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General Hydroponics

Discussion in 'Nutrients and Fertilizers' started by Loco4mota, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. 20 year grower who claims he's a self taught expert in mendo told me that General hydroponics is poison and disgusting. He said only noob growers use it and everybody who grows with gh should throw their weed away? He says he single sources all his own organic nutes. Then he handed me a joint of some outdoor Reggie. What y'all think?
  2. typical in this industry. i used to be a assistant manager at a hydroponic shop.. gh is just fine... just find whatever nutes work for your set up and dial them in.. soil, hydro, terra ponics... etc.. what is ur style of growing
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  3. IMG_5430.JPG Coco in small pots running drip. No pesticides just OGBiowar teas and foilar spray with gh flora nova and molasses. Topped early and leached every couple waterings. Here's some cookieGlue from last run. He told me to throw my entire crop away It's poison he said
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  4. he is senile
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  5. Right on brother I thought so too Clownshoes
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  6. Ryesty


    I’ve been at this for 18 years now. There’s always the next best expensive thing I’ve tried them all, advanced nutes was superior. Got enough extra yield to cover what I spent on nutes. If you want some dank organic then go ahead, I keep a few in soil on the side for head stash. But for my numbers Area I run coco or any hydro and always end up back to GH. Always fire
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  7. He's an idiot plain and simple.
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  8. DGP


    GH is now owned by Scott's who has a relationship with Monsanto and resells their products. Read about Scotts and "Hawthorne" ( their trade name in the cannabis market) and their behavior towards cannabis growers.

    If you want to give Scott's money for their products thats cool but I choose to not do so. I am switching to Jacks profesional and never going back based on some of the shenanigans going on in the agricultural and canna chemical market.

    Scott's also bought up Botanicare.

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  9. There's one place that uses GH and you can always tell. All strains are sweetened identically with nasty asthma inducing plasticy taste hiding in the generic fake sweetness.

    Its fucking garbage but so is Brotanicare and pretty much all of them bottled product lines you can identify by how they ruin the bud the same way. Half these fuckin nutes leave a nasty taste and cause respitory side effects.

    It will always be a divide. Miracle-Groers will always be delusional, smoking on nasty chem bud. They can't even taste or smell or tell a clean high from a dirty one, obviously, so their opinion is void in the real world where such silly things like natural flavor, a good buzz and maintaining respiration matter.

    You can post all the pics you want. Who gives a fuck what it looks like while your smoking it if all you can taste is GH
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  10. You sound like a clown broski. All these buds come back tested clean and have been running a delivery service/ collective 4 years and before that was dropping off pounds to Purple Heart in Oakland every 2 months. What do you know about this industry? Besides the fact yoir a butthurt dork who goes mushroom hunting barefoot with your wook girlfriend and her ugly fat best friend they both refuse to shave arm pots or wear deodarant. You prolly sleep on your buddies coach in the basement and run the trim crew. They prolly talk mad crap about you behind your back cuz you think your hot shit and your run your mouth non stop during trim sessions. Blabbering your stupid hippiefied opinions non stop hating on everybody that doesn't eat tofu and vegetables for breakfast lunch and dinner. By the way clown I don't use sweet I use molasses from earth juice ya silly neck beard poodle. I can tell your mad cuz the pic looks fire and you just had yourself a lil cry baby host fit cuz you just can't hold back your lil bitch ass emotions when somebody flexes on you with fire ass pics of chronic. Go make some vegan pancakes and do some yoga get some of that stress out ya dweeb
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  11. I've heard this and guess what else Monsanto boughtZ gavitas. But I don't hear anybody talking about throwing those out.?"
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  12. DGP


    I use my own custom built LED system and Jack's professional nutes. No fan of Gavitas but I do like CHM lights in general.

    Anything associated with. Monsanto, Scott's or Bayer is off my shopping list. But that's just me.....

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  13. Gh, Botanicare, Can USA, Gavita...more to come.

    LOL - the age-old debate of mineral-based bud vs. organically grown. I've seen top-notch from either side. Typically the argument is easy to sway given the misguided, uneducated growers that pollute this market.
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  14. Sure hope they don't get their hooks into Canna..I love the Terra line (Vega and Flores expensive..) but have been trying megacrop (free sample)..looks good, but I have not smoked or harvested a megacrop plant yet..
    (Retired and NOT affiliated with anyone).

    I figure about 5 weeks for a taste..(chose fruity strains on purpose..)
    3-25-18 2.JPG
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  15. Does her go by organicz? Lol
    oh shit here he is
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  16. G gnome

    G gnome


    Thats how u shit talk!
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  17. G gnome

    G gnome

    GH ftmfw!!! 20180330_104241.jpg
    I felt thus was an appropriate pic cuz of the gh bottles in the background haha
  18. Darrre now!!!
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