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Gypsy Nirvana Arrested in Manilla

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by theherbalizor, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. randude


    The news story said "Several Associates" worked with the police. That could be Anyone, I agree, but a lot of stuff is landing in one pile here.

    So I agree, nobody should bother Greg whether he snitched or now, and especially on circumstantial evidence. I am sure he is reading this shit and shaking in his federal probation boots. He has been identified and located and called a snitch by the entire pot community.
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  2. Kcar


    The real Chemdog is not part of this. It's Gregory Krzanowski all the way. You thin tweaker guy quit the meth and spent several years eating
    and sitting behind a keyboard. Rezdog copyrighted the word 'Chemdog' and thats part of what got him busted.
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  3. ORD


    Controversy surrounding Gypsy and Rez.... Wow not much has changed in 11 years.
  4. this shit has me completely confused.are rez and chem one in the same or what.from what i know they are not,but what do i know? calling someone out as a snitch is a big deal where im from.if everything lines up like it seems,chances are he may have turned evidence,but someone with 97 plants isnt facing a mandatory sentence.even with a firearm,he might of been lookin at 5-10(most likely less)or probation.they always mention maximum sentences to scare peeps,but judges almost never give far as g.n,good luck
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  6. that the vid were gypsy threatens to eat his pals brains? sorry but hes a fucking idiot of a man.big headed bastard.haha
  7. Seamaiden

    Seamaiden Living dead girl

    All the information any of you are sharing here is, quite technically, information gleaned from online. IMO, as someone who doesn't know the players, it's a bit confusing.

    I looked at those vids a couple of times, then read the comments section on YouTube. Whoever posted the vids appears to have a problem with GN. However, it also appears that those videos were made on purpose.

    My question is really this--IF the U.S. federal government is changing its stance on cannabis, how will that affect the rest of the world's anti-cannabis laws? Will they, as seems to typically be the case in countries more advanced, or trying to be more advanced, follow suit? That would be my hope, because I can't imagine a jail in PI to be anything resembling comfortable, not as much as I can imagine a U.S. or UK prison being in comparison, and who wants to be imprisoned for selling a plant or its seeds anyway?

    (Though, to be fair, this sort of thing has happened in the past. Think: Chinese silk, chocolate, tulips, etc.)
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  8. ftwendy


    Some people here seem to revel in GN's problems....that's not the point of this thread. Its the opposite in fact. If we're smart, we're ALL praying for Gypsy, and making lessons form his mistakes.

    That said, I also think there's already enough names being thrown around this thread, so lets stop with the ID argument about who did what. The people that those names matter to already know them.
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  9. dddaver


    PLEASE, don't be swayed by the misinformation and misdirection associated with all this. Who really cares who snitched. We all know there is a special place in hell reserved for such karmic assholes that do that.

    The way I see it, war has been declared by a corrupt and dieing system that felt the winds of change on their faces and thought they better get while the gettin' was good. I'm very confident the crooks at the DEA have there grubby paws all over this. Anyone who thinks there is not a huge inter-related web in the US Justice Department (LEO) is very naive.

    What they actually did was create a martyr. Very stupid. Is anyone surprised really at such stupidity?

    The free Gypsy movement will create such a backlash like none any of those corrupt assholes imagined. But rest assured, they will try all kinds of tactics to sway public opinion to their side including baldfaced lies.. I plea again. Do not be swayed by meaningless bullshit. This is all about just a plant and the power structure trying to control it.
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  10. 7thson

    7thson Guest

    I'm at the point,that I wish I never heard of this individual.:mad:
  11. People can sit with hearts full of hate, schadenfreude, or what have you, but personally I just feel sad about this whole thing.

