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Grand Daddy Purple

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Dubwobble, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Dubwobble

    Dubwobble Guest

    Tester Name : Dubwobble
    Strain : Grand Daddy Purple
    Method Smoked : Clean glass pipe



    The nugget is about the same size as my thumb. 95% purple colored. Really tight trim job, but all the untrimmed leaves are purple. Lots of orange hair, lots of crystals.


    Dominant smell of bud : Whiskey.

    Associated smells of bud : Grapey, rose petals, potpourri, skunk.


    Dominant flavour : Sweet grape juice

    Associated flavours : Rose, woodsy, wine

    Harsh/smoothness : (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth)
    - cough factor? : Pretty smooth, but too big of a hit makes me cough.


    Profile : Percentage of head to body
    Head 20% / Body 80%

    Potency : (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent)
    8.5 = strong & heavy

    Duration : (approx length of buzz, from first hit)
    2.5 hours. Cottonmouth lasting way longer, like overnight if smoked late at night!

    Use : All day long - tastes great. But makes the day really slowwwww ! I guess more of a nighttime herb for most people though.

    Munchies? : Yes
  2. Good stuff brah. 2 n half weeks into 12/12, got a 4x4 tray filled with the gdp ladies. short and squatty but looking oh so nice. Cannot wait for them. cheers
  3. Is this the new way pics show up on the smoke reports ? i dont think i like it to much. i wonder what the pic looks like normally
  4. I agree...looks photoshopped....color looks like its been enhanced.....great report though, GDP is one of my favorites....
  5. Dubwobble

    Dubwobble Guest

    I scan them, don't have a camera right now, I agree they all look kinda funny.

    I have to smash the top down to get any kind of focus.

    I turned off the "backlight" setting so it doesn't brighten up the picture at all.

    Here is another with some fresh leaves.

    The shit is 95% purple...

    I get this GDP regularily, when I get my camera back I'll upload some pics from a "normal" camera.
  6. xX Kid Twist Xx

    xX Kid Twist Xx Premium Member Supporter

    lol scanner shots. hey if it gets the job done. good report and kudos for ingenuity
  7. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck homie thats some PURPLE. I've had my fair share of purple buds in my day but god damn. Thats legit.
  8. Very impressive DUB,
    Those are picture or should I say scanner perfect.
  9. very nice but i have never seen GDP that looks like that it almost looks colored with a red marker.... GDP is nicknamed "blackweed" bc its so dark purple its almost black i would love to know the genetics of the plant ur GDP came from lol....
  10. Ive read the lavender is a parent or grandparent of the gdp . I always have good memorys when i taste the destinct sweet flavor of the grandaddy.
  11. i love your pictures. intense purpling on these gdp
  12. Is that indian weed?? :)

    I want some.
  13. Toomp


    really wish this was in seed
  14. Where did this GDP come from?? Did I miss it..?