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Good Evening Folks

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by K1ngkyle, Mar 16, 2019 at 10:29 PM.

  1. hi k1ngkyle here, i just grew my first plant, and maybe my attention to detail was less than keen ,
    my 1 plant is almost ready to harvest , but 2 weeks ago i changed my lighting schedule from 12\12 to 8\16, i thought it said 2-3 weeks before harvest but it said .......2-3 DAYS.
    ... what effect if any will it have on my plant, and is there anything i can do at this point?
    it maybe has 10 days left give or take.
    oh and its in soil , inside my house in the sunroom in the day and then id goes in the closet with hot water heater at night .
    please and thankyous
  2. You're already in FLOWER. 8/16 is acceptable for most genetics. You will loose some yield productions by giving up 4 hours of sunlight. However there are two important points here.
    1) Some Genetics do not like their light messed with in FLOWER.
    You are already 2 weeks in to 8/16. If you switch back to 12/12 you can disrupt the plants cycle, causing even less yields (and in some sensitive plants, just a few minutes over 12/12 light and it can cause a re-veg or Herm)
    2) If it was just 1-4 days of 8/16, you could easily go back. Some plants are hardier and will go back to 12/12. Find out all you can about your genetics from previous posts, grow logs, & your own experience of LST, or growth of your plant. You'll find out how sensitive the plants are. Then go with your gut.
    3) You are about to FINISH your plants in 14 days or so. I recommend not to re-establish lighting schedules now at the end.

    (Side note, is the Hot Water heater a room free of contaminants? Air born contaminants can have a very negative effect. Not that your house is dirty! Typically there are more access to dust, dirt, typical insects, in a warm moist, heater room, JUST AN FYI)
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  5. Hello new friend, ok starting with last question, hot water heater room , yes it's as clean as possible, I live at 7200 ft in the Rockies so bugs are very very scarce , my real battle Is dust and bunny hair. The hot water room is actually is the only place there isn't any lol.
    And as far as the strain , that's not so easy to answer, I had the seed for over 6 years so ..... There's that, but I Googled a pic of my flower and it only came back as skunk,
    If I can figure out how , I can send you a pic
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  6. She's spindly ,but she smells amazing!!
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  7. 1diesel1

    1diesel1 Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to, The Farm!!
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  8. Dan789


    Welcome @K1ngkyle to the farm. No one on this site started out knowing everything. Your just getting one new lesson in what not to do, learn from your mistakes, you’ll make more...
    What’s your plants telling you, throw us up a shot, (natural) light please.
    What are the colors of your trichomes?, that’s the usual indicator for finishing.
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  9. Thank you so much ,and welcome to my corn crib.
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  10. My tricombs are just starting to get cloudy, I planted her back in August by my calculations after curing it will be close to a year I've had this plant lol
  11. That's from.25 mins ago
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