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  1. djmjb

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    So when can we expect the GSC cross ?
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  2. CannaVenture

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    Hey Bro... The VERY next drop, In about 5 weeks or so, We will be Dropping The Very First Girl Scout Cookies hybrid.. We used a Beautiful Arcata Trainwreck BXII male, he is Dead on, exactly like The Arcata Trainwreck Clone only.... We decided to use the Trainwreck Dad for a few different reasons...

    One, The Trainwreck will help GSC to keep her structure very close to the same...2) The Flower density will be the same...3) Cookies has a weird OG smell to her, with like a twist of limes or something, and teh Arcata TW male has that same lime=y type smell, not exactly the exact same as Cookies, but similar..

    About the Cookies clone... I dont get to excited or blown away by very many Clone Onlies Supposedly "Elites".. But Even with all teh hype of Cookies, I am actually Very suprised by how nice of a cut it really is.. I smoke Cookies before I got cuts of her, and teh smoke was good, But it didn't blow me away, but teh plant in 12/12 really is pretty amazing.. I was suprised by teh amount of trichs Cookies generates even 4-5 weeks into flower.... Cookies has a very strong structure, but still has a good amount of stretch too, but the plant is Not flimsy at all.. She is still very Stout, with thick stems.... its a VERY easy plant to grow.. Needs Nothing special at all... Possibly teh densest meds I have EVER senn.. Rock hard straight out teh gate.. im talking 2 weeks in, teh flowers seem to start out dense...Lots of resin even on teh sugar leaves.... The density bumps up teh yield nicely.. Pretty good yielding clone.... She can take high temps up to 85 or so, with no signs of trying to reverse..

    In short, I truely am suprised at the quality of The Cookies clone...Really wasnt expecting it to be this good..

    Also, The Girl Scout Cookies clone is So Unique.... It would be VERY hard or impossible to have fake cuts of this.. Once you see The Real Cookies Clone, You will know without a doubt that its teh read one..... the stems are strong and have a mixture of lime green to red/maroon colors in teh stems.. the leaves are also strong , dark green, with some red/pink in teh petioles (Stem conecting to leaf).. Its just a reallu inque looking plant..

    I took some pics of the GS Cookies clone at 4-5 weeks in 12/12, and will get those posted before I drop any gear, and will also take more pics once its harvest time, in a few weeks, literally like 3 or so more weeks to go, then Ill cure the seed and package them up and send em out..

    But to answer your question.. Yes Girl Scout Cookies clone x Arcata Trainwreck BXII seeds will be released in teh upcoming drop, in about 6 weeks or so..Along with some other Base lines, Like Purple Berry BXII....Sour Double Kush BXII.. Diesel Fire (ECSD Cloen x Fire OG BX)... garlic Breath (Tenn. Hogsbreath Clone x Chem D BXII (Garlic Pheno)... Electric Larry Land 9First Release).. Grapefruit D-Lite (First Release)... As well as some more Limited Release gear using these Clone Onlies.. Afghan Bullrider clone.... BlackBerry Kush Clone .....Lavender Clone...(Pacific North West Clone).... Lemon Skunk Clone only...Chem 4 clone.... Fire OG Clone....LA Affie clone only (this is a Special cut, and have been trying to get this specific cut for YEARS, Its worth the wait).....1995 Super Silver haze clone (From a 95 Release, I was told its from teh original SSH Release, The SSH origins story is kind of Blury, but It came from 1995, so IF not teh First SSH release, Its from teh early days).... i know Im leaving some gear out, but that is most of it...And ALL will be ready in about 4-5 weeks.Ill make a thread to update everyone soon..

    Also, we are working to S1 GS Cookies clone now.... So that will be soon in the future, Wont be ready for thsi next drop, but maybe teh one after that... Ill keep everyone posted with any GSC news...

    Still havent came up with a name for GS Cookies x Arcata Trainwreck BXII line.... Working on that now...

    I think by using this Arcata TW male, that it will still allow The GS Cookies clone to shine through nicely, and we will continue to work this line back teh Cookies clone... I also made a bunch of GS Cookies clone x Fire OG BX seeds, pretty much re-making Animal Crackers, but only made a VERY small amount, pretty much for personal use to find potential parents, might even work the GSc x Fire line soon...Probably will... But first up will be GSC x Arcata trainwreck BXII.. the Arcata Male is from H3AD Seeds.. he Really did a GREAt job with this Arcata line... Phenos that are 100% exact same as teh real Arcata Clone only... gotta give H3ED props, he doesnt release very much gear, but teh shit he releases is on point, EVERY TIME... If Anyone can score a pack of his Arcata Trainwreck BXII seeds, and you liek Trainwreck, I sincerely advise anyone to try out H3ADs TW Line....
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  3. KushCo

    KushCo Well-Known Farmer

    Right on, Cannaventure.

