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Help Bho Vacuum Chamber Questions

Discussion in 'Concentrates & Processing' started by Mmj120789, May 20, 2016.

In your opinion is a 2 stage 25 micron pump too much for bho purge

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. OK I'm in the process of setting up my purging chamber I've done stupid amounts of research and am looking for advice
    Just fyi to get an idea So far I have
    Ss baster for tube
    1/2" thick 12" x 12" palsun Polycarbonate sheet for vac chamber lid.
    IR thermometer gun
    *Looking for 400 mesh (50 mic.) Screen 3" x 3" to prevent blow out
    PTFE film to blast into & unbleached coffee filters
    Hose clamp,
    2" oil filled vacuum pressure gauge
    1/4" male 50 micron air filter for back filling air in from atmosphere.
    1/4" brass 4 way, Teflon tape
    1/4" brass bulkhead female( if I port into PC vessel)
    (2) 1/4" male to female ball valves
    Pyrex dishes
    Electric griddle

    1st. I'm gettoing a great deal on a JB eliminator dv-6e 2 stage 6cfm pump rated @ 25 micron...that should work great correct? Any experience or comments? All welcome.

    2nd. Should I drill through my 1/2" polycarbonate sheet? Or the pressure cooker vessel?

    3rd. Is it OK to use standard 1/4" barbs and polyethylene tubing like from lowes as my purge chamber vac hose? And an inner tube from a bicycle as my chamber lid gasket? Any help greatly appreciated.
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  2. First I'm sure that pump will work. I started with something a bit smaller tho.

    Second if go through the lid. It'll prob be easier to seal up

    Third I'd wait to get your pump to see what size line you'd need
  3. Thanks alot for your reply man . It has 1/4" an 3/8"
    Also any recommendations on temp/ tek tips attempting to budder other than whipping?
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  4. Look into food dehueys broski
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  6. Food dehuey? What
  7. 1 and a half? At minimum...?
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  9. im doing a shallow crockpot casserole type cooker ,clear lid 3 settings with a warm that is 114 ish.u could either remove pot and blast into it or it fits a couple size pyrex dishes and the shallow aspect keeps water outta purge too.going to add a vac and dun for round a franklin ...getto fab was my roots lol you could use your plexi lid on it also,if adding vac and drilling are an issue ...ill let ya kno if i shatter my lid...pun intended ,wasnt sure what you hav for chamber, p cooker ?
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  10. 1 1/2 Polycarbonate was what I used because it was available as scrap and about the right thickness. Deflection is not zero, but not enough to start to high cyclic fatigue cracks yet either.
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  11. sounds plenty heavy duty ,and scrap rules!i understand it as less vac is better ..low and slow is what ive learned...doin a run today in new c pot ,no vac just slow bath @ 110..ill be doin similar poly carb as u ..will keep original lid 4 cookin food lol..thanx..i like this site already ...i just realized i can look @ yer pics ..and i like it ! ill do same lid but drill plexi and gauge and all will be yhru lid ..lasagna/bho!! for a hund ..thx guys ,im new to this
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  12. Couple of questions for those in the know.

    I see where people are saying varying temps for oven purging. Now is that the temp you want your oven set at? Correct me if I am wrong, but once you pull a vacuum doesn't your oil increase in temp by ten degrees? So if I have my oven set to 105f and pull a vacuum, does it go up to 115f? I've seen @Graywolf state 115f in multiple threads is pretty much the max temp you want to run things.

    The other question is about HOW most of you are thinning things out. I've tried pulling things out of the oven and putting a parchment over the top and using a rolling pin, but it doesn't seem to do much. Just looking for a way to get things thin so it doesn't take as long to purge.

    Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing what you guys have to say on this.
  13. 115F is an estimate. I heat just hot enough to fully melt the puddle, so that the bubbles can readily escape.

    Vacuum doesn't increase the temperature, and in fact slows down heat transfer because there is no convection in a vacuum, only radiant and conduction.
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  14. IMG_2745.JPG Why don't you just buy a pre built vac chamber... I know i support these guys a lot (best value vacs) but I don't work for them or have any connection to them I just like paying less.. anyway
    This is what I use it works great and for 135$ all built how can you go wrong......
    if you live anywhere it snows I also recomend insulating your pot to keep your heat in so things can purge evenly.
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  15. If you are attempting deep vacuum purge using poly tube then I recomend watching the video I posted here. It is a major weak point in the vacuum design to include polymer hose of any type if avoidable if you desire maximum vacuum.

  16. I was wondering when you leave your chamber under pressure do you close off the chamber and shut the pump off or leave the pump on constantly you have to keep reopening it and shutting to release the butane from the pot
  17. Leave the pump run 24/7.
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  18. What DT said. 24/7.
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  19. Won't that burn the pump up..wouldn't it be just the same if it was under pressure and could stay that way
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