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Gg#4 Trees …

Discussion in 'Tree Farming' started by UC Quest, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Any one growing GG#4 indoor tree style ?

    If so any recommendations or advice ?

    Anyone have pictures of their GG#4 trees ?

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  2. Yeah don't top her to much, she loves to spread out
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  3. Thanks, any advice on supporting her while she grows and stretches ?
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  4. jumpincactus

    jumpincactus Premium Member Supporter

    yep, a scrog screen. Dont overdo the topping as already mentioned. She will fill a screen with numerous bud sites.
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  5. I top mine at least 4-6 times. I've used stakes and now a net.
  6. Just remember, around week 6 from flip is when they start packing on the weight. They will all flop over if not staked. I add a 2nd or 3rd net about week 6 just to support the big fat ass colas. Or I forget, and I get major flop happening.
  7. I am going to run cages with layers of trellis at different heights within the cage, what are your guys thoughts on that ?

    Also what is the tallest indoor GG#4 tree someone has grown indoor ?

  8. Mine get to 6' max. Yields about 5.5-6.25oz a plant. Same returns with my old 3x600hps vs my current 4x315 cmh.
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  9. You have pentration and good lower buds on that big of a plant with those cmh? Ive been curious as to how big of a plant I can do with my cmh.
  10. I use a net now. Imo, treat cmh like you would an led panel. Light penetration is not great with 315 vs a 600. One Reason I went from staking to using a net. Plus staking takes me 8+hrs, a net takes me 10 mins.
  11. Any one growing gg4's with vertical lights around all 4 sides ?

    How tall has your largest GG4 been ?

    How long did you veg the GG4 when you grew them into trees ?
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  12. About 6 and half feet including pot about 8 weeks veg but they were neglected a little in veg. Don't know what it weighed guessing about 15oz. Not best pic as I'd already cut a lot of support lines off.
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  13. Thanks for the pic coperfacedave. What type of lighting and how many watts were using to both veg and flower ?

  14. 4 plants 5 600w lights in flower. Vegged with 1 hanging 600 till about 2ft tall then 2 600 stacked for rest of veg turned plants every few days so all sides got light.
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  15. Thanks for the info :)
  16. I grow GG#4 in coco. 8 week veg in 5gal pot. Flower in 10 Gal fabric pot. Approx 6ft tall and average 387g per plant. 15 plants under 8k. At least 15-20 6ft steel stakes per plant
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