    I havent seen any GSC hybrids hit the market yet. You may be the first. It's cool you are bringing this elite strain to the masses in seed form.

    Im sure whatever name you come up with will do justice.

    Some ideas for ya...Girl Scout Wreckies, Cookie Wreck, Mint Wreck :)
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  4. Prime C

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    Sounds like a winner to me and I'd love to add it to my garden!:D
  5. CannaVenture

    CannaVenture CannaVenture Seeds Staff Member

    Hey Thanks bro... Its alays hard to come up with Quality names.. and Its Alwas nice to pick out a name that some what, When possible tells you about teh parents involved...

    Those names aren't bad at all man... I might actually use one of them....

    The GSC Hybrids will be harvested SOON, a long with The Rest of Everything else from This Mid-Summer Drop.. We are not far off At All now... Seeds are all mature, just letting the few harden up in the next few days....

    More info to come on The next Mid-Summer Limited Release and Base Line Drop....
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  6. CannaVenture

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    I'm pretty sure I already posted these Girl Scout Cookie pics here in The Farm, but just incase.. Here you go...

    These pics where taken at about 4 weeks in bloom...

    Cookies #6.jpg Cookies #1.jpg Cookies #3.jpg View attachment 229785
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  7. djmjb

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    Sounds like the drop is coming soon
  8. fishwhistle

    fishwhistle Well-Known Farmer

    How about cookie catastrophe,cookie express or C-train?
  9. CannaVenture

    CannaVenture CannaVenture Seeds Staff Member

    It is bro... VERY soon...... Seeds are pretty much fully mature.. Im just giving them a few more days till i harvest everything....So we are not far off at all man....I have a Threa on here called something like "Mid-Summer Base Line and Limited Release Drop".... That thread has EVERYTHING Im about to drop, as well as some other Drop info...
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  10. CannaVenture

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    Man, I like it bro.... Cookie Catastrophe is cool man.. Might do that!

    We could make some really nice Cookie Catastrophe Cards to go in The seed packs.... I know my boy that does all my cards could do something really cool with cookies and bro.
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  11. djmjb

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    Cookie wreck as stated before
  12. CannaVenture

    CannaVenture CannaVenture Seeds Staff Member

    Yeah, I like Cookie Catastrophe a little more.. but Cookie Wreck would help explain parents easier without even looking that info up....
  13. baba G

    baba G bean sprouts are tasty Staff Member

    Alright here it is,


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  14. KushCo

    KushCo Well-Known Farmer

    Hell yeah...Cant wait for these to drop. Hoping to get a chance at both the GSCxFire OG and the GSC/Trainwreck.

    Whatever you decide to choose for the name...It should definitly be cookies or Girl Scout something. From a business perspective, ya gotta take advantage of the hype and marketing potential that GSC brings. This strain has definitly gotta be America's Most Wanted right now... Rightfully so IMO, I got to try the real deal a couple weeks back and loved it. Topshelf, no doubt.
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  15. CannaVenture

    CannaVenture CannaVenture Seeds Staff Member

    It really is pretty unique huh.. You can taste the Typical OG taste, but there is a little Kick of something different in there.. Ment-y.. Lime-y..Something..

    Ive been talking about Fucking Cookies for Hours now.. Im ready to go smash my Cookie MOm...And never speak of that clone

    Hey KushCo... What is your avatar pic? what cut/strain? you know?
  16. KushCo

    KushCo Well-Known Farmer

    The avatar pic is a Dinafem Blue Widow. I got it as a random freebie with a seed company order. About a year ago I planted it for the hell of it, not really expecting much. It pretty much blew me away and has since become one of the top strains in my stable. I have 15-20 mothers including some very nice elite clone only's I have collected over the last decade, and this particular pheno of Blue Widow I found is up there with the best. Potency, smell, taste, and bag appeal is ridiculous. One of my patients had it tested and it came in at 22%+ total. Not too shabby for a random single seed freebie...

    The avatar pic doesnt even really do it justice compared to some my more recent pics with the new camera...

    P.S. Sorry if it's bad form to post pics in your GSC thread...
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  17. fishwhistle

    fishwhistle Well-Known Farmer

    Which ever name you choose the cross is one id like to have so ill be one of the first in line holdin my dolla's!I have the arcata cut and like it already so adding the GSC to it is just frosting on the cake err cookie...
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  18. CannaVenture

    CannaVenture CannaVenture Seeds Staff Member

    Not Bad At All bro.... I asked man... And I have to say.. It Looks Great man.. Seriously.... Its Flashy for sure...Pretty man.
  19. CannaVenture

    CannaVenture CannaVenture Seeds Staff Member

    LOL.. Baba... Thanks bro.. I really like it man.....I think we will leave it at that... Cookie Collision!
  20. Prime C

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    I like it too.