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Gypsy Nirvana Arrested in Manilla

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by theherbalizor, Sep 1, 2013.

    Is this a legal ploy Gypsy is using to distance himself from the administration of the ICMag website?
    In other words, is Gypsy posting (thru OP) as just a regular ICMag forum member rather than owner/admin of ICMag?

    For a long time now (since the PoM legal problem) we've noticed Gypsy's infrequent visits to IC.

    His gradual retreat from IC says to me that he has delibrately legally distanced himself to legally protect the ICMag website, ICMag members and himself.

    Like I posted earlier, Gypsy's not stupid and after the emery, OG/CW/RC/HS takedown and the PoM attempted takeover, he must have planned ahead legally for the possibility of the same thing being attempted on ICMag/Bou/Bay and himself!

    This is the main reason that I'm not afraid to deal with, visit or post at any of those sites.:)
  2. randude


    I have never been afraid to buy seeds from the site, anymore than any of the others. I bought seeds from them using some kind of international money order. I cannot send cash in the mail, it is just like throwing money into the wind to me.

    I remember chatting in IC chat with Gypsy about 2009. I had this troll named Razz that would follow me around and insult me. He come into the chat room while we were chatting away spouting his usual fight starting crap and Gypsy just banned him on the spot. Razz was someone that smoked with the married mod team and they protected him and slid him the back door with a similar handle. I see he is still there in fact. The point is, Gypsy still had administrative rights at the site.

    At some point, about 2008-2009 Gypsy had a title El Presidente It was a poke of course, but people made comments that suggested that he was just a figure head on the site and not the sole control.

    I have read that Skip is POM and have my doubts that is true. POM come off as someone that was not American and Skip comes off as your typical San Fransico liberal with some IT training. His commentary was in no way like the crap that come out of the POM when he threatened and actually outed Gypsy and others. I do know that after that the handle POM seemed to sort of disappear. Was POM active on Planet Ganja? I thought I seen something about that around 2010 and asked the person. They told me to "piss-off" a clearly European, UK expression that you rarely hear from an American. It probably was him. Skip doesn't talk like that.

    I know Gypsy is smart... a lot smarter than his background should allow. He told me he grew up in a caravan on someone else's land. I laughed and called him a Pikie (see the movie snatch or a youtube video of snatch if you do not know what a pikie is). I am sure that he dropped out of school at a young age, but for some reason he didn't completely reject education. His writing is better than a lot of his followers. He wrote with a level of sophistication of a college graduate and his abilities to think ahead and plan his moves showed a strategic approach. He was good looking in his youth and built. He was able to get work doing extremely low budget films, and made films off and on, like his trip to Morocco. He and I are about the same age and started smoking at the same time. He touches on that in the film about Morocco. All that stuff is available on youtube. He is in a movie with Jean Claude Van Dam (sp), he is in the movie Tommy the Bionic Ninja and the Morocco thing. We would laugh and joke about the cheesey stuff in chat. He is a man that I would not count down until a complete count. He is no Marc Emery.

    Anyone that knows anything about what happened to POM that would be interesting to share. In my opinion POM is the worst kind of creature to ever appear on the canna boards. He makes my skin crawl. Watch, he is probably a mod on this site and I will be banned and not know why lol
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  3. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Who is/was PoM?
  4. Randude, I can assure you that Skip is not PoM (Plural of Mongoose).

    PoM would be the subject of a whole new thread that would quickly be banned :)

    ...... but I can't assure you that PoM wasn't one of the 'former associates' mentioned in the Inquirer article that ratted Gypsy out. ;)
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  5. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Thanks, PharmaGirl. I see PoM and it leads me to PoMH, which is pieceofmyheart, and I got to be friends with her. Miss her, truthfully.
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  6. ..... in fact, now that I think about it, PoM said on the now defunct website Planetganja. com that he was in touch with the DEA, FBI, M5 and all the other worldwide organizations.

    Whether this was true or not I don't know!
  7. She still has a piece of my heart too!;)
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  8. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Whoa... myplanetganja is gone now... hmm. It's all sexy stuff, like the other site a certain site admin runs (under the guise of being 'hip').
  9. nah, it's still there you just have to be 'in the know' enough to click on the 'Enter here' link on the left (NOT that I'd recommend it!;).

    There isn't much on that site about PoM
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  10. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    Huh... well, I had a login/username there, haven't gone to see what's up there in quite some time, so seeing what I saw was a little surprising. It was also the last place I was able to interact with PoMH.
  11. randude


    SM, POM is was a long story, but easy enough to find. Google Pom gypsy marijuana is the same search criteria
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  12. I assure you, Skip is not PoM.

  13. hammerhead

    hammerhead Old Farmer Supporter

    Plural of Mongoose for those that don't know...
  14. Tommy Clarke was found to be POM wasn't he?
  15. randude


    There is a Thomas H Clarke that is either a writer or owner of a site called The Daily Chronic. It looks very professional.
  16. gog


    Sorry Seamaiden,but are you trying to say i'am this person PoM,I had to google to find out who you was talking about,
  17. Texas Kid

    Texas Kid Some guy with a light

    I thought Payaso was the one behind the curtains that wrote so in '04 or '05?? I still have an actual International Cannagraphics Magazine around here somewhere signed and all....JLP and Lone where given away all their work for free and BOG, Reeferman, Reservoir seeds where gettin some legs....Sucks to be them once the feds get up your ass but they are big boys and that is just one of the risk of doin what people do, especially internationally....the seed biz is a seedy biz
  18. The world is filled with Thomas Clarke's but PoM hasn't been active in many, many years. As I recall, he had some terminal muscle-wasting disease and just a few years to live. That was quit awhile ago too.

    Interesting guy, for a period of time he had the internet seed biz by the balls. As he once worked for Seedbay he had all of the real-life names and contact info for all of the breeders and a lot of folks who ordered seeds.

    Who knows whatall he ended up giving to the authorities besides the info on Gypsy.:rolleyes:
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  19. I just finished reading about POM, and holy shit I did not think there was this much drama in this industry. It seems that many of these "big fish" are in between legitimate business and some mafia movie they spent too much time in their youth watching. It also appears that there are too many shady characters in this industry, especially now that we are turning a new leaf in this legal biz.....all the wolves have come out to play.

    I sincerely hope that GN does not do time for seeds, and does anyone know if this "POM" guy is legit in his claims that gypsy wanted to kill him? He also claims that GN wanted to kill any small seed breeders that did not see things his way? What a soap opera I have stumbled upon here!
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  20. Soap Opera...Seems like it. A high risk/reward industry will always have a draw on the shady underbelly that sees a very lucrative opportunity. Even in the name of moving toward freedom for a certain cultural movement, sometimes this element is the only one that can gather people together and add fire to the larger outcry of the common citizen that just wants to live in peace and grow some plants on the side, or just wants to be able to toke and relax when they want. Seems things will settle down after a time. The ones true to the cause will adapt and overgrow and come up with even more creative ways to utilize this wonderful plant in the most wonderful ways to benefit mankind as a whole as it was meant to be.

    Good dabs....I rambleth :D