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Had To Start A New Thread, New Mothod..

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Crush It, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Guys so I have been playing with cryo before just going straight to lid and heat...or is it heat...whhaaahaha..kidding..anyway, I have 99.99 iso and dry ice and a 2 gal igloo in 16 oz jar and it crashed off in 4 hours and i mean hard, 3/8 in layer easily on the sides and the bottom is getting thicker. Anyone every see a crash this fast? Hoping for large formations.
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  2. ]]?
  3. G gnome

    G gnome

    Is this another diamond thread?
  4. Well to be honest yes but to be fair it is different tech. I was hoping since the SOP is different a new thread may have been ok. Not trying to cause a headache f
  5. G gnome

    G gnome

    Dont ya think 1 thread detailing the evolution of ur process wud be more helpful and intelligible instead of every time u make a change starting a new thread. That's like somebody in the grow diary section starting a new thread cuz they changed a light bulb....
  6. Aside from adding YET another thread on the subject, you've also just shown us how ill equipped you are to be doing things like this.

    I'm not trying to be a dick here, but I do want to come across a bit harsh so that you understand and spend a little more time researching, and a little less time starting new threads.

    ISO Slurries and IGLO containers are a BAD COMBINATION, especially around solvents such as butane sitting in a mason jar.

    Stop what you are doing NOW before you become yet another casualty in the world of butane explosions.

    Do some more research on WHAT you are doing and all the things that can possibly go wrong, spend the money on the proper gear, then start over. PLEASE.
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  7. Face palm

    Oh boy, another diamond thread.

    Please enough with the tons of same threads. We'll leave this one go. If there are any BS issues, crying, etc, its gonna get shut down.
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  8. I didnt put the top on all the way...i made a vent coming out the lid so gases dont build..
  9. Tell me what happens
  10. this is a plastic small cooler with hoses coming out the lid for venting, 5lb dry ice, almost half gallon 99. alc. leave the lid on only took 7 hrs for crash to happen, now the liquid is dark but this is the first time i got the thin terp layer, if this works i will be stoked. but please tell me about your issue with the cryo
  11. Not MY issues with your processes. SAFETY ISSUES with your processes.

    First off, subzero cooling with a dry ice slurry should be done in something stainless. The plastic walls of an igloo can create a static charge with the alcohol and can potentially catch on fire.

    Now we add to that a mason jar, with a loose lid containing a fair amount of butane, and we have a perfect recipe for an explosion.

    I know you want to do the thing, and post your findings and this is all new and cool to you. But now that you KNOW, you can either take the information I have given you and adapt, or become another casualty.

    One last thing, spend a little dime on a diamond miner and ditch the mason jars. Something my Dad taught me years ago, is that if you are going to do something, do it right. Save up until you have the money for the right equipment. You will have an ever greater sense of accomplishment, and you will be alive to feel it.
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  12. ok thanks good lookin.
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  13. How is this a new method you’ve added dry ice and alcohol same mason jar tech .. wouldn’t the closed cooler with alcohol and dry ice be relatively safe since the evaporating dry ice would inert the alcohol fumes by displacing oxygen through his vent hoses. Provided he’s properly venting the hoses
  14. lapdog


    Creating static charges with plastic walls of an igloo can happen . . . it requires some reason to build up - usually something dry rubbing against it with immense effort, but will never happen in a cold humid environment @ the temp of -80ish! And aside from the alcohol being to cold to even light with a match, you still need oxygen to allow any combustion and the dry ice off-gassing will deplete there being oxygen down near volatile liquids. That being said stainless is always the way to go.