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Grow Tents

Discussion in 'Growroom Design & Setup' started by bobs.buds, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hello I am looking for a quality grow tent with long lasting construction, I intend to keep it for a few years, something where I can grow 9 healthy flowering plants and 9 plants veg at the same time with clones. What size tent would be best and what name brand should I look for?
    Thank you
  2. Hi hope this helps where i live its hard to find tents so i find it cheapest and easy to buy off well known web sites
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  3. Budget buy = Apollo
    No budget = secret Jardin
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  4. Topogrow has a 4x5 tent that 1x4 of it has a Mylar wall. I was going to do the same thing, but in the end removed the wall and made the one tent a veg and clone only. I would suggest two grow tents if you plan to veg and flower at the same time. I could totally do it all in one, just decided I wanted more floor space for more experimentation and general room for ease.
  5. 858B0A52-5693-4243-88EB-C6AD51ABC982.jpeg
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  6. Thank you all for your quick reply. Would a 4x5 tent be big enough. This is what I have so far. Plus thinking at least nine clones in various stages.
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  7. Thats a hard question to answer.
    I grow 3 plants run to waste in coco in a 10x5 tent and i always wish for more room lol
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  8. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Thats pretty slick with the veg room
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  9. IMO..your plants look great..With that said, they also look very crowded and will fight for light etc..
    Training would be good too. (LST and super cropping imo)

    I got a Unit Farms tent for longevity and quality (for my breeding/clone tent)..They use similar cloth as the Gorilla tents (Gorillas too pricey for me), with xtra thick poles and High quality zippers (NO..I don't work for them LOL). If interested..Google their site.

    They are NOT cheap (wait for sales), but they are solid as a rock..I have a Vivosun (less $$) tent that is very nice, but nowhere near the quality of the UF product.

    I also like the UF front door setup (flaps to cover all the stitching where the zippers are) better than D doors. I assembled my 2x4 UF tent by myself in under 20 minutes (very simple). On the other Hand the Vivosun took me over 1 hr by myself (3x3).

    The Gorillas are also nice but again..too much $$ for the product..Give the choice between the two at the same $$,..I would take the Unit Farm tent any day. (Unit Farm is also an import). I had 1 small issue when I got mine (a very small hole in the fabric itself)..After a few emails and a picture (they didn't understand until I said.."maybe it was from the cloth manufacturer and your QC overlooked it") ..they sent me a new Tent CLOTH free inc shipping (from China no less)..Kudos to them for that..This sucker is very heavy. I know they make a 5x5 and a 4x4 but a 4X5?? Never saw one.:smoking:
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  10. Thanks for all your replies. Wow those plants must be monsters. I was looking at some of the budget tents from Amazon. One is actually 120x120x80 for about $ 230, a Casolly 96x48x80 for $169, and an iPower 96x48x78 for $149. Any of these any good or just junk?
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  11. Thanks Buzzer777. I looked at their site and the tents look pretty good. They have one that is about $384 down from $479 for a 5x5x7. Is that a good price for that tent? Also for the amount of plants I am working with would I need two of those?
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  12. Im not sure about those brands but in answer to your they must huge no lol i usually do 2 plants that i veg for 4 weeks to 4x4 size each i believe in less is more
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  13. None of those be nice n tight in 4x4 I’d try a net and position all your tops according. It’ll jam pack a 4x4

    Bigger tent might be better. Cause as said airflow will suffer light will suffer. Figure a foot to each side of them for good circulation They will get bigger quick once you flip em. Consider light defoliation or lot of training bending or a net.
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  14. That's about as good as it gets from them these days..(check Ebay too..they sell there as well, many times cheaper). I think I got 30% off on my 2x4 during a special sale.

    The amount of plants is up to you..I like more strains and flower 4 plants in my 3x3 (also too crowded, but Yield is not that important here)..3 plants would be about perfect (3 sq ft per plant)..If you are also susceptible to mold etc. As usual..less is more with Cannabis. Lighting is the all important factor here.

    I am in my tents very often which is a good test of zippers etc..No issues with UF as yet (3 months old)..The Vivosun is over a yr old and is beginning to show a little wear. (candle wax on the zippers works well)

    This is a fairly recent picture of my 3x3 with 4 plants..Pretty crowded, but it works.:)
  15. GT21

    GT21 I like soup Supporter

    Apollo and i power are pretty much competitors...i have an apollo 5x5x7 off amazon
  16. i could make a hell of a shelter out that room you have them in now for 384 bucks,i like to grow big plants,and since ive went to a tent that just dont happen,my biggest issue is with the heights of the tents, crap to keep heat down,you have to put exhaust and filter inside the bitch,then hang a cool tube in there,well there went 2ft ceiling height
  17. Thanks for your all replies.
    Hey Pass what type of yeild do you get with the two? Are you putting them in 5 gallon pots or 10 gallon pots?
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  18. I use 50 litre pots get between 3 to 4 pound depending on strains
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  19. So approx a 13 gallon pot. That yield is per plant?
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  20. Hey bobs.buds! The guys who recommended you certain brands of grow tents are right on the money...if you wanna buy grow tents that is. My question to you first is, why buy when you can make a better one to last, using just scrap lumber? That’s what I did for just an experimental room for two different strains I wanted to try out. My next question is, do you really wanna try cramming NINE PLANTS into a tiny 4X5 floor space? Why not just grow 4 big ones to maximize your Buds? If you keep 9 short and small, you can still grow big Buds but much less compared to growing 4 big plants with nice broad canopies. Bigger canopies = More Bigger Buds! And definitely use 2: one for veg and one for flower so you can continuous year-round harvests.

    Another thing you gotta watch out for in tiny grow tent spaces, are your lights. The wrong lights can kill your crops 2 different ways: 1. Poor light spectrum and too intense light amounts will burn your plants and stunt them at the same time. 2. LED’s may throw off less heat these companies will tell you but all grow lights except the little T5’s for clones will produce enough heat to STOP growth and flowering if your ventilation is no good. Research your temperature values and how to create good venting for stable optimum growing temperatures.

    On my scrap lumber little 2X4 grow tent I used old fashioned white/black poly. The white is more reflective than that silver stuff which is supposed to be better but it gets on my nerves. For venting I use 2 extra large bathroom vent boxes, one sucking cool fresh air into the floor area and another mounted on the top side wall pumping hot air out. My LED is an Electric Sunshine 300 which I don’t like but I use it anyway. The first time I used it, my grow area was too large and the light was too weak. The manufacture doesn’t tell you just one of these will only work with reflective walls that are 2X4 for area. It’s a heavy bitch too and needs a small fan on top to blow the off the heat sinks above the walls.

    That’s why I love my Tom’s Tumble Trimmers. In my main huge grow areas they can trim a 4000 plant harvest in no time. They’re small and quite, don’t break down and work like they’re supposed to trimming my Buds just like hand-trimmed without stripping off a lot of crystals like those other auto-trimmers that use blades. I shouldn’t compare my TTTrimmers to my one ES300 light but they accomplish all they’re supposed to unlike my ES300 which is a lame puppy unless its got a tiny 2X4 grow tent.
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