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Fungus Gnats I Think

Discussion in 'Cannabis Infirmary' started by Bbang420, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I was told I have an issue with fungus gnats bc I brought a sticky card to the grow shop with 2 of the culprits on it. I just tried to find the larvae from them and found nothing in 2 of my clones that were put into cups. The dirt had no evidence of anything n nothing on the roots. I did recently after they dried out hit them with Azatrol so maybe it killed them off (2 doses in 2 weeks). I do know I only have this issue in my veg room not in flowering my guess is bc the soil dries out in the flower room bc it's hotter n I have a 600 sodium over there.
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  2. You we’re told? Show pics of yo nats.
    If they truly are fungus nats in your veg you definitely have them in yo flowers.
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  4. closer Pic of the bug.
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  5. The guys at my local grow shop told me that they were fungus gnats I just didn't see any larvae. I've dealt with broad mites outside before n back in 07 with spider mites my first ever indoor setup.
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  6. It was a pain in the ass to get closer pics with my phone these things are small. Only reason I say they aren't in my plants that are flowering is bc I see no visible damage n those plants the soil dries out too quick also I have a b/w barrier
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  7. Yes, you are correct. Gear up, how many plants?
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  8. Probably like 10 or 15 but I knew that's what they were n have hit them with Azatrol already twice. My thing is I didn't see any larvae when I emptied out 2 of the clone cups n some are starting to come back. I'm buying gnat nix this Friday
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  10. These are my veg plants
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  11. Did you use a scope?
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  12. Yes I have a loop to look. I did see one moving dot the other day but I was looking for something bigger from the pics I seen but really I have only seen one I guess n it was tiny as hell
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  13. I was more worried about them being root aphids was looking for a slug type of thing when it comes to the gnats. I guess the little dot was it.
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  14. My flowering plants I have them staggered so I get weed every 2 weeks. This will probably put that on a little hold until maybe Friday with moving in the next rotation
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  16. bacillus thuringiensis Will take care of the problem easily.
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  17. Gnats usually show up from overwatering causing high humidity around the plants.

    The yellowing in the garden pic may also be an indication.

    The larvae die off with a good wet/dry cycle.
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  18. That's what I figured so I let them dry out to the point of almost wilt n then I hit them with Azatrol. It's what I had on hand until payday that can be used as a drench. But yeah the over watering thing is what did it. I have a fan on them now plus there's an ac in the window that probably adds to the humidity compared to the other side.

    It's a work in progress took over my roommates grow op. It was a total mess dirt everywhere vacuumed up the dirt he even had some top soil up there from before I moved here that I told him not to use but he left it sitting up there.

    So I bought a new hood, some 4' t5s n some b/w. I want to frame out a wall up there n staple b/w to it with zipper, setup a component board make it look professional but I'm trying to ease it in there. It's fun but I hate when shit fucks up your rotation
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  19. Thanks everyone I feel a lot better that im 100% sure it's fungus gnats. From what I read much easier to take care of them than root aphids. It also makes sense considering the soil is pro-mix bx with mycorrihaze ( probably spelled wrong) it's a type of active fungus it always worked well for me plus it comes in bales.
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  20. Good-Day Bbang420:
    I Totally Agree. Not Root Aphids-If You Ever Get Them You'll For Sure Know It.
    2 Growers Here In Oregon I Know Got Those Nasty Root Eat'in Monsters And Both Were
    Hydro Set Ups. You Could See Them Just Eating The Roots. This One Grower Threw Everything At Them.
    {Which I Don't Agree With} Then After He Killed The Aphids He Got Mites Super Bad/After The Mites This Grower Actually Harvested That Crap And Used It...
    The Other Grower Gave Up-Too Overwhelmed.

    Yeah... Really Great Info You All Came Up With-> No Worries, Because If You Ever Get Them
    They'll Usually Fly Right Up Into A MH Or HPS Lamp/Also, At Times, Some Potting Soils Aren't Sterilized
    Thoroughly {Sorry To Say-Like Black Gold And Such} Good Show Everyone-I Really Enjoyed This Thread.
    Peace Be With Us All And Onward With Your Great Skills Bbang420 ! Thanks Very Much, Brother Will
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