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Got to love them LEDs.

Discussion in 'L.E.D Grow Lights' started by Pakalolo Laau, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Just wanted to say that I got to love them leds. I been using them for 3 years now and I am starting to get them down. Use of Cal/mag is a must. Sometimes double the recommended dose is required. Other than that, leds have been working for me and I already have a 3 year jump in my learning curve to dial in my meds. Enjoy the pics of my next launch of ladies.

    SAM_0562rs.jpg SAM_0564rs.jpg

    P.S. This is a 4 by 4 pan under the Mag Plus2. Height of girls vary from 2-3 1/2'. I have vegged some up to 4' prior to this. Great deal for me. At over 40 cents a kw where I live, this sure as heck helps.
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  2. tags420


    Nice bro. Cal/mag is for sure. Everyone who runs led's, all brand, has that issue. It's a good thing I think...they are growing and need the energy to convert other nutes.

    Rock on man
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  3. you run only leds pl? or just supplemental? been thinking about getting some.
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  4. I been running them independent on a agramover. The ladies love them too. As long as you address the cal mag issue you should be alright. I like the fact that all I have to run is a 6" max can fan with a regular wall fan and my temps are pretty cool for HI. I get usually 82 degrees which is tolerable . I actually had let a few of my cuts veg under this light for a while, when I was moving in. It went crazy. They got to 4'-4 1/2' tall(5 girls). They were so big for the room I had to launch em outdoor. Lol. It was for the good though, those ladies were massive. Hehehe. Anyways, I like them a lot. Runs cool, and cheap for the price of electric we have to pay. It helps when you need to save a little on the bill. Add some PV panels and even better. That's what I got and its been saving a bundle.

    P.S. It wouldn't hurt to use em with hps combined, side by side. Creating that fuller spectrum with the led does create results for sure. Plus it wouldn't add too much heat either. That is the more positive side of led too. It can enhance the spectrum when combined. Sounds like a win win situation.
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  5. 619ster


    Nice looking grow. I'm loving LEDs too and have been using them 3 years as well. I hope you keep this grow updated. I'll be posting my grows in the LED section again.
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  6. Did you noticed any less yield from previous harvest ? or did you always grow outside being your in sun heaven , i think that if LED's were as good as hps wouldn't they be in alot more gardens by now just the heat factor would make them more desirable to alot more people to this point i have only seen you now and 619 and the rev from skunk rave about them ? What one did you get ? I would love to grow with LED but to me its kinda like why buy generic soda when everyone is drinking pepsi - granted i hope there as good and i have a small led panel that is supposed to be equal to 200 hps but i use as supplemental lighting any pretty pictures ..... please keep us up dated my friend ,,,,,,


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  7. were your ears ringing brother
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  8. I will be launching half outdoor and a bunch in to have some fun. Then when that's done, I got some new technology to try. Those lights should be in next week. I'm going to try some Plasma action after these are done. I'm a sucker for technology advancement. Lol.
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  9. I got 3.5 O off of 1 lady under the led. Since then I been doing what you said. I launch a bunch outdoors after getting em to 4 feet inside with the led. Then I do tests every now and then with my led. I think the reason a lot don't have like em because of the simple thought of "reinventing the wheel". If I had started with MH and HPS, I think I would be standing by it like most. On the other hand..... I never started with them. I actually was only thought to do outdoors. Then curiosity got me reading. From there, experimenting like everyone else. When I decided to try indoor, I was intrigued with the LED story. It was the choice for me as a first time trying indoor. I must admit, the first led was small and the technology wasn't as advanced when I first tried it. Back then scrog was the only way to make it happen. Now, the advancements have been quite nice and you can actually get them to flower from 24-36"(past=8" canopy above scrog screen, then flip), which isn't really that bad for a simple 4x4 space. I don't usually do the math per watt thing. I just am happy that my bill doesn't exceed my budget. Whereas, some of my buddies bills I have seen has made me shake and tremble. Lol.
    This particular led is the MagPlus2. I have bought the Magplus the year before this. Kinda makes you wonder why I bought one each year. The results for my place and application was great enough for me that I was sold on the results of the product. Eventually there will be newer technology to try and I probably will try it if there is an advantage to save some $. The initial prices is what detours a lot of people. I mean 1000 a pop for most newer lights. It can be a bummer to cough up the wad. I did twice and can say that I have gotten way more back in quality meds that saved me from spending another 1000 in bills or meds. That is a plus for me for the last 2 years I bought them magnums. Btw, the nugs from led come almost like rocks. Hard and so dense, its hard to squeeze. Even the scissors cry to cut em. Lol.
    Aloha Soser. PL.
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  10. 619ster


