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Growers Choice Seeds Led+cmh Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Diaries' started by Therighthigh, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Whats up y’all, grabbed some growers choice seeds, white widow photo and gorilla glue auto.dropped a couple random seeds i had laying around hopefully their female if not oh well.

    Mothers earth groundswell soil red solo cups for now. Their under a 600 watt led for now will put the 1500 led up later in grow with 315 cmh. Excited to see what a cmh does my previous 3 grows were all with leds. Decent but yield not there and density could be way better

    Shoot me your opinions on cmh i feel hps will have heat issues for me the only reason i havent went that route.
  2. Ohhh and any way i can tell the sex if the 3 randoms before i flip to flower? I plan on vegging for awhile so i have a nice yield
  3. JWM2

    JWM2 Premium Member Supporter

    In a few weeks or so they will show preflowers. Then you’ll know what the sex is of them.

    Actually i just read the seed packs. They are feminized autoflowering seeds. So they should all be female.
  4. Haha yeah bro i know the 6 i bought are females but i dropped 3 that werent and last two grows i did clones so i knew oft top, But thanks man ! Will keep an eye out on them
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  5. Hit them with some recharge today other than that happy growing guys
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  6. Grabbed a 315 cmh today. They were transplanted and have the light about 30 inches above as its the first introduction to the tent.
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  7. So awhile back i won a raffle at the hydro shop for their anniversary and they gave me a whole nutrient line plus two sample packs

    So advanced nutrients is what i run mostly but they gave me a whole emerald harvest line and both mills and heavy 16

    I decided to run adv, mills and emerald on a side by side by side with the 3 white widows that are feminized already. And im trying a new soil out too cause they shot me the soil for free as well. Happy saturday guys!
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  8. Ohhh and i wanted a cookies in the tent so i grabbed a cookie glue clone from a shop not to far from the house. Only clone in the bunch

    Also im not considering any of this time veg until the plants are big enough to be trained and topped. Only ones that im paying close attention to is the gg autoflowers
  9. 4plant


    Looks good. I also run a 315 but in a bat wing reflector I’m hoping to change do you think your reflector does a good job of covering 3 x 3 space? And how tall is that clone?
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  10. Yeah i feel it does a good job, its only been in my tent for 10 days so ill give an update when they get bigger and how it does during flower. My tents a 4x4 and i have a 1500 watt led laying around and just experimenting because it covers a 3x3.
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  11. And the clone was about 6 inches
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  12. Update vid
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  13. 20 days in and i see a little purpling so im adding ca mag plus at half strength 2.5 m. Its also been a week since i gave recharge so it’ll get 2.5 of that as well.

    “ dk if you can really see the purple in the pic but its coming in”

    Ph 6.0 will get first nutrient feedings after this watering
  14. Quick update day 25 and its the first actual nutrient feedings.

    Advanced nutrient plants received sensai grow a&b with voodoo juice and b52. All at 4ml

    Emerald harvest plants received cali grow a&b at 3ml, honey chome and emerald goddess at 3 ml and root wizard at 10 ml.

    Cmh light is killing it so far for me
  15. They all look happy. Great job
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  16. Mills plants received vitalize at 0.5 ml
    Basis a&b at 4ml and start -r at 3 ml forgot to put that earlier.
  17. Thanks bro!
  18. The two goriila glue autos one is receiving advanced nutrients one is recieving emerald harvest. Left to right
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  19. I just finished their White widow. I’ll be curious to see how yours finishes.
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  20. First time growing from a seed company so im stoked. Do you have pics by chance?