider wasp. I don’t like either of them and somehow you crazy asses managed to mingle them together, ha!
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  7. I don't know what it is, but great pic dude. Being in N Amer. I've never seen a wasp with mandibles and feelers like that. You guys got some trippy insects down there.
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  8. Highkev


    Off with his head. Don’t chance it. Do indeed him there to fight any other big problems your having? If so will he alone do enuff? Off with his head
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  9. Looks similar to some of our Robber (Assasin) flies, but with a shorter stance. Though the antenna make me think you're right about it being a wasp.
    robber2.jpg Common_brown_robberfly_with_prey.jpg
  10. Here in N.Amer wasps are usually beneficial insects but the Aussie ecology is way different than ours and wasps could be a pest more often than not, for all I know. The paper wasps wreck my outdoor plants upper leaves all spring but they also kill a lot of nasties, so I generally leave them be.
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  11. Nevermind, I forgot flies don't have mandibles. Flies suck. Hahaha
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  12. Madmax


    We got those robbers ...ive spent the last hour trying to find that insect lol.i have seen it before and have had a similar one but with black grey bands on abdomen hangin out on leaves..that one in pic they move pretty quick.i cant understand why i cant find a pic so i sent it to an online ste that can identify it..i dont think they will hurt the could b a beneficial predator just hanging out waitin for its nxt looks like it bites lol like everythin else here.bloody marsh flies are a prick right now.
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  13. Highkev


    Maybe u found a new species
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  14. you never know ,my buddy had a toad living with his plants .
    he just moved from plant to plant cleaning bugs i guess.
    he stayed for about 3 months and just disappeared.
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  15. Photo of the month mate!
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  16. I was thinking the same thing.
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  17. I honesly never saw that bug again and am assuming it was some sort of wasp that made its way in there, didn't seem to be up to anything and not long after this thread started it disappeared along with all the small flies (whitefly or something that there was only a handful of)

    Funny thing is I chopped today and found the ladybug I put in my flower wardrobe in week 1 alive and well, must have been doing its job
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  18. Highkev


    Friend or foe? BC450E1C-C9D4-498F-920F-6E242FF712C6.jpeg 0B885759-E228-44F3-BD05-28EB4EE27549.jpeg
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  19. Most stink bugs are plant eaters. Not sure if they’ll eat cannabis leaves though. I’d still get rid of it. We flush those down the toilet because they stink if your squish them or stress them.
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  20. I hate stink bugs
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