    Been buying seeds in that particular way for over 10 years, any time a chapter like that comes to a close, you can only shake your head and sigh.
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  12. Just a thought but why would a guy like GN allow himself to be utube videoed seems like foolishness in his business to put that on film ?
  13. Jalisco Kid

    Jalisco Kid Guest

    The free Gypsy movement will create such a backlash like none any of those corrupt assholes imagined. But rest assured, they will try all kinds of tactics to sway public opinion to their side including baldfaced lies.. I plea again. Do not be swayed by meaningless bullshit. This is all about just a plant and the power structure trying to control it.[/quote]
    You have more confidence in people then me, the People will forget in a month. I bet Emery doesn't even get post cards anymore.JK
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  14. dddaver


    Feel the sway?

    This has nothing to do with any confidence in anybody accept in that confidence in knowing there are corrupt assholes at play.
  15. ORD


    I think a lot of people would like to believe it's only about a plant and the corrupt aholes in government and the corporate world who seek to control.

    However some folks know that can recognize a person who seeks to exploit the plant for personal gain at the expense of good people and there kindness.

    I go back to 1998 with Gypsy when he first showed up at when he spent to much energy trying to sow the seeds of discontent within the community with all nonsense about breeders packs. I became one of those on the long list of folks who Gypsy scammed on his way to the top. I never held any ill will towards him and still don't but things do have a way of catching up with you sooner or later. I would never wish prison on any one over cannabis and the unjust laws surrounding it.

    A small group of fanboys might print up some free Gypsy shirts but there will be no grass roots movement rallying for his release. RC was a much better person IMO and a stand up guy in my experience. When CW and OG went down people dropped him like a hot potato. No one is going to risk there freedom over some so called icon of the industry.

    Anyone remember the dead packing lady story...:D
  16. I believe the video explains his character to me why not talk to people like they are human , personally he seemed like he was an ass , granted i'm judging the man by 1 video but usually i'm a pretty good judge of character and you know the saying pigs get slaughtered and don't burn bridges ..... but greed will get ahold of alot of people
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  17. ORD


    The medical marijuana industry is shining example of that.

    I recall attending a legalization rally where I met a women that was bed ridden from MS. She had tried every drug and treatment that conventional medicine had available with no luck. She discover cannabis and the relief it brought her. Her and her husbands story touched my heart so for the next 3 years I gave her all her meds free of charge.

    Many people in the community considered me to be somebody (which I wasn't). So I tried to leverage my position in the community to start a campaign I called adopt a medical patient in need. I asked folks to find a local medical marijuana patient and give them a small piece of there grow. I got zero response from folks who I considered compassionate. The vibe I got was why should I give away some of my excess stash when I can turn it in to cash.

    Greed and shady seed dealers have been around before I ever got in to the community back in 1996. Never gonna change.
  18. I am only going to say this once, because it is the truth. Then I will say no more.

    Chem and Rez are not the same person. They are both named Greg. Greg Krzanowski is Chem. Gregory Mark Semple is Rez.

    Rez got stupid and got busted in South Casco Maine where he lived. He was NOT in Spain. To avoid trouble Rez rolled on Chem and also agreed to help take down Gypsy. That is why Chem's arrest was all over the news, but Rez's was not. Rez is in Florida hiding while he has been helping out the DEA to take down Gypsy. Every late summer , Gypsy and Rez would meet in the Phillipines for payments among other things. He knew Gypsy would be there for the DEA and they took Gypsy.

    Chem kept his mouth shut and took his licks. Rez lost his house in South Casco because of money laundering and tax evasion but avoided prison by helping take down Chem and Gypsy.

    Rez is skinny bastard that is loyal only to greed and himself. REZ.jpg <----REZ!

    Chem stayed true even though he got used by Rez multiple times.

    Rez is EXACTLY what is wrong with this industry.. GREED and manipulation when faced with adverse situations.

    That is all I have to say..

    I'm OUT. Peace
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  19. All I know is that he better hope feds can protect him now.

    What a numb asshat! <--- sound about right there, Greg? that is what you used to call everybody that didn't agree with you.
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  20. Oofta..That's hard...

    Plastic surgery will be tough on that ugly mug...Can they make him look any better?
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