    LOL hellz yea!! I feel it's my duty to defend the integrity of LEDs. While you are correct, there aren't yet LEDs on the market that can beat HPS. But I can't stick a 1000w HPS in my little 2x4 grow space either, and I'm not willing to lose yield by using floros. So while my 250w of LEDs aren't big enough to do as much as a HPS 1000w, they sure do grow buds the same size as I've had from my bigger room using HPS. LEDs just aren't a logical or efficient source of lighting for large grow ops unless using them as supplemental lighting (which is great IMO). But it's gold for the small tent growers, cabinet growers and closet growers. There's LEDs out there that can do 1gpw+, so they aren't weak by any means. There's just good ones and bad ones. Up to the consumer to do research, just like buying genetics, which I'm sure you can relate to lol.

  11. What type have you been using 619ster? The first one I used was a 240 blackstar. Lol. Almost hurts to say it, but it did yield some super meds for its size(closet grow). These Magnums are pretty decent. The new one looks even a little more stronger, but it swallows 450w. I see a lot of newer panels coming out a little more. All of them looks good, but I guess its more like the game roulette. Pick a light and try em out. I spent some time talking to the popular companies online. The Magnum dude was pretty cool and had some very useful information when I talked with him. I guess he was the better salesman. LOL. So far, the info he gave me to make their system work efficient, has worked like he said, and I am sure it works for all the other led panels too. Like you said..... its like genetics. Mine has chinese, but its been working like a mofo for me.
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  12. Keep the critiques and the pics coming! I'm learning a lot already, and I've had LED lights for years now. I use mine in veg and they are effective.
  13. 619ster


    I started with the 2010 GLH Spectra, which I still use. That's what I used in my grows I have posted here from past LED grows in this forum. Then I tried the 2011 models as a tester, and they sucked!! Hurt anything I put under them. Just weird really as me and a group of growers who were having the same problems couldn't figure out what it was, but it was definitely the LEDs. Now I'm testing for growevolution and I can say I'm really impressed! I'll be testing their newer models soon hopefully.
  14. I agree with you on the veg. I like the way the nodes grow tight. Makes it a plus when it hits flower.
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  15. That's awesome. I got to look at some of your grows. Check out other leds and how they do. Do you do the cal mag boost as well? i noticed it helps so much more. I also like them super roots air pots with a 60/40 mix for soil. Makes them girls super happy. Sometimes it makes them grow too fast. lol.
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  16. og dmc

    og dmc

    Looking good.
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  17. 619ster


    Yes I used to need to add cal-mag but that was before I started using Dyna Gro. It's got plenty already, but still used it every now and then. Now I've switched to Veg+Bloom 1 part powder and have dropped ALL additives. Plants do great with just that. Haven't seen the need for extra cal-mag even for plants under my LEDs. And I agree, those airpots make plants grow FAST! I use coco in mine. I would add perlite or something but then I'd need drip irrigation as it causes the medium to dry really fast. I only have time to visit my plants once a day.
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  18. Thanks interesting point in valid but i would mind tossing the extra $ at the light you will make that up in electric bills not to mention the tree - guess i'll have to keep track of your progress and maybe try to grow 1 plant start to finish under my cheap one and see its currently on the males i am sorting thru ...
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  19. 619ster


    Will not be worth the effort. But awesome idea using it for males, as they don't need much light to spew their pollen. But you wouldnt want fluffy air buds, which is what cheap LEDs produce. Definitely not the norm for anybody to get into LEDs. I don't see how I ever justified it in my head that it was ok to spend a grand on a light, but I did, and I'm happy lol. Still have the first LEDs I bought 3 years ago and they've been putting in work that whole time. I can certainly say I've got my $$ worth. But these new LEDs I'm using are saving me even more money running as cool as they do (cooler than floros if you can believe that). My older LEDs get hot and need good ventilation. These new ones I haven't even had to turn on A/C and they only raise ambient temps about 8 degrees. Venting with a simple booster fan which was struggling to keep my floros cool.
  20. The best part of growing is always learning to adapt through experimentation. You seem to be dialing in things that work and things you can eliminate as you use this type of lighting. I use a concoction of a few things that works too. Just got to love learning as we go..... the challenge can be so rewarding and stimulating. I often wondered how the drip system would work with the airpots. I saw a grow under led on youtube with it. Probably better to go with the coco like you, rather than soil. That would be a cool thing